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The documentary At Your Cervix explores the connection between the way medical and nursing students are taught pelvic exams and the reality that most women experience them as painful and disempowering. Featuring Gynecological Teaching Associates (GTAs)--women who use their own bodies to teach pelvic exams--the film aims to create dialogue around pelvic exams and medical education. Our goals are to end unethical practices, to educate patients about what a respectful, pain-free pelvic exam should look like, and to raise the bar of expectation as women learn what they can ask of their providers. Check out our trailer and support our efforts to make pelvic exams respectful and pain-free. Look for the film in 2009!
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I admire the complexity of the subjects and the job. This blog allows you to feel comfortable with all that goes on. A feeling of being a part of something bigger. I love the writing and the truth.