bOObs: A Guide to Your Girls Featured

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The best resource for your breasts, from health and cancer issues to breastfeeding and cosmetic surgery. Click here, come inside and celebrate your girls!
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byHeidicat, June 9, 2010
This site is great! It has it all, information packed with a playful execution. I've used the information on resource page/boobiepedia often. The video's are boobielicious and I love the Bra-soleum!
bymjross, March 6, 2010
I wish I'd had the internet and this site when I was growing up! There is so much info about breasts, both serious and fun, and the Boob Lady is so entertaining and sassy about a subject many women don't talk about. I read her book and just adored all the stories and quotes, and there are many of them on the site. Her advice ranges from the practical (like proper bra fitting - realized after over 20 years that I was wearing the wrong size and it changed my life) to the playful. This is a great site that young girls can learn from and women can laugh with -all while being approachable and fun. And I love the way the site is set up as well - very fun and interactive.
I was impressed after going through the book so I decided to check out the website ( ) It's amazing! So informative & fun. There are all sorts of videos and current content. I can really tell the the "Boob lady" takes this stuff seriously but still with a sense of fun and Style. Also a great site to fake out your guy friends, who knows they might even learn something.