Welcome Back, Sailor Moon

While everyone was celebrating the end of another work/school week, Naoko Takeuchi had much more impressive plans up her sleeve than uninhibited Facebook stalking. This past Friday, the creator of that girl power trip called Sailor Moon announced that a brand new anime adaptation of the beloved show is on the horizon.

Before I delve into details, let me first say that I watched the entire Sailor Stars season in Japanese (you know, the one that never aired in the states). Somehow, I managed to harbor crushes on all three Starlights simultaneously. Yeah, it was pretty exhausting, but I digress.

According to the Anime News Network, the announcement came during an event commemorating 20 years of Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon manga. Can you say best gift ever?

As of right now, not many details have been released, but the network reports that the new show will be aired “worldwide simultaneously” next summer. An English adaptation would be wondrous, but I’d settle for subtitles (I’m long overdue for a sweet Sailor Moon fix).

Voice actors are also unconfirmed, so there’s no guarantee that any of members from the original cast will fight evil with their vocal cords in 2013. But we do know that the voice actress for the meatball head we can’t seem to get enough of (and I don’t mean Snooki) has expressed interest in settling back into the Serena/Usagi role once more.

And if I’ve managed to get that catchy Sailor Moon theme song vanquishing your brain cells again, be prepared: Momoiro Clover Z is back on board to create the new anime’s theme song.

Excuse me while I dig up my old Sailor Moon merchandise…in the name of the Moon, of course!

Images courtesy of MoonPrincess.com