Sarah Silverman was on Conan O’Brien’s show last night, and of course she was vulgar, scandalous, and absolutely hilarious. Silverman started the segment by showing Conan an iPhone trick that kids everywhere will be doing now: she took a close-up of Conan’s mouth on her phone and positioned it between her legs like a vagina, totally embarrassing the host.

The best part was when Conan’s co-host, Andy Richter, got in on the fun, saying, "Now I really wish you still had the beard."

Silverman's message wasn't all silly, though: "I think it’s good to get used to the lady parts and not make them shame-filled things," she said. "I just think being comfortable and vocal about your body is just fine."

Silverman floated another pro-woman idea specifically for teenage girls. "Call your girlfriends 'dickless' instead of 'bro.'  It sounds like you’re putting them down, but it’s just real."

By the end of the interview, Silverman had Conan and Andy literally singing the word “vagina.”  It was beautiful.

Check out Sarah Silverman’s dirty trick below.



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