Body Image & Eating Disorders

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NORMAL in Schools

NORMAL is a national nonprofit that educates about eating disorders (including binge eating disorder), the therapeutic impact of the arts, self-esteem, body image, family communication and healthy coping skills.

NORMAL in Schools

Eating disorder education through the arts.

Project Lifesize

Youtube Collaborative channel of 7 women creating a dialogue about not weight acceptance, but self love. among a million other awesome topics

Queensland Size Acceptance

:::LOve your body- No matter what size::: QSAA is a support group for women and men of size in Queensland, Australia



Conversations on food, fat and feminism.


VenusVision is a web site for women that provides information and inspiration without the negative messages that come from traditional media encouraging women to reject themselves for the sake of arbitrary and unrealistic ideals.

We Bite Back


This is the site that comes after the madness. Before we came along, there was no place for people to go who found support on pro-ana forums, communities and email lists who didn't want to do the ana thing anymore. Welcome to the first web site designed ...

Weighting Game


A fun, smart, sassy forum for connecting with other women about body image, self esteem, diet/exercise and the portrayal of women in the media.