EsteemED Apparel: Eating Disorder Awareness & Positive Body Image Clothes

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EsteemED Apparel was established as a way to enforce positive body image and Eating Disorder Awareness and help people show that through their everyday clothing. Here we know and respect that people come in all shapes and sizes, and we understand that this is what makes each of us beautiful in our own individual ways.We offer over 2000 items in over 30 different designs ranging from kids to juniors, womens and mens to plus sizes, maternity and everything in between. We carry stylish junior's clothing, comfortable women's and men's clothing, gender-neutral clothing, and even clothing to boost your children's self image so they can start seeing their true beauty young. EsteemED Apparel knows that everyone has their own taste in clothing, so we carry a variety of different options to fit your personal style. We have everyday wear, sweatshirts and activewear, loungewear, accessories - including bags, buttons, mousepads and even doggie t's!We also care about the environmental, social and ethical standards upheld by the companies that manufacture our clothing. We have done our best to choose companies that do not operate sweatshop practices and follow good ethical and social standards - Including Bella, American Apparel, and Alternative Apparel. American Apparel is known for its promotion of immigrant rights and “sweatshop free” labor policies and also incorporates environmentally friendly practices and also is also vegan-friendly. Bella is known for its excellent workplace standards and they attest to complying with all government health, safety, and labor laws. Alternative Apparel is known for its rules against forces and child labor, and its strict policy for harassment, discrimination and abuse of its employees. We offer a variety of organic clothing as well.