In case you missed it, Donald Trump’s controversial national security advisor, Michael Flynn, resigned late Monday amid reports he had misrepresented the nature of his December conversations with the Russian ambassador. Flynn is a controversial figure, not only because he obfuscated details of phonecalls with Russia held while Obama was still in office. He and his son also stoked the flames of #Pizzagate, the insane conspiracy theory positing that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta ran an underground child sex ring in the back of D.C. pizza shop...
Upper management had requested last minute report changes, due the next day. I was crunching numbers on a calculator with my back to my cube’s entrance when I felt someone’s hands descend on my shoulders and start rubbing. “Go, Dena, go!” the senior manager urged me, laughing. I froze while his hands dipped lower. Greg (not his real name) had started at the company a few months ago, and from the beginning, his attentions had been marked. He always stopped at my cube to chat when walking...
Recently, I woke up to read about a woman who had been silenced at her place of work: on the Senate floor. Day and night, since November 8th, I’ve heard women’s unmitigated howling, fine and high and sounding everywhere — but men can’t hear it. Many men I love call themselves feminists. Many men whose politics I agree with do, too. Fine. But men, I want you to stop talking for a second. I want to see you put your money where your mouths are. Because...
Time of Nick The Strokes’ Nick Valensi Steps Up 
to the Mic With His New Band CRX Nick Valensi has been the Strokes’ resident shredder for almost 20 years, but until recently, he’d never fronted a band himself. As all the other members of the Strokes embarked on various side projects and solo albums, Valensi remained silent. But that all changed this fall with the release of New Skin, the Josh Homme–produced debut album by his new band CRX. “Being on stage and going on tour and...
Each day we’re bombarded with increasingly absurd and distressing news, making 2017 feel more like a Salvador Dali painting than another year in history. As understandable as it is to feel hopeless at times, we’re fortunate that there are ways we can speak out. Research shows a strong link between a legislator's understanding of their district and the citizens they have recently spoken to. In the past few weeks, we have seen phone calls change the minds of our representatives. One way to stay regularly engaged with...


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