After bragging and talking up their latest diversity issue, Vogue has once again proved they have no idea what diversity really is. In a spread titled “Spirited Away” (RED FLAG) supermodel Karlie Kloss was made up in yellowface, draped in stereotypical geisha garb, and photographed prancing alongside a sumo wrestler amidst scenery that is so stereotypically Japanese it hurts. The piece, shot by Mikael Jansson, was reportedly supposed to be “an homage to a 1966 Vogue shoot by Richard Avedon of German model Veruschka,” according to People magazine....
As we enter this new era of stranger than fiction reality, a new piece of news — more akin to a plot of Game of Thrones, more fit for a new Kill Bill sequel — occurred. Kim Jong Nam, Kim Jong Un’s half-brother, died at Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur’s International Airport early on February 14th. Many reports are going around that he was poisoned, but perhaps the most sensational line comes from The New York Post, which states, “two female assassins brandishing poison needles killed the...
BUST’s February/March 2017 issue — aka The Revolution Issue — is on newsstands RIGHT NOW. We’re excited to share a sneak peek into our cover story, featuring Nadya from Pussy Riot. To see the full story, pick up BUST on newsstands near you (or subscribe!). On how she felt on November 8th, 2016: “The day after my birthday this year, I was waiting for my gift, which would be the first female president. I went to the gym and my trainer made my butt hurt so much...
It's February, which means — at least for BUST HQ in Brooklyn — that both the weather and the world can seem dreary and grey. And having some brightness and fun around you can help you feel a little bit brighter. These cute cushion covers definitely fit the bill. We're bringing you an excerpt from Tie & Dye: Colorful Clothing, Gifts, And Accessories by Lizzie King; it's already out in the UK and will be released in the US on March 7th (in the meantime, it's available for...
"As the supply alluded to is to be levied upon all old maids, beyond a certain age, and intitled to certain yearly or other income; I make no doubt but both Houses of Parliament will speedily manifest their hearty concurrence thereto."  — The London Magazine, 1777. The 1777 edition of the London Magazine includes an interesting letter to the editor in which a gentleman — who signs himself as "A Friend to the Community" — has appended a proposed bill to levy a tax of "6d....


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