PJ Harvey, The Hope Six Demolition Project (Island)  PJ Harvey's latest, The Hope Six Demolition Project, draws inspiration from her visist to Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Washington, D.C. over a four-year period. The opening title track is the closest we get to a straight-on PJH pop/rock vibe. The rest of this concept album leans toward the operatic and theatrical, with most songs having a militiristic feel (like "The Ministry of Defence" and "Chain of Keys"), and often stretching standard musical conventions to accomodate Harvey's storytelling lyrics.
Gloria Steinem, world-famous feminist leader, and the New York Times-described “bro-centric content” provider VICE may seem like an unlikely team at first. But the two have teamed up to create a powerful documentary series that plays to both Steinem’s and VICE’s strengths. Woman, premiering on VICELAND today, is an unforgettable look at the state of women’s rights and violence against women around the world, from gang rapes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to femicides in El Salvador to the state of women prisoners in the United States.
  Selena Gomez is sick of Bieber fever. At a concert Sunday night, the pop star stopped mid song to take a fan’s sign that said “Marry Justin Please,” crumple it up, and throw it away. And she had every frickin’ right to. Why should she have this sign, which totally undermines her fame, just hanging right in front of her face? While she’s trying to perform, of all places! Whether the fan’s intentions were good or bad is irrelevant—if Gomez is on stage, it should be all about her, not her and Justin Bieber.
You arrive at the Musee d’Orsay and you are expecting to see Gustave Courbet’s controversial L’Origine du Monde. You expect to be confronted with an oil painting of a women’s vagina. Except, instead of standing in front of the work, no longer separated by the thin shield of glass, a frame and electronic barrier, you witness the real thing. Artist Deborah De Robertis sits in front of you, her legs spread, dressed in a gold sequined dress. For a second the gallery visitor looks to the painting and the vagina in front of them.
  If anyone ever made you feel shame for taking selfies or self-promoting, these women have your back. In the book Seeing Ourselves: Women's Self-Portraits, author Frances Bozello pays tribute to the women who recognized that they themselves were just as worthy of a subject for their own artwork as any other person or thing. Bozello writes, "Self-portraits are not innocent reflections of what artists see when they look in the mirror.
Looking for true love, or at least someone cute to watch Netflix with? There’s no better place to find that person than on the web. Here are some tips to help you online-date like a champ.IT’S FRIDAY NIGHT, and you’re home alone again. Meanwhile, one of your best friends just announced that she’s hooking up with a foxy dude she met on the Internet. Oof. Most of us can understand the urge to have a little human companionship, or at least something warm in bed next to us that doesn’t have four paws and a tail.
Gettin’ dicked around by your boo? There’s a book for that. Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life (Running Press) is a survival guide for “chumps,” the affectionate term Tracy Schorn—author and creator of advice site—uses for folks who’ve been dealt that ultra-shitty card: a partner who cheats. It’s a tough love how-to manual that reminds delusional reconciliation-seekers that, “Cheating is about as unintentional as a NATO airstrike.
Just a few years ago, Erin Bagwell was working as an interactive designer for corporate America. She found herself facing the daily struggles of women in the workplace everywhere. She felt underappreciated, solely because of her gender and the stereotypes that are far too common for women at work. She began her blog, Feminist Wednesday, as a way to fuel the inspiration she felt she was lacking. Through the blog, she began interviewing women of all calibers and found that there was a huge sector of our economy that wasn’t being discussed in the media: female entrepreneurs.
Can you name an Asian rapper? While hip-hop is rooted in African American culture, it has spread globally. Director and producer Salima Koroma paired up with fellow producer Jaeki Cho to explore the world of underground hip-hop, profiling four Asian American rappers, including BUST favorite Awkwafina. Bad Rap, a documentary that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, follows the journey of rap battle legend Dumbfooundead, outrageous Rekstizzy, Lyricks, a rapper with Christian values and Awkwafina, who blew up after her hit, “My Vag” went viral.
Photographer Marjorie Salvaterra's newest book, HER: Meditations on Being Female, explodes off the page with raw female energy. Here at BUST,  the word "woman" follows "strong" like U follows Q. It feels redundant to say that HER: Meditations on Being Female is "empowering," but damn if that's not what it is!  Drawing inspiration from the visceral portraits of Cindy Sherman, in addition to the lavish surrealism of Federico Fellini, Salvaterra's photographs are a riotous celebration of what it means to be a woman.