Get ready to laugh, The Golden Probes are coming, and no, that is not a typo. The satirical awards show, for the first time ever, will be lead by comedy goddesses Sarah Silverman, Samantha Bee and Broad City's Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer. This will be a laugh-filled evening, recognizing  "outstanding achievements in the fields of sexism and anti-abortion extremism" in politics, media and other industries.
RuPaul is a cultural icon. I love him and am mildly obsessed with him and to be honest, I do not trust anyone who isn’t. Continuing his pattern of keeping it real, the fireball host of RuPaul’s Drag Race recently voiced his support for a Hillary Clinton presidency. And, unsurprisingly, he spit some fire while he was at it. In an interview with Vulture, RuPaul was asked what he thinks about ‘Hillary Clinton and the Democrats,’ and this was his response: “[Laughs.] I fucking love them. I have always loved them.
Many of us are on the brink of election overdose. With both sides viciously attacking each other, many are disenchanted with the process and exhausted. For some progressives, third party candidates are appealing now more than ever. The mentality behind voting third party is understandable. Supporters feel that either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump don't adequately represent their values, as well as their vision for the country. In the wake of Bernie, many progressives feel disillusioned with Clinton.
Autumn 2016 might just turn into the year of the cat. After being featured in the runway collection of designers such as Calvin Klein, Botega Venetta and Prada, leopard print prowled all over this season’s catwalks. Vogue magazine claimed it’s the “most powerful trend” of Fall 2016, but with the look coming back in style seemingly every other year, perhaps a more accurate description is that it’s the most powerful trend ever. This spotted spectacle has had way more than nine lives with experts proclaiming it over and reborn more times leopard has spots.
  There are dating websites out there for everyone. is for nudists. If you’re looking for a statuesque mate, is for you. There’s for self-identified zombies and zombie lovers. Want a mate with a bad 80’s hairstyle? Head on over to! If you’re a fan of film The Room, and are looking for love, you're in luck! is a real thing. The site for fans of the cult film looks as sketchy as it potentially may be.
Once a month, I live through literal hell for seven to nine days straight. My uterus is tied in knots and wrung out by the invisible fists of the devil himself. My soul touches the void. I pound ibuprofen and Tylenol by the handful for little to no relief. Eventually, I fantasize about removing my uterus all together because I see no other solutions in sight. What a life that would be, devoid of insufferable, never-ending menstrual cramps.
It is incredibly angering that women still face public shame for the simple of act of breastfeeding their child. Why in Western culture is objectification so widely accepted and embraced but nourishment shamed? British poet and spoken word artist, Hollie McNish, vocalizes the daily frustrations and struggles mothers feel when breastfeeding in public. In the poignant video Embarrassed, she pairs up with filmmaker Jake Dypka and together they address how tremendously shameful and limiting it is to breastfeed in public toilets.
Who lives, who dies, who tells your story... *Phillipa Soo voice* Aubrey Pla-zaaa That’s right: Aubrey Plaza and Alia Shawkat are starring in a new version of Hamilton. And they’re not playing Angelica and Eliza Schuyler — they’re playing Hamilton and Burr. We’ll hold for your screams. Hamilton fans may already be aware that earlier this summer, Hamilton creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda announced that he’d be hosting an episode of Comedy Central’s Drunk History.
Rolling In Dough THE WOMAN BEHIND NORTH CAROLINA’S SMOKE SIGNALS BAKERY SHARES HER FAMOUS PIZZA RECIPEPhoto Courtesy of Tara Jensen Tara Jensen recently posted a photo on Instagram (@bakerhands) of a beautifully charred crust topped with colorful veggies. The caption read: “Pizza is my boyfriend.” For the 34-year-old artist and baker, pizza has definitely been a community builder. When she decided to go full force into her baking career by moving to a compound in rural North Carolina and turning its wood-fired oven bakery into Smoke Signals, she wanted it to be a gathering place.
As a queer individual, the search for quality TV shows or movies that honestly and accurately represent queer romance often feels like a never-ending and fruitless endeavor. Not surprisingly, the search is especially difficult if one is seeking a realistic representation of the trans experience.