Happy Monday! We all probably need some comic relief for the beginning of the week, so look no further than McCall's Pattern Behavior. Taking mid-20th century, vintage drawings used for fabric pattern books, the Tumblr reworks the images with funny captions about potential conversations the model girls could be having. From goofy jabs at people who don't follow the rules at "Hat Club" to a big eye roll to the images that rely on cultural appropriation, the blog can make a pretty funny break if you're having one of those very "Mondayish" Mondays.
On my way to Dublin last week something happened that not so long ago would have been a massive issue for me. The fact that it didn’t really phase me proved to me how far I’ve come. The incident was an airplane seat belt that didn’t fit. This is something that I actually used to fear. A while back, every time I boarded a plane, I braced myself for the humiliation of being too fat to fit. It turned out to be no big deal. I had a brief moment of panic, my thoughts raced through all the seat belts that had fit & how big I was then. Then it dawned on me that I didn’t care.
  When I was a kid, you were either a Star Wars fan or a Star Trek fan. For some reason, there was no overlap; the idea of liking both was inconceivable. Doctor Who hadn’t yet launched its overseas takeover, so young sci-fi fans were left with one of two options. You chose a phaser or a light saber, and you hung onto it for dear life.   I was decidedly in the Trekkie camp. My father had every single episode of The Original Series, and we would bond over the adventures of Captain Kirk and the Enterprise. Even from a young age, fandom hit me hard.
Last week, Donald Trump announced that his running mate would be Mike Pence, governor of Indiana. Pence has a history of taking legislative measures that are are terrible for women, the LGBT community, low income families, etc.. As if associating himself so closely with Trump wasn't already the perfect way to kill a political career and reputation (that, let's face it, wasn't stellar to begin with), here are five reasons why Pence is bad for women/ a terrible human. 1.
That's right, you heard me correctly. Lisa Frank, beloved provider of elementary school coolness, is now wearable. I can sport my love of unicorns and rainbows right on my chest, reflecting technicolor nostalgia and the mild odor of a felt tip marker. The brand announced the clothes on Instagram last week: For '90s kids, '00s kids, and the adults who raised them, this is very, very exciting.
Stephanie Beatriz, star of the hit sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has used BUST's post about Aubrey Plaza coming out as bisexual to reveal to the world that she's bisexual, too. It's hard to believe I'm actually awake right now—that this isn't just a beautiful dream I'm living in. Though Plaza's inspiring words were the platform for Beatriz to build upon, we're so, so thrilled that it was our outlet that was a channel of acceptance and love.
Qandeel Baloch—controversial Pakistani social media star—was strangled by her own brother the night of July 15. The reason for the horrific killing? Honor; that of her family, which her brother believed was being tarnished by Qandeel’s work. Qandeel described herself as a “modern feminist,” intentionally being provocative, sexual, and very much in the public eye through her videos on social media. The videos, mostly in Urdu and thus not very accessible to English speakers, covered controversial topics regarding women’s place in society.
Music festival lovers, mark your calendars! Saturday, August 20th and Sunday, August 21st are the official dates of the 6th annual Full Moon Festival. Located on Governor’s Island, the 2-day beachside fest is self-described as “a boutique approach to a New York City music festival.” It takes place beneath August’s blue moon and is framed by the glittering Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty; AKA this will be the perfect opportunity to up your Instagram game.
  I think I'm about to say what everyone's thinking—Donny sort of dropped the ball yesterday when choosing Mike Pence for a running mate. To be fair, Trump could have chosen Ruth Bader Ginsburg and we still wouldn't be voting for him, but I don’t think I am alone in saying we were expecting someone a little flashier. Trump deviated from the Kardashian-style campaign trail he's been running by not choosing someone that would light the headlines on fire. Don't get me wrong, Pence is cut from the same straightjacket as Trump. Pence and his policies are as awful as he is unheard of.
In Love Between the Covers, viewers are thrown into the world of the most popular fiction on the market—romance novels. Surprised? Maybe not, considering we’re now living in a post-Fifty Shades of Gray society, which, despite the thundering criticisms, is one of the best-selling book series of all time. I thought I knew the whole story of these romantic fictions, often condescended to by fans of “high literature” like myself; however, I was totally, totally wrong.