It seems that Kate McKinnon, star in the latest Ghostbusters, has always had a thing for the supernatural. X-Files star Gillian Anderson found a photograph of a young Kate McKinnon dressed as Agent Dana Scully, and every sci-fi lover’s dreams came true with a single Tweet. The future is female is right! This goes to show that represtentation really does matter. In this case, it's representation of women in sci-fi. The photo was first seen on Reddit a couple years ago, but has been brought to a new light thanks to the Ghostbusters reboot with a female cast.
Samantha Bee wittingly and comically mocked the Republican National Convention last night on her show, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee. I’m sure the writing staff over at Full Frontal was overjoyed with all the hilariously disgusting material from the Convention, seeing that the jokes almost wrote themselves.
Absolutely Psyched for AbFab The British sitcom sensation Absolutely Fabulous is making the leap to the big screen on July 22, and fans of Patsy and Edina—the series’ boozy, brazen BFFs—are frrrrreaking out! Think you’re in the know about this amazing show? Then sweetie darling, take the quiz!1. AbFab premiered on BBC One on November 12, ______.a. 1982b. 1992c. 2002 d. 2012 2. The show was created by, written by, and stars what multitalented comic actor?a. Jennifer Saunders b. Dawn Frenchc. Joanna Lumley d. Julia Sawalha3.
In case you haven't heard, Ghostbusters finally came out this past Friday and it did not disappoint! Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones, some of our favorite funny girls, kept me giggling from beginning to end. In celebration of this hilarious film, here are some of our favorite comedies with female leads, because women have always been funny. Bridesmaids Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph, and a wedding.
Viv Albertine of The Slits did just about the most punk thing ever and defaced a punk exhibit for not including women involved in the movement. Albertine was at the British Library in London on Friday evening (July 15), taking part in an event in celebration of punk, featuring an exhibit “Punk 1976-78.
  Happy Monday! We all probably need some comic relief for the beginning of the week, so look no further than McCall's Pattern Behavior. Taking mid-20th century, vintage drawings used for fabric pattern books, the Tumblr reworks the images with funny captions about potential conversations the model girls could be having. From goofy jabs at people who don't follow the rules at "Hat Club" to a big eye roll to the images that rely on cultural appropriation, the blog can make a pretty funny break if you're having one of those very "Mondayish" Mondays.
On my way to Dublin last week something happened that not so long ago would have been a massive issue for me. The fact that it didn’t really phase me proved to me how far I’ve come. The incident was an airplane seat belt that didn’t fit. This is something that I actually used to fear. A while back, every time I boarded a plane, I braced myself for the humiliation of being too fat to fit. It turned out to be no big deal. I had a brief moment of panic, my thoughts raced through all the seat belts that had fit & how big I was then. Then it dawned on me that I didn’t care.
  When I was a kid, you were either a Star Wars fan or a Star Trek fan. For some reason, there was no overlap; the idea of liking both was inconceivable. Doctor Who hadn’t yet launched its overseas takeover, so young sci-fi fans were left with one of two options. You chose a phaser or a light saber, and you hung onto it for dear life.   I was decidedly in the Trekkie camp. My father had every single episode of The Original Series, and we would bond over the adventures of Captain Kirk and the Enterprise. Even from a young age, fandom hit me hard.
Last week, Donald Trump announced that his running mate would be Mike Pence, governor of Indiana. Pence has a history of taking legislative measures that are are terrible for women, the LGBT community, low income families, etc.. As if associating himself so closely with Trump wasn't already the perfect way to kill a political career and reputation (that, let's face it, wasn't stellar to begin with), here are five reasons why Pence is bad for women/ a terrible human. 1.
That's right, you heard me correctly. Lisa Frank, beloved provider of elementary school coolness, is now wearable. I can sport my love of unicorns and rainbows right on my chest, reflecting technicolor nostalgia and the mild odor of a felt tip marker. The brand announced the clothes on Instagram last week: For '90s kids, '00s kids, and the adults who raised them, this is very, very exciting.