GENDR, the world's first app developed by and for the gender variant and queer community, launched July 12. This app creates a space where people who identify along the spectrum can connect, share their stories, and build a community. The app allows users to chat, send photos, meet people nearby, and "celebrate the people, products & places that connect to the continuum of human sexuality & gender identity.
Makeup tutorials are not just a product of the 21st century, courtesy of YouTube's existence. They have been around for quite a long time, in fact. Of course, they were not as accessible as the easily searchable tutorials of today, but they were absolutely a thing. Here are some of the best (and in some cases, mildly disturbing) vintage makeup tutorials, straight from their era. 1930s The transformation is fascinating. So is the end result compared to the style of makeup we often see today.
I can't stand gossip tabloids. You know the ones: They line the grocery store check out, staring at you, screaming things like, "Is Kim K. pregnant again or just FAT?!" and "T. Swift is dating ANOTHER man?!?" They're degrading and boring and most often shaming women in one way or another. I usually try to turn the worst of the body shaming ones around, so no one behind me has to see yet another celebrity get crushed for just being human and possibly fluctuating in weight.  Jennifer Aniston is apparently as "fed up" as I am.
Did The Baby-Sitters Club get you through those tough moments as a kid or pre-teen? Then you'll love how relatable The Jaded Quitters Club is to 21st century adult life! In these illustrations, Siobhán Gallagher reimagines all the BSC  gals as 20-somethings in the age of social media and hip cultural flux. I think I relate most to "Kristy and the Cancelled Plans," but "Mallory and the Sassy Online Persona" also has me groaning about my cynical, technology-filled existence (in a good way).
Laurie Hernandez is taking gymnastics by the bar, finishing second at the Olympic trials, ahead of Olympic gold medalists Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas. Her pre-performance ritual has obviously been effective. She puts her hand on her stomach, breathes in and out, and prays. She learned this in training to calm her nerves before competing. She is now an overnight sensation, and the first Latina gymnast to represent The United States in women’s gymnastic since Annia Hatch in 2004. You need to see her compete to fully understand her talent.
  What’s this? Yet another BUST post about Carrie Brownstein? Will they ever stop coming? No, probably not. At least, not until Carrie ceases to be an amazing and insanely busy creative genius — which we do not foresee happening anytime soon…or ever. Speaking of which, do yourself a favor and check out this smokin' hot list of reasons as to why we love Carrie when you have a second.   The former BUST cover gal and beloved Sleater-Kinney superstar has directed a new short film for Kenzo’s fall-winter campaign, entitled "The Realest Real.
In August of 1886, an elderly maiden lady by the name of Miss Ann Lloyd was summoned to Solihull Police Court at the insistence of Mr. William Harris, Inspector of Nuisances for the Solihull Rural Sanitary Authority. Miss Lloyd lived at Llandudno House, Sparkhill, along with her two spinster sisters and a large group of cats—the number of which was later disputed in court. Harris alleged that these cats had created a nuisance in the form of a deeply offensive smell which emanated outward from the Lloyd sisters’ house and into the houses of their neighbors.
  Today, Hillary Clinton was formally endorsed by Bernie Sanders, cementing her status as the first female presidential candidate for a major party ticket. This is a HUGE step for women and for breaking the glass ceiling.
I am a woman with a terrible case of wanderlust. Even when I try to stay put, adventure finds me and whisks me away. Great aunts and nosy neighbors tell me that I’ll never find a man until I “settle down,” and although I’ve had interludes of rootedness, love never seems to find me when I’m stationary. My wanderlust has recently been reined in by graduate school. I haven’t spent three years in the same place since high school, but I saw it as a new adventure. Maybe this wander-hiatus would give me enough time to “settle down” and meet someone.
Ah, the good ol' days: pre-internet, post-century turn and right up in the middle of some blatant sexism. Don't you miss these simpler times? Well, we've compiled these 21 vintage ads that will have you facepalming.