We're excited to share this interview with Sasheer Zamata from the new book Meet The Regulars: The People of Brooklyn and the Places They Love by Joshua D. Fisher. A few years back, when she lived in the neighborhood, Sasheer Zamata was at Enid’s weekly. During those four years, Sasheer would go to the hipster bar turned hipster-parent-with-hipster-babies bar/restaurant for everything from brunch to birthday drinks to meetings with prospective managers. She’s also had a lot of dates here, she tells me. (Don’t worry, we get into that...
Pop Quiz: What did each the following people promise to change, if elected: Barack Obama Bernie Sanders Donald Trump Hillary Clinton It’s easy to answer the first three: Obama promised to give us national health care; Sanders wanted to get big business out of government and repeal Citizens United; Donald Trump wants to build a wall and keep Muslims from entering the country. And Clinton wants to…well, she's going to…um…uh… I know that Clinton went to see Hamilton, but she seemed to have missed a crucial plot point.
via Instagram/Tome    New York Fashion Week ended late last week (surprise — NYFW is actually longer than a week), and if you’re not in the fashion industry, you may have missed some very cool news in the midst of headlines about Taylor Swift sitting front row post-Hiddleswift breakup or models passing out at Yeezy Season 3. However, there were several things that happened at New York Fashion Week that got us pretty excited — about feminism.
credit: Karen Goldman NYC-based art-rock band Rich Girls blurs the lines of music genre. Floating between the reverb of dark-garage and sugary doom-pop, their haunting new EP Love Is The Dealer is a beautiful intersection of sound that makes you want to dance around your bedroom one minute, cry the next. Singer and guitarist Luisa Black unravels the classic pop love song with haunting vulnerability. As she worked on the album, Black tells BUST: "I've never been comfortable writing love songs but Love Is The Dealer was a turning point.
It was a painful break-up earlier this year that left me vowing to live a more honest dating life. The relationship had all the characteristics of a classic tale of miscommunication: Boy meets girl; boy and girl embark on whirlwind romance; girl assumes it’s leading to commitment; boy says, Pump the brakes, baby! At boy’s suggestion, we tried something of a no-strings-attached, “We’re just having fun!” arrangement, which lasted one week before I broke down in tears because I couldn’t fake having “We’re just having fun!” feelings for someone I wanted a future with.
On September 16th, Republican nominee Donald Trump released a letter in which he pledged to make Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser a prominent force in his proposed pro-life coalition if he is elected. In the letter, Trump slams Hillary Clinton and her support of abortion rights, calling Clinton an “extremist” who aims to strip “unborn persons” of their constitutional rights.
As a well-balanced kinky gal, I wanted to like Fifty Shades of Grey. I was blissfully unaware when I went to see the first installment, excited to find a new guilty pleasure and to watch a salacious portrayal of a BDSM relationship. Within 15 minutes of the movie, I realized I was getting neither. After Christian (the male "hero") stalked Anastasia (the protagonist) at her work, I was tempted to walk out. Fifty Shades of Grey doesn't resemble a communicative, healthy BDSM relationship. In fact, it comes closer to an abusive, non-consensual dynamic.
Something that not nearly enough people talk about is the fact that Plan B may very well not work for women with a BMI over 25. This is not exactly breaking news — in fact it was written about quite a lot in 2013, after a European drug company called HRA Pharma released their version of the emergency contraceptive, Norvelo, with a warning label stating that the drug is completely ineffective for those who weigh more than 176 pounds and begins to lose effectiveness for people over 165 pounds.
Over the past several years, audiences have watched YouTube celebrity Gigi Gorgeous transform from an unknown beauty guru into a household name in the Internet entertainment industry. Born Gregory Lazzarato, Gorgeous began her career online identifying as a cisgendered man, however, in December of 2013, Gigi announced that she was a trans woman. Since then, we have watched her physically transition on her YouTube channel and become an ambassador for trans individuals’ worldwide.
from New York Young, "New York Young, No. 9" (Rolleiflex) In the second installment of Lady Shooters, our series focusing on women photographers, Tara Wray interviews Amy Touchette. “There was very little I needed to hear when I started out that I didn’t feel in my gut. Mortality is the ultimate teacher, and even though I was feeling my way in the dark, I somehow instinctively knew the real from the bullshit.” — Amy Touchette I really love your image "New York Young, No. 9" (top).


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