A few weeks before the Iowa caucus, packed in a small events room above Manhattan’s The Harp Raw Bar and Grill, a crowd of mostly 20- and early 30- somethings fawned over the soft-spoken-yet-passionate Maryland heartthrob. “Are you two crushing on him also?” a young woman asked my friend and me as we watched O’Malley stand on a chair and sing about togetherness and love and the American dream. Why yes, in fact. Yes we were. I’ve been a fan of Martin O’Malley for a while now.
Having trouble laying your weary head to rest? I tested out some sleep gadgets to see if they could really help me catch more zzzs.  The S+ ($129.99) is a device that sits on your nightstand and monitors your movement and breathing, then sends the data to an app on your phone for ideal sleep analysis. It also synchronizes sounds to your pre-sleep breathing to soothe you into slumber. But the best part is its alarm: within a set time range, it wakes you during a light sleep as opposed to a deep one, which totally helped with grogginess. The NightWave ($49.
  I did not know Janese Talton-Jackson on a personal level. There’s a chance I might have seen her before. And a lesser chance I might have spoken to her. But if I did either, I don’t remember.But after news of her death began to circulate Facebook Friday afternoon, and more and more people spoke of her, I learned there weren’t many degrees of separation between us. Practically none, actually.She left behind three children. Twin girls and a one-year-old son. The father of her daughters is the son of my mom’s best friend, Ms. Debbie. She also lived in a house owned by Ms.
We've collected the best new films, podcasts, television, and music for you to focus in on for the remainder of the winter months. Enjoy our ten best, we will too. 1. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee Premiering February 8 on TBS, this late-night chat fest hosted by hilarious Daily Show alum Samantha Bee promises to be a buffet of sarcastic, deadpan deliciousness. She’s also executive producing the show alongside her comedyheartthrob hubby Jason Jones, proving that the family that slays together stays together. 2.
At the 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday, everyone’s favorite duo Tina Fey and Amy Poehler teamed up again to present legendary comedian Carol Burnett with the SAG Life Achievement Award. Unsurprisingly, the ladies killed it and made me wish once again that Fey and Poehler would not only host every award show for the rest of time but also run for president on a joint ballot and be my best friends. For now, we’ll have to make due with this little bit of hilarious and heartwarming magic from the ladies.
When you hear “Silicon Valley,” you may not think of silicone vibrators. But as technology marches forward, sex toy companies are often the first brands to position themselves at the cutting edge of innovation. Here are five devices to test out if you’re looking to become an early adopter—for science, of course. Womanizer $199.99, Though this one’s name makes us squirm a bit (and not in a good way), the Womanizer’s patented “PleasureAir technology” and unique design certainly bring something different to the bedroom.
  Anti-rape activist Amber Amour posted a picture of herself on Instagram minutes after she was raped by an acquaintance in a hotel room in Cape Town, South Africa in Nov. 2015. She sat in the shower, tears streaming down her face, knees against her chest as she detailed the rape to her followers, “As soon as I got in the bathroom, he forced me to my knees. I said 'stop!' but he just got more violent. He lifted me up and put his penis in my vagina. I asked him to stop, again, as I began to cry. When he shoved it in my ass, that's when I passed out.
Say hello to the new way you will entertain yourself at work! Tampon Run is an awesome, arcade-style game fighting period stigma and the normalization of violence. Plus, you get to throw tampons at mean boys!The game was made by two awesome young feminists, Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser. The Girls Who Code  graduates originally developed this game for the web but have since created an app.
  Once upon a time, Disney never stopped being problematic. Linguists Carmen Fought and Karen Eisenhauer have been working on a study that analyzes the dialogue in Disney movies in order to determine the verbal equality between male and female characters and to determine whether or not it plays a major role in the lives of children who view them. The study has already found that around 70% of all dialogue spoken in most Disney princess movies is by male characters.
Singer/songwriter Anya Marina has been quietly releasing some of indie rock’s best tracks for years. Her fourth full-length album, Paper Plane, is full of the same witty lyrics, accessible pop hooks, and images of a complicated woman’s life that have made her songs favorites of music supervisors in TV and film. This time, Marina focuses on romantic relationships; “Shut Up” is a slow burn about an unlikely hook-up, and the energetic “Ordinary Dude” is about a turning point in a relationship, with nicely contrasting vocals from Eric Hutchinson.