Paris Monroe/Instagram By now you’re probably familiar with the #TeacherBae controversy, but for those who are blissfully unaware, be prepared to fly into a feminist rage. Last week, photos of back-to-school looks posted to Instagram by Atlanta school aide Patrice Brown caused the internet to completely lose its shit. The reason for all the panic? Brown’s well-endowed figure. Following a predictably racist and sexist pattern, some Twitter users made it their mission to sexualize, police, and body-shame Brown for her posts.
You probably met Toni Morrison for the first time in your high school classroom when you opened her most famous book, Beloved. The 85-year-old author and Howard University professor writes about the struggles within the African-American community and traces the scars of slavery with her unflinching gaze. In her writing and in her academic life, she's tackled colorism, white privilege, and wrestles with themes of freedom and violence.
Just a note to let you know, there's a grand event and we hope you'll go! The 7th annual BUST Craftacular @ World Maker Faire is going down at the New York Hall of Science in just two weeks and you're not going to want to  miss this weekend long interactive shopping event!  RSVP on Facebook today to get updates and reminders! This is what we´ll have for you this year: 60+ vendor booths stocked with unique handmade items using a fusion of new and old technologies.
Other than her amazing coffee-drinking, snow-loving, Dragonfly Inn-running mother, there has been only one constant in Rory Gilmore’s life: Paris Geller. From Chilton to Yale, Paris has always been there. The best thing about her? She is relatable. Like that time she said, “so I ate a family size bag of salt and vinegar potato chips and went to bed at 7:30pm.” Or when she got to a party late because she “had to stop and eat first in case the food here sucked.” Rory should have dated Paris instead of Dean, Jess, or Logan.
One of BUST’s favorite bands, The Ettes, are celebrating their 10-year anniversary with an album reissue, and we are so excited to premiere a new bonus track, “Get Out,” on today! Way back in 2006, The Ettes’ first album, Shake The Dust, came out and set the Nashville-based band off on a long and successful career. The Shake The Dust special anniversary reissue will be out on September 30th with two bonus tracks, “Get Out” and “Eat The Night.” Both songs were previously only available as 7” vinyls and were out of print.
It’s been 23 years since the very first Xeroxed-and-stapled issue of BUST was published, and, as you can see here, we’ve come a long way on our journey to issue 100. Take me to the slideshow Case in point: the baby girl gestating inside Laurie’s belly on the cover of Issue Four just graduated from college. And many of our cover ladies have come a long way, too—some of them were just breaking into the mainstream when they first appeared on our covers, and today they are household names.
Remember those awful middle-school days when you didn't have anyone to sit with? Standing there awkwardly, wondering who to approach...hoping they won't laugh at you... Those days are definitely not filled with my favorite memories. But now, thanks to technology, teenagers may never have to experience that dread and awkwardness again. A new app, 'Sit With Us', helps kids find a welcoming group to eat with during their lunch hour. The app allows students to sign up as “ambassadors”--inviting others to join them.
the Washington Post The Catholic Church and feminist activists have always had a troubled relationship. However, a writer named Kate Bryan believes she’s found a happy medium. In an article with The Washington Post’s "Acts of Faith" column, Bryan describes how living as a 32-year-old virgin has allowed her to live the "feminist dream." She describes how she had originally planned to be married at the age of 25 and have 12 children, one for each of the disciples in the Bible.
This week, in totally-normal-no-it’s-ok-that-this-election-is-a-giant-shitstorm news, a topless effigy of Hillary Clinton has been hung on a crane parked off of Interstate 5 in Sutherlin, Oregon. The effigy was made out of a black, rubber wetsuit dressed up in a pink bra and blazer, as well as a blonde wig. It was hung by a noose, which was attached to the crane — an effective image, if one lacking in subtlety.
In 2014, the mainstream media was introduced to director Ava DuVernay, who directed and co-wrote the critically acclaimed historical film Selma. After unveiling the film at the American Film Institute festival, Ava DuVernay soon captured the attention of both critics and the public alike with her revolutionary narratives told through black characters by black actors. Selma In February of 2016, DuVernay accepted her biggest directorial role yet, spear-heading the Disney remake of A Wrinkle in Time.