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It’s well-known that Hollywood doesn’t like seeing women of a certain age onscreen — and, far too often, “a certain age” means 35. In 2015, a study found that just 30% of the already limited number of women shown onscreen are over 40, compared to 53% of men.Director Lorene Scafaria knows just how hard it is to get movies about older women made. She directed the new indie dramedy The Meddler, starring Susan Sarandon as a recent widow who finds herself meddling in the lives of her daughter (Rose Byrne), her daughter’s friends, Apple store employees...
It is 2016. Young women like Amandla Stenberg and Rowan Blanchard are using their public platforms to start complex conversations about gender equality. Activists like Janet Mock and Laverne Cox are helping to increase transgender visibility in the media and by extension, in society. Matt McGorry is publicly (and hilariously) exploring how to "do feminism" as a man. Jaden Smith is the face of Louis Vuitton's new womenswear campaign, challenging the idea of gendered clothing and rocking the heck out of some outrageously expensive skirts.
The cardinal complaint about online dating, other than the constant questioning of why did he feel the need to send that dick pic, is how difficult it is to meet online matches in person.Tinder user Jackie Daddio decided to solve this problem by inviting every single one of her Tinder matches to a collective picnic. After making a Facebook event called Jackie’s Collective Tinder Date, she individually messaged over 600 of her Tinder matches a link to her event page and the message “Come to this. All my Tinder matches are invited.
Rasenth is an illustrator, comic artist, and animator from California, currently living in Japan.  You've probably seen some of Razzy's work on social media already, as these epic illustrated takedowns of sexism have been shared countless times across social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.  Since the comics made their debut on Razzy's Tumblr in 2014, they have become required viewing for anyone who needs help explaining the subtle ways sexism affects everyone's lives.
“I don’t really care why you’re an asshole. The fact that you’re an asshole is enough.”Martha Plimpton isn’t one to mince words, especially when it comes to reproductive rights. The actress, singer and activist has a lot to say — and even more to do — on the subject of women and their health as well as the people (or assholes) trying to restrict reproductive rights. Plimpton is the co-founder of AisFor, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing women's reproductive rights and ending the stigma against abortion care.
The only people having more fun than you will while watching Shaan Mutiyaaran Di dance are the dancers themselves. The all female NYC-based Bhangra dance team—whose name translates to “the pride of women”— has been taking the competitive bhangra world by storm. Bhangra is a traditional folk dance from the Punjab region of South Asia and is typically male-dominated in competition; all-women teams are uncommon and all-women teams winning are almost unheard of.
Photo by Ari Seth Cohen As we get older, it’s easy to worry about our looks and to fear invisibility. The antidote to that is Advanced Style, photographer Ari Seth Cohen’s online homage to older people’s street style. His second book, Advanced Style: Older and Wiser (out April 26 from powerHouse), features photos of amazing women and men from around the world who make every day a performance with their wardrobes. Forget invisibility, these gorgeous seniors shine in their fabulous getups. The book also includes a few essays from A.S.
Denim Day is an international movement that grew out of protest to a 2010 rape case that was overturned because the judge said that the survivor's tight jeans meant that she must have helped her rapist remove them. Every year, people wear denim on Denim Day as a way to fight rape culture and raise awareness of sexual assault. Join Fashion Week Brooklyn this year on April 27. For the past three years, I, Stewella Daville, have been recognized in the fashion industry as a high fashion model.
We’ve got good news and bad news about Twitter.The bad news is that Twitter seems to be notorious for online harassment: doxing, threats of violence, public shaming, Gamergate, MRAs, rape threats — we could go on. We all know that Twitter struggles to compete with the growth rate seen by other social networks, and their attempts to lure new users to the Land of the Blue Bird (longer tweets! Polls! Algorithms! GIFs!) have failed to acknowledge that repeated harassment is, for too many, the reason for leaving Twitter.