“Do we value highly enough the aesthetic to which women are attracted? We valued it in the '70s, when films like The Graduate, Five Easy Pieces, and Coming Home got made. But now? I don’t think that we do,” director Lisa Cholodenko spoke to The Guardian about her thoughts on women in film. “You know, I get asked why there aren’t more female directors all the time,” she says. “I’m kind of reluctant to talk about it. That’s not because I think the question is irrelevant or stupid. It’s just that there are so many mitigating factors.
  Suicide Squad got a lot of hype in the months leading up to its release only to fall flat with critics. Many fans were disappointed with the film’s bungled plot, messy directing and lack of character development. However, one of the few things everyone could agree on was that Margot Robbie absolutely killed it as anti-heroine Harley Quinn. Robbie has signed a multi-picture contract with Warner Bros. so we were expecting an appearance in Suicide Squad 2 (maybe second time’s the charm?) or a cameo in Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film.
Kim McGuire, 60, was most known for her wonderfully strange role as Mona “Hatchet-Face” Malnorowski in the 1990 movie musical Cry-Baby. The former actress died Wednesday afternoon of cardiac arrest due to pneumonia complications in a Florida hospital.  McGuire with co-star Johnny Depp at a Cry-Baby event McGuire was born in New Orleans and had initially become a lawyer, but was always interested in acting and dancing from a young age. Cry-Baby was her breakout role.
A Rally by Sir John Lavery, 1885.  “As a nation we ought to welcome the healthy, hearty girl who can beat her brother in managing a tennis ball, in rowing a boat, and very often in managing a frisky horse.” — Ladies Home Journal, 1891. The game of lawn tennis was invented in the 1860s by retired British army officer Major Walter Clopton Wingfield.   He patented the game in 1874 and, within a few short years, lawn tennis had become one of the most popular sports for women in Victorian England.  Ladies played it at society garden parties and at tennis clubs.
Paris Monroe/Instagram By now you’re probably familiar with the #TeacherBae controversy, but for those who are blissfully unaware, be prepared to fly into a feminist rage. Last week, photos of back-to-school looks posted to Instagram by Atlanta school aide Patrice Brown caused the internet to completely lose its shit. The reason for all the panic? Brown’s well-endowed figure. Following a predictably racist and sexist pattern, some Twitter users made it their mission to sexualize, police, and body-shame Brown for her posts.
You probably met Toni Morrison for the first time in your high school classroom when you opened her most famous book, Beloved. The 85-year-old author and Howard University professor writes about the struggles within the African-American community and traces the scars of slavery with her unflinching gaze. In her writing and in her academic life, she's tackled colorism, white privilege, and wrestles with themes of freedom and violence.
Just a note to let you know, there's a grand event and we hope you'll go! The 7th annual BUST Craftacular @ World Maker Faire is going down at the New York Hall of Science in just two weeks and you're not going to want to  miss this weekend long interactive shopping event!  RSVP on Facebook today to get updates and reminders! This is what we´ll have for you this year: 60+ vendor booths stocked with unique handmade items using a fusion of new and old technologies.
Other than her amazing coffee-drinking, snow-loving, Dragonfly Inn-running mother, there has been only one constant in Rory Gilmore’s life: Paris Geller. From Chilton to Yale, Paris has always been there. The best thing about her? She is relatable. Like that time she said, “so I ate a family size bag of salt and vinegar potato chips and went to bed at 7:30pm.” Or when she got to a party late because she “had to stop and eat first in case the food here sucked.” Rory should have dated Paris instead of Dean, Jess, or Logan.
One of BUST’s favorite bands, The Ettes, are celebrating their 10-year anniversary with an album reissue, and we are so excited to premiere a new bonus track, “Get Out,” on today! Way back in 2006, The Ettes’ first album, Shake The Dust, came out and set the Nashville-based band off on a long and successful career. The Shake The Dust special anniversary reissue will be out on September 30th with two bonus tracks, “Get Out” and “Eat The Night.” Both songs were previously only available as 7” vinyls and were out of print.
It’s been 23 years since the very first Xeroxed-and-stapled issue of BUST was published, and, as you can see here, we’ve come a long way on our journey to issue 100. Take me to the slideshow Case in point: the baby girl gestating inside Laurie’s belly on the cover of Issue Four just graduated from college. And many of our cover ladies have come a long way, too—some of them were just breaking into the mainstream when they first appeared on our covers, and today they are household names.