Seattle-native punk super group Childbirth have expanded their tour dates in June, adding a second NYC date. This will be the first time the all-female trio has toured through NYC. They will be playing at Baby’s All Right on June 10, and Shea Stadium on June 9. Childbirth will be joined by Aye Nako, Sharkmuffin, Tin Vulva and Drella at Shea Stadium. Julia Shapiro, Bree McKenna and Stacy Peck from the bands Chastity Belt, Tacocat, and Pony Time, respectively, make up the humorously and unapologetically honest band, who perform clad in light blue hospital gowns.
“Just one?”“Yes! Just me! Party of One! One lady! One independent, nearsighted feminist lady!”Clad in my Jackie O-inspired cream coat and for once, red lipstick, I was taking myself out to celebrate my one year anniversary of moving to New York City. A quick dinner of mac and cheese, an Oreo whoopie pie, and I was off to see a play in the West Village. It felt so New York, and not the realistic New York I experienced in my everyday life, but the version six seasons of “Sex and the City” had promised me.
  Famous Portland-based artists Brian and Jonathan, known as The Gay Beards, are changing the way we look at beards. No longer the source of an unfortunate post-makeout skin rash or a sad attempt at masculinity, @thegaybeards have turned beards into a work of art.   Here are 10 examples of how magical beards can be:     These roses give us a warm and fuzzy feeling in our hearts.     It's the luck o' the Irish! Or, a lot of fantastic glitter.     In case you wanted cereal for breakfast.     We're feeling the love.
A piece of our adolescence has died: popular mall retailer Aeropostale has officially filed for bankruptcy. All across this great nation, "preppies" are sinking to their knees in their relaxed-fit slim khakis and blowing their noses on their long-sleeved polo shirts. Though a Hollister may eventually fill that empty space in the mall between Payless Shoes and Pretzel Time, no one can fill the void in our hearts.
Last October, we talked about how awesome it was that Laverne Cox had joined the cast of Fox’s remake of the beloved yet strange Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yesterday, the network dropped the first commercial—and damn it, it’s basically perfect. Without further ado, we present the top 14 reasons why we’re excited for this film.14. The original script from the 1975 cult classic is being used. 13. Kenny Ortega, the director, also directed the High School Musical trilogy and Hocus Pocus.   12. The film is slated for a Halloween release (making it extra spooky).11.
Guerrilla artist Swoon is creating oddball masterpieces on her own terms Swoon isn't content to stay cloistered in her studio all day. Instead, the 35-year-old New Yorker has focused her energies on public art, masterminding countless graffiti pieces, sculptures, and large-scale design projects since 1999. Born Caledonia Dance Curry (thank her hippie parents for that awesome name), Swoon fell in love with art at age 10, in a painting class.
A meteorologist was asked to cover up Sunday morning by her co-worker, who was playing a joke on her, according to her personal blog.Liberté Chan, who works for KTLA in Los Angeles, was given a gray sweater on air that made her look “like a librarian” in response to emails saying her sparkly little black dress was too inappropriate.Many viewers took social media by storm, angry that Chan had to cover up just because some viewers disapproved of her LBD and dubbing the situation #sweatergate.
Last week, Ronan Farrow, son of famous director and alleged child molester Woody Allen, published a letter in The Hollywood Reporter discussing how the media avoid the hard questions, dodging what may limit their access to other celebrities through Allen’s PR representation.“Being in the media as my sister's story made headlines, and Woody Allen's PR engine revved into action, gave me a window into just how potent the pressure can be to take the easy way out,” Farrow writes in the Reporter column.
“All together now, one, two, three...penis!”I am a teacher at the American University of Iraq, Sulaimani. The city, Sulaimania, is a study in contrasts: The phallic, shiny blue Grand Millennium Hotel is a beacon of modernity in a place where the average citizen has electricity for only a few hours a day. Last September, I walked into an undergraduate critical reading and writing class armed with The Handmaid's Tale and The World’s Wife, and a determination to expand the way students think.
My band Quilt was invited to play the 3rd annual Marfa Myths festival in March 2016. We had been lucky enough to play in its inaugural year, back in 2014, and it was great, but this time really took the cake because of how truly chock-full of good times it all was. Like, holy shit.