10 Best Celeb Costumes Of Halloween 2015

BY Kellie Galentine IN Entertainment ON November 02, 2015

  Another Halloween has come and gone, which means that now there is only one thing to do: Monday-morning celeb costume stalking. From Kim K. going as herself, to Viola Davis' daughter wearing the cutest costume in the world this year hit a new high of creative with a side dish of hilarious (here's looking at you, Katy Perry). Check out the celebs who did Halloween extra right:  1. Ellen DeGeneres as "Karla Kardashian," the long-lost member of the fam.  2. Josh Duhamel and Fergie as Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette (his cat) 3.

10 Witch Movies and TV Shows To Watch This Halloween

BY Olivia Harrison IN Entertainment ON October 28, 2015

Halloweek is full of all things that creep and crawl, spook and scare, haunt and howl. Here at BUST, though, our favorite wicked ones are of course witches. Celebrate the horrifying holiday with this list of witch movies and TV shows, from the hilarious to the truly terrifying.  1. Bell Book and Candle (1958) Director: Richard Quine Starring: James Stewart, Kim Novak, and Jack Lemmon 2. Bewitched (1964-1972) Creator: Sol Saks Starring: Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York, and Agnes Moorehead 3.
Normally, praising Barbie is not a thing I do. With a severely disproportioned body design, too much makeup and an impractical number of high heels, Mattel's leading lady is usually shamed for teaching unrealistic body ideals to young girls. But Barbie's new YouTube commercial is asking us to "Imagine The Possibilities" that can come from girls playing with the (in)famous dolls.
The Prettiots have just released a Law and Order SVU themed-song called "Stabler." It's catchy and sure to appeal to SVU superfans and novices alike. In honor of their new song, band member Kay Kasparhauser put together a list of their top Olivia Benson badass undercover moments from the show. Check it out. And check out The Prettiot's new song here: TOP FIVE OLIVIA BENSON UNDERCOVER MOMENTS Season 11, Episode 12, "Shadow" Olivia goes sort of undercover and a sort of dominatrix and says "On your knees, worm" to a __ before forcing him to lick her boot, and its all incredibly dope.
This Sunday in New York City, comedy goddess Amy Schumer and her cousin Senator Chuck Schumer (D – NY) joined forces in a speech urging for aggressive revision of gun control regulation. Their demands are entirely reasonable: don’t allow online or gun show purchases without a background check, fix the flaws of the whole background check system to restrict those with violent backgrounds from obtaining weapons, and put a stop to gun trafficking.