Claudia Weill’s film Girlfriends was shown as part of the lineup on TCM’s Trailblazing Women series that took place last year. The film was new to me and thought it deserved a write-up because it is the precursor to so many films and female friendships depicted on our screens today, including Nicole Holofcener’s Walking and Talking, Kristen Wiig’sBridesmaids, Frances Ha, and Lena Dunham’s Girls. The plot is by now, familiar. Two best friends are living together, trying to make their way in a tough city like New York.
Two days before graduating college, I got a job offer for a stellar position in Miami, where I only knew a friend from my hometown. I kept things hush for a while, and only told my grandparents, aunts, and uncles once I had already accepted the position. Everyone in my Latinx family told me how worried they were about my moving to a new (and big) city after graduation. They expressed their concerns about my safety, especially related to crime, traffic, and being a woman, and warned me to be alert and smart about my everyday decisions.
The legendary Soviet-born ballet dancer, Mikhail Baryshnikov stars in a new video created by Humanity For Hillary in which he announces his support for Hillary Clinton. Baryshnikov, who is one of the most famous defectors from the Soviet Union, is also known as one of the greatest ballet dancers of all time. In the video Baryshnikov rips into Donald Trump, stating “I’m hearing rhetoric that reminds me of the Soviet Union of my youth, where it was a crime, and continues to be, a crime to be different.
  Harley Quinn Smith, actress and daughter of Kevin Smith aka Silent Bob, is the latest in a long line of women to be torn down via social media, with a particular focus on her looks. In an attempt to belittle the 17-year-old actress, Instagram troll Kingpsyphus commented on a photo of Harley Quinn, saying, "You're ugly as shit. And that steaming horse shit of a movie, yoga hosers, should be banned. Fuck your talentless cunt of a father for trying to compare it to the matrix. You're cancer and I sincerely hope you end up like Lindsay Lohan and dead.
One hundred and eleven years ago, Clara Bow was born into violent poverty in Brooklyn, New York. She would go on to become America’s most loved — and most controversial — sex symbol of the silent film era. Here’s what the troubled young star taught us about slut-shaming, sex ,and public failure:  Clara Bow is standing in the front of Paramount studios, reading about how she has sex with dogs. With Mexican croupiers. With married men, with whores, with chauffeurs and with servants.
I was always the little girl with a million best friends. The word “friend” never felt strong enough to describe our closeness. They were my best friends. Over the years, I’ve watched that number shrink — understandably. There’s no way I could have upheld my long roster of best friends into my adult years; it was simply not sustainable. Between high school drama, faraway college campuses, long-distance phone calls, cross-country moves, personality shifts, marriages, break-ups, career changes, kids — there are bound to be explosive fallouts and quiet fadeouts between friends.
Twenty-year-old singer/songwriter SEE premieres her music video for her song “She Cries” exclusively with BUST today. The song is from her introspective five-song debut EP, Ties, which pulls elements of pop and alternative rock. SEE taught herself the drums, guitar, bass, piano, and more and began writing original songs when she was 15 before becoming the primary songwriter and drummer for an alternative indie rock band in Long Island.
A bike messenger for the National Woman’s Party, which was staffed entirely by women For half a century, women had been politely agitating for suffrage. Then some fearless young radicals came along who weren’t afraid to make some noise—even if it meant serving prison time. Seven years later, they had won the right to vote It was more than a parade; it was a pageant. On March 13, 1913, thousands of women descended on Washington, D.C. to demand the right to vote.
  What’s the deal with yoni eggs and crystal dildos? Are they actually safe to use internally? I also worry about yoni eggs getting stuck, even if they have a string attached.  –Chakra ChicaIf  Sexologist Carol Queen: If you do a Google search for the phrase “yoni egg,” you’ll find tons of claims about what they’ll do for your pelvic floor and your spirituality. There are plenty of pelvic floor products, many made of or covered with silicone, and these are superior items as far as cleaning and body safety are concerned.
  Need a new feminist web show to watch? Good news – we’ve got you covered. “The Dirty Word,” hosted by the talented and bubbly Amanda Montell, is here to grace the internet with LOL-worthy content that, while providing comic relief, still flawlessly manages to be relevant, informative, and empowering. The web series is published on, a women’s site founded by Rebecca Odes and Jill Soloway (creator of the Emmy award-winning series Transparent on Amazon Prime).