Sundance was loaded with a diverse range of fantastic films this year, and a noticeable theme was the presence of many women filmmakers delivering command performances. With film narrative running on a continuum from anti plot to arc plot, from non-narrative to hyper narrative, clustered together around a point focusing on the cinematic are three great films by three amazing women film directors. If you are looking for lots of plot twists and explosions, its time to move along.
Abortion. What female image comes to mind when you think of the concept? Maybe a distressed woman sitting alone in her bedroom, staring at an unwanted— and unexpected—positive pregnancy test. Maybe she’s too young to raise a baby, she's still a baby herself. Maybe she’s already a mom with three babies and can’t feed a fourth. Maybe she doesn’t like kids and doesn’t want a baby. Maybe she wanted a baby but finally realized her husband is an abusive unfit father-to-be.  It’s her body, her choice, her life, and none of your damn business.
What do hairy palms, blindness and erectile dysfunction have in common? They are all things the kid down the street told you are caused by masturbation. Nicholas Tana and the people behind the year’s most forthcoming documentary, Sticky: A (Self) Love Story, out in the U.S. now, want you to know these are all bold faced lies.
Leanne Shapton’s graphic non-fiction book Was She Pretty?  takes its title from the question you always want to ask after hearing about your significant other’s ex. In her research, the author and illustrator asked people she knows about their ex-boyfriends or girlfriends: the result is a book of very short true stories (most are only a few sentences long) accompanied by Shapton's minimalist illustrations. A lot of the classic exes are there: the older woman, the kinky one, the artist, the foreigner, and more. Many of the stories are relatable.
With buzzy singles like "Treat Me Like Fire" and the Pharrell Williams-produced "Wonder Woman," a tour with Childish Gambino, and a feature on a recent Disclosure track, Lion Babe is on fire—and their album isn't even out yet. The two-piece band from New York City featuring vocalist Jillian Hervey and producer/musician Lucas Goodman has won fans over with their modern take on funk and soul.The duo's highly anticipated debut album, Begin, is set to be released on Polydor/Outsiders on Friday, February 5th.
Do you like emojis, but wish they were more macabre? If you answered yes, you’ll love the Goth Emoji app. Goth Emoji is available for iOS. It’s easy to install. Once you shell out 99 cents, you’ll have access to five pages of all-black goth emojis, such as coffins, skulls, and a pack of cigarettes. The emojis are the size of stickers, and like all third-party emojis, you have to copy and pastes them into your texts. The app could use some improvements: all of the emojis are slightly blurry. I tried to send some goth emojis to my coworker, but she wasn’t feeling it.
  Two slices of bread. One generous dollop of peanut butter smeared across each. A slathering of jelly. Press the bread together, and seal. Last week, multimedia artist Jessica Olah performed that process 2,340 times over five days as part of a performance-art piece at Specials on C in NYC’s Alphabet City. Her ambition? To recognize her mother, who every morning, from the time Olah was in kindergarten through 12th grade, lovingly crafted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for school lunch. Over those 13 years, Olah estimated her mom made 2,340 sandwiches.
The following is an excerpt from Laura Leigh Abby's best-selling Amazon Kindle Single The Rush, the story of unexpected romance and heartbreak in an unlikely place: my college sorority. The pledges “crossed” into the sorority just after Halloween. The nights were dipping down near freezing and the approach of winter meant the impending end of the semester.  About a week after cross one of the senior girls hosted a slumber party at her house outside of Boston.
A few weeks before the Iowa caucus, packed in a small events room above Manhattan’s The Harp Raw Bar and Grill, a crowd of mostly 20- and early 30- somethings fawned over the soft-spoken-yet-passionate Maryland heartthrob. “Are you two crushing on him also?” a young woman asked my friend and me as we watched O’Malley stand on a chair and sing about togetherness and love and the American dream. Why yes, in fact. Yes we were. I’ve been a fan of Martin O’Malley for a while now.
Having trouble laying your weary head to rest? I tested out some sleep gadgets to see if they could really help me catch more zzzs.  The S+ ($129.99) is a device that sits on your nightstand and monitors your movement and breathing, then sends the data to an app on your phone for ideal sleep analysis. It also synchronizes sounds to your pre-sleep breathing to soothe you into slumber. But the best part is its alarm: within a set time range, it wakes you during a light sleep as opposed to a deep one, which totally helped with grogginess. The NightWave ($49.