Helen Mirren in a promotional photo for Prime Suspect VII Recently, an archived interview has resurfaced that by no means has aged well, due to the fact that we now know women are actually humans and not sex objects. The footage from 1975 shows a 30-year-old Helen Mirren being subjected to a slimy late night host, Michael Parkinson, who asked her if the size of her breasts “hinder’s her in your pursuit of the ambition of being a successful actress or serious actress.
  Helen Mirren is best known for playing various members of the House of Windsor. But in real life, the boundary-busting actress is anything but restrained. Here, she talks about her films, her family, and why it’s great that young women today can just say “Fuck off”  I am 45 minutes late for my on-set appointment with Helen Mirren. As a punctual person, this is my worst nightmare come true: sitting in a rental car, stuck in traffic, surrounded by Yankee Stadium–bound partiers, all the while knowing that The Queen is waiting.
InstaFamous MARIA QAMAR EXPLORES DESI IDENTITY WITH HER INSTAGRAM ART SERIES HATECOPYCombining a Pop-Art style with satirical takes on life as a young Desi woman, artist Maria Qamar’s work has struck a chord online, resulting in an Instagram following 50,000 strong and growing. Posting under the name @hatecopy, the 25-year-old daughter of Pakistani immigrants to Canada started drawing her series after being laid off from an advertising job a year ago.
We all know JK Rowling is boss. The legendary author whose characters captured the hearts of many has stood up for LGBT rights, diverse representation in her movies, and the welfare system. To add to her impressive progressive resume, this bad-ass British icon has once again reminded us how awesome she is by revealing the dark truth behind an issue that plagues the idealist mindset: Voluntourism. Voluntourism, or international volunteering, is the term that includes work for organizations or causes in foreign countries.
From candid discussions about consent and STIs to self-worth and gender identities, as well as helpful how-tos about giving head, fingering, or preparing your bedroom for sexy company, Amy Rose Spiegel’s Action: A Book About Sex is a progressive holistic look at a modern sexuality. It’s complete with autobiographical moments from the Spiegel, a Brooklyn-based writer and former editor of Rookie. BUST: Your book speaks a lot about resisting traditional scripts of sexuality — ways we’ve been taught sex and dating are “supposed to” go.
A serial rapist in Chattanooga, TN, has claimed his fifth victim while out on probation. Willie James Bradley, a registered sex offender, had been charged with rape five times prior, but in each case, pled guilty to assault charges in exchange for lighter sentences. Bradley was first charged with aggravated rape in 1999, but he pled guilty to a battery charge and served six years in jail. This would be the longest sentence he would receive over the course of the next 17 years. In Tennessee, aggravated rape carries a minimum sentence of 15 years and a maximum of 60 years.
As an INFJ, there is nothing more precious to me than alone time. Ask me to describe my perfect weekend and I’ll tell you it’s just me, myself, a book or two, and a candlelit bath, devoid of the pressure to hold a conversation with anyone that I know will eventually result in an awkward silence, during which I stare at the floor and shuffle my feet and maybe burp.
I left the teenage psych ward with a folder full of handouts about substance abuse, pamphlets on suicide prevention, and a prescription for a new antidepressant called Effexor. It was a double-barreled shotgun of a drug, working on both serotonin and norepinephrine, one of the first of its kind. Like all antidepressants, it came with a warning: DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES WHILE ON THIS MEDICATION. Problem is, I was drinking alcoholic beverages. Often. And the doctor knew it, or at least knew I drank.
Traveling was always something I fantasized about, but like many people, I was unsure of how to afford it and hesitant to go alone. I went to Morocco during an exchange program, but it wasn't enough to satisfy my thirst, especially as a solo female traveler. There was so much of the world I wanted to see. But after I left school, as I was anxious about the future and feeling the weight of my student debt, I took a job in a field I was not remotely interested in. Yet, after a year of crunching numbers, I took a risk and left for a monthlong vacation that turned into a two-year journey.
If you’re a woman who exists in the world, you're probably aware of society’s obsession with the “thigh gap.” In case you aren’t, we’re sorry to fill you in: the “thigh gap” is the space that some thin women have between their thighs when they’re standing with their knees together. It’s presented as a highly covetable beauty ideal, especially over the past several years, and it’s heavily featured on pro-eating disorder “thinspiration” blogs.