We’re living in a nation where powerful women are told to sit down when they persist in quoting Coretta Scott King, and bigotry of every flavor is being loudly and systematically reinforced. There is a constant stream of alarming news and calls to action, and in case you need your hourly reminder, our president is a reality television star with the linguistic capability of a 10-year-old who hates to read. It’s a lot worse for some than for others, but it’s a chaotic time in...
  Last year, I was harassed by a group of “Anti-Social Justice Warrior” trolls for my feminist beliefs. The trolls infiltrated the feminism Facebook group I admin and when I caught on and started to ban them, the harassment began. Messages soon flooded my Facebook inbox, and the trolls even began to migrate to other platforms including Twitter and email. I wrote about some of my experience for Ravishly, but after that article was published, the harassment got even worse — the trolls contacted my mom...
Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch is back on the silver screen, in a new movie released in the US this Friday, February 17th. Best known for her role as Luna Lovegood, Evanna plays the title role in My Name Is Emily, a beautiful story of love, loss, and redemption, directed by Simon Fitzmaurice. In an interview with BUST, the Irish actress talks about drawing confidence from the role of Emily, moving away from Luna, and the ‘bad bitches’ she hopes to play in 2017. My Name Is...
In a rambling and downright bizarre press conference yesterday, Trump asked an African-American reporter if the Congressional Black Caucus were friends of hers. Having assured the public that he is “the least racist person,” Trump then responded to a question by April Ryan, a journalist for American Urban Radio Networks. She enquired about his campaign promise to revitalize the American inner cities and asked if he would be arranging a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus to discuss this. He responded: "Well I would. Do you...
  Whore-o-Scopes Astrological Advice For Ladies Looking To Get Laid by Jonna Bond Aquarius: 
Jan. 20 to Feb. 18The new moon on February 2 will help you manifest the perfect sexual partner, so get your wish list ready. (This goes for coupled-up folks too!) Gird your loins for mind-blowing sex when Mars enters your sign on February 25. Beware: Venus will enter Taurus on March 16, so things may get serious with your lover; set the rules beforehand if getting mushy isn’t your thing.   Pisces: 
Feb. 19 to Mar. 20Venus...


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