As feminists, representation really matters to us. That’s why we started BUST in the first place, to showcase real women—smart, funny, cool, complex women—at a time when the media completely ignored them. And though it’s been a very heated election cycle, even here at BUST HQ—our staff contained both passionate Bernie and Hillary supporters all the way up through the primaries—we are now united in our belief that in the current field, Hillary is the best man for the job. She has her critics, and it’s true, she’s not perfect; no one is.
Both an actress and director, one could say that Sarah Polley comes by her creative and artistic genes naturally, being born into a showbiz family. Her father, Michael and her mother, Diane are both actors and met when they were both cast in a play. Polley started going on auditions at age four and landed her first role at six in the Disney film, One Magic Christmas. She’s stated in the past that her interest in acting at that early age was entirely self-motivated, but now a mother herself, she doesn’t believe in allowing children to act for pay.
Comic book writers, artists and fans are coming together for one epic comic book, and for a good cause. DC Entertainment and IDW Publishing will co-publish a 144-page special issue, Love is Love this December. The comic will feature LGBT characters and stories, with all proceeds going to Equality Florida and its fund to support those affected by the Pulse nightclub shooting. Love is Love is the creation of writer Marc Andreyko, also known as the man behind Wonder Woman ‘77 as well as a former writer for Batwoman, the most high profile gay superhero in DC comics.
Consent by Jess De Wahls British artist Fionn Willson has curated a new exhibit on sexuality and sensuality in the female self-portraiture. Self Portrait: Dark by Sookie Sirene “My Sex, My Self” is comprised of 14 women artists, all hailing from the UK. Wilson’s intention is to create “an exuberant and honest celebration and examination of ourselves as sexual beings, in a world where the expression of sexuality as a woman can still be seen as controversial, threatening or even subversive,” she explains.
The Ghost In The Shell live-action remake recently released a series of teasers to start generating buzz for its 2017 release, but it’s left us with a lot more questions than answers.   These ten-second clips don’t give us much to work with. As someone who is a big fan of the original animated film, I kept asking myself “what am I supposed to be looking at here?” and honestly, I still have no idea.
    Earlier this week, I was scrolling through Twitter (like I do every day) when I saw this tweet:   YIKES is right. As you can see from the screenshots, photographer Pax Jones noticed that the makeup brand ColourPop was giving its sculpting sticks for dark skin tones some pretty offensive names, like “Yikes” and “Typo.
Alice Harvey (Emily VanCamp), the protagonist of The Girl in the Book, is a woman who is struggling to keep herself together and succeeding only by grasping at straws. At work, she edits novels with only the faintest hope of ever writing one of her own. When she is with her parents, her thoughts and words are ignored — her overbearing father decides what she will eat at the restaurant where they’re having dinner, along with how she will live her life.
Image via CBC News Justin Trudeau continues to impress us with his commitment to challenging sexism. At a Global Fund conference organized by U2 singer Bono in Montreal on Tuesday, Trudeau, the 44-year-old Prime Minister of Canada/complete dreamboat delivered a stunningly woke speech about the link between sexism in poverty. “We know that poverty is sexist,” he says. “Women and girls living in poverty are less likely to get an education, more likely to suffer from diseases and almost always lack in basic social, political and economic rights.
Looking to take a hit at a new show while Broad City is between seasons? MTV’s Mary+Jane may be exactly what you have been craving. Created by Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont, who also worked together on 2001’s girl cult classic Josie and The Pussycats, and produced by the one and only Snoop Dogg, this show follows two women in their 20s working to make it big in Los Angeles' legal marijuana industry. The show stars Jessica Rothe as the hesitant and innocent Paige and Scout Durwood as the explicit and raunchy Jordan, and follows them on their quest to top the green 15, a list of L.A.
So, you may or may not have read the fabulous article posted by Broadly about witches from the Middle Ages, who allegedly stole penises and kept them as pets. Linking penises, religion, and the supernatural was commonplace in the Medieval cultural imagination — in fact, it was believed that the very real phenomenon of penis captivus, in which the phallus becomes lodged in an orifice, was a punishment from God for the sin of adultery.


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