There is a stereotype that curvy and plus size women can’t wear vintage lingerie due to sizing. I am here to tell you that is absolutely untrue! Just as hard as it is for a woman with a DDD or above bra size to find a bra at Target, it is not easy to find vintage lingerie that flatters all sizes, but it isn’t impossible! Below are some of my favorite vintage labels that cater to the busty and plus size market.
“No More Cutting”—an Amsterdam-based art project created by Papersmith Studio director, Mandy Smith, paper artist Oksana Valentelis and photographer Kyla Elaine—is demonstrating the diversity of vaginas and highlighting the dangers of female genital mutilation. This project celebrates the uniqueness of the natural female form and donates any of their profits to Equality Now, an NGO fighting for female human rights around the globe. As a project, they hope to “raise awareness, open discussion, and gain more support for the ongoing ambition to end FGM within a generation.
The city council of New York City made history on Tuesday with a unanimous decision to pass a bill that would guarantee free access to tampons and pads in all public schools, jails, and homeless shelters. This bill is the first of its kind in the nation.  It goes without saying that menstrual products are a necessity and not a luxury for any person with a period. That is why we can’t believe it took this long for a U.S. city to start providing tampons and pads to the huge population of people who need them.
Here at BUST we know a thing or two about running our own business. And though it's rewarding being in charge, every hardworking 'trep deserves an occasional break from the real-world grind. Whenever we need to recharge, we like to gain inspiration from these leading ladies: 1. Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation Leslie Knope is the quintessential overachiever. Whether running for city council or throwing a funeral for a miniature horse, Leslie is 110% dedicated to every project.
  Elizabeth Warren is a badass — no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The U.S. Senator from Massachusetts was elected to her seat in 2013 and we’ve been cheering her on from the sidelines ever since. It just so happens that today is this fabulous woman's birthday! In honor of her 67th, we’ve crafted a list celebrating a few of the many reasons why we are such fans of Warren and why we think she's the most badass Senator in Washington right now. 1. She’s not tied to Wall Street. Warren’s top contributors from 2011-2016 are EMILY’s List and Moveon.
Contingent professors are nearly 75.5% of the professoriate, according to one liberal study; they are 50%, according to more moderate ones. Most contingent professors are adjuncts or part time faculty; they do not have the flexible schedules to be available to their students. Therefore, they will receive vitriol online or offline from a student who received an “F,” blaming their inaccessibility. Adjuncts are typically not paid for office hours (and usually have no office!).
Esmé Patterson is the true definition of an artist. If you can define an artist, of course. This may be an oxymoron, but give a listen to her newest album, We Were Wild, and you will know exactly what I am talking about. Patterson’s third solo album is her most thoughtful yet. This is understandable given the massive amount of change she was going through during the time she was writing. A Colorado native, Patterson recently made the move to Portland, Oregon.
A Winter’s Walk by James Tissot, 1878. Attitudes toward cosmetics in the 19th century were notoriously negative.  Queen Victoria herself denounced make-up as being “impolite” and mid-century magazines like the Saturday Evening Review declared that cosmetics were “insincere” and “a form of lying.” (Pallingston, 13) Even more damning, to most Victorians, make-up was considered the province of only two classes of women: actresses and prostitutes. Did this mean that no one but prostitutes and actresses colored their lips and cheeks?  Not at all.
I was once asked to finish the statement, "My feminism is…" It didn’t take me long to come up with an answer. I’m a gay, black woman. My feminism is intersectional. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, your experiences in life are shaped by the intersection of class, race, gender, sexual orientation and identity. During the '60s and '70s, the faces of the women's right’s movement were white. But that’s not because black women weren’t part of the movement. Those just happened to be the faces that the media wanted to display.
Tom Lenk has recently taken Instagram by storm; and not just because he played the character Andrew in the beloved television series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Lately, Lenk has been gaining followers as a result of serving fire #lewks, in which he remakes stand-out red carpet fashion using inexpensive, everyday materials. Check out some of his hilarious interpretations under his hashtag #LenkLewkForLess, below, and see even more on his Instagram.