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    LPX, aka Lizzy Plaplinger, is a rising musician who's not only taking the pop scene by storm, but also working as co-founder of her music label Neon Gold Records, which she started with her longtime friend Derek Davies when she was in college. With her debut EP Bolt in the Blue out now, 2018 is looking to be LPX's breakout year. We wanted to find out more about this rising star who says, "I'm here to assert myself — harder, louder and stronger — as a woman...
When I was in middle school, I prayed every night that I would wake up the next morning as Nicole Kidman as Satine in Moulin Rouge — and I’ve never even believed in God. At the time, my love of Moulin Rouge was the only thing that sustained me, and I watched it obsessively (I’ve seen it about 100 times) to escape my life. I was mercilessly bullied, afraid to go to school each day, and struggling with with suicidal ideation. If I could just be...
  Make a spectacle with these five peeper pleasers.  Cannon RX 
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karenwalker.com By Callie WattsPhotographed by Samantha WolovHair and makeup by Bethany EskandaniModel: Molly Kucera @ Scout ModelsThis article originally appeared in the December/January 2017 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today! More from BUST The "Glasses Gotta Go" Trope Needs To Go Blogger Kailey Flyte On...
  Actor, performance artist, playwright, activist and feminist Penny Arcade has been honing her craft for over 40 years. She is, without question, an iconic figure of the NYC art, film and theater scene. She has many productions to her credit—most of which have toured internationally—including Bitch, Dyke, Faghag, Whore and Penny Arcade In Motion. Arcade’s recent show, Longing Lasts Longer, performed at New York bar Pangea, asks the question, “What the hell happened to New York City?" Arcade accurately describes the dissolution of NYC from a bohemian enclave...
    Imagine capturing a feeling on film, transforming the unseen vibrations that exist between two people in an intimate and vulnerable space into a photograph. Artist Dani Lessnau, 31, does just this, photographing her lovers using a pinhole camera placed inside her vagina. Hailing from Lee, Massachusetts, Lessnau moved to New York at 18 to study art, but illness forced her to leave school, and she focused her energy on yoga, meditation, and holistic healing. During her 10-year period of adapting to a chronic condition, Lessnau...