Following the grim tragedy in Orlando, the Chicago-based Luthern Church Charities K-9 unit is stepping in to bring hope to victims. According to the LCC, since the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub on Saturday night, twelve golden retrievers have arrived in Florida to provide some relief from this traumatic event. Flying from Iowa, Illinois, Tennessee, Nebraska, Texas, and South Carolina, the squad of comfort pups landed in Orlando in time to join the downtown vigil that attracted 7,500 people to mourn.
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Many things have happened since Walt and Roy Disney founded their company in 1923. They very little suspected that this small animation studio would play an important role in the upbringing of many generations of children.The depiction of female stereotypes that Disney has reproduced and reinforced in its nearly 100 years of history is widely represented; but what about men? What has been the role of Disney in the reinforcement of male stereotypes and cultural sexism? Here are 5 harmful lessons boys learn from Disney: 1. Be a Prince or die trying.
 At BUST, we love us some lady artists and have featured many of them over the years in our print edition. There are so many to choose from, but here are just 15 of our favorite female illustrators you should know about: 1. Monica GarwoodGarwood is an illustrator, designer, letterer, and painter in the Bay Area. Many of her illustrations feature realistic characters painted with watercolor. See more of her work on her website. 2. Alessandra Olanow Olanow is an artist from Canada who currently lives in Brooklyn. We love the muted colors and whimsy of her illustrations.
Washington Square Park, photographed by Hannah Mattix Expert tips for enjoying the city that never sleeps Though BUST HQ recently moved to Brooklyn, N.Y.C. is where the magazine was born and raised. So after going around the world in 79 girls, we decided to bring our 80th travel story home. With decades of collective city living between us, we’ve got plenty of old favorites and Manhattan mainstays to recommend.
Be still, our activist hearts. On June 16th, Gloria Steinem and Samantha Bee will rally together for a night of feminism festivities in New York. Ms. Steinem will host Spare Rib, a reproductive rights celebration on at the Society for Ethical Culture. The event will open with Samantha Bee, followed by a reading from Winter Miller's play Spare Rib by Elizabeth Marvel, Marin Ireland, Mamie Gummer, Mozhan Marnò, Deirdre O'Connell, Kate Rigg, and Vella Lovell.
“America isn’t ready for a two-woman ticket.”What. The. Fuck.That may be YOUR reality but it is not ours. If you believe two women aren’t capable of winning on the same ticket, don’t kid yourself, you’re a misogynist and we see it.When women run for office, women win just as often as men. According to, “Most studies of the performance of women candidates demonstrate that women fare the same as, if not better than, their male counterparts in similar types of races.
  In 2000, Electronic Arts published The Sims, starting a franchise that would become one of the best-selling video game series of all time and occupy hours (who am I kidding, it’s days) of my future time. In the original simulation game and its three sequels, players can create virtual people, called Sims, and customize their appearances, their personalities, and their aspirations. Gamers lead their Sims through a virtual world and control their everyday lives, from decisions as large as what career paths they choose, to those as small as what they will eat for breakfast.
The ever fabulous feminist comedian Samantha Bee unleashed her frustration last night about the lack of action to address mass shootings in the United States. She refused to follow what she called “the standard operating procedure after a massacre” of delivering a sweet and well-meaning message of love. Instead, the host of TBS’s Full Frontal went on a rant that questioned why in hell a man with a history of wife beating, homophobia, and extremist views was able to legally buy a gun that shoots forty-five rounds a minute.
With another election cycle upon us, it’s inevitable that the phrase "lipstick on a pig" will be trotted out amidst the political rhetoric. According to Slate, the exact idiom was coined in 1985, relatively recently so far as idioms go.But before there was "lipstick on a pig," there was "Lipstick (Ascending) on Caterpillar Tracks": a sculpture commissioned by a small crew of Yalies behind their administration’s back. It was, and is, as far from the ivy and brick aesthetic as an artwork can veer. And it too has something to teach us about American politics.