I have always loved Harry Potter. I first picked up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in 2003, and, as a third grader, I fell in love with the magical world that J.K. Rowling created. I was drawn to the characters, to the idea of magic, and to the warm feeling I got every time I spent hours reading. Now a college graduate, I’ve re-read the series nearly 10 times through, and I still get the same warm feeling I got as a 9-year-old.
Ani DiFranco is a well-known badass in the folk rock community. It's impressive enough that she's released over 20 studio albums in the past 25 years, continuing to gift the world with her soft, subtley twangy voice. On August 26, she's kicking off the first BabeFest in her hometown of Buffalo, New York, in Babeville.
With a huge proportion of the world’s population living as refugees, the Olympic Committee decided in March to choose five to 10 refugees to compete at the Rio Olympics. It goes without saying that being displaced doesn't negate the incredible athletic abilities of so many and that refugees deserve a chance to compete alongside everyone else. I have so much respect for these athletes, and apparently so does the rest of world, since they were given a standing ovation during the opening ceremonies.
Showing that tweeting really can get you somewhere, Leslie Jones is being sent to Rio by NBC after live-tweeting the first few days of the Olympics in a hilarious way only she can accomplish. Needless to say, Leslie would be a mjaor step up from some of the NBC commentators — like Dan Hicks, who credited Hungarian swimmer Katinka Hosszu’s husband, Shane Tusup, for her record-breaking win in the 400-meter individual medley this past Saturday, saying “And there’s the man responsible,” when the cameras panned to Tusup.
Illustration by Christina "Steenz" Stewart Comic Relief THE VALKYRIES ARE LEADING THE CHARGE TO DIVERSIFY THE COMICS INDUSTRY The world of comic books has never been particularly diverse or welcoming to women. But The Valkyries, a global coalition of female comic-shop employees, owners, and managers, are working to change that by organizing special events designed to help fangirls feel at home wherever they get their graphics fix. From their online clubhouse at bewarethevalkyries.
Every day, thousands of people come to the American Museum of Natural History to learn about science. They explore the exhibits that were painstakingly curated by scientists and broken down by data visualists to spread a love of science.   But the museum goes beyond the public space to spread knowledge. BridgeUp: STEM, a 120-hour program that teaches underprivileged girls about computer science and programming, is about a month underway. During the first week, the students learned python. Since then, they’ve moved on to SQL and other programming languages.
Sometimes, I just want the cocktail without the hangover. Delicious, non-alcoholic drinks are both underrated and amazing. Here are some fun, yummy mocktails to make on your sober night.  Raspberry Lemonade Fizz This drink is perfect for those long, summer days.  Strawberry Pina Colada A must-have for every beach getaway, and it's good for you too! Citrus Strawberry You won't believe how delicious this unexpected fruit pairing is.  Frozen Peach Bellini A classic cocktail, without the champagne and with all the yummy peach goodness.
  The Olympics has been an amazing display of female talent and badassery. Last night, I watched in awe as Simon Biles graced the beam in a near-perfect performance. But I haven't been impressed by the sexist way the media are covering these talented athletes. The media have minimized their accomplishments and insulted female viewers. Check out these three ways the media have been sexist in Rio. 1. Dan Hicks, an NBC Olympics commentator, credited Katinka Hosszu's husband for her gold medal.
Joan Trumpauer Mulholland immersed herself in the Civil Rights Movement as a teenager growing up in the South in the 1950s. She was involved in numerous historical events, like the Freedom Rides of 1961, the Selma to Montgomery March in 1965, the March on Washington with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963, and the Woolworth's lunch counter sit-ins in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1963. Her activism had its consequences: She was one of the Freedoms Riders in 1961 who was arrested and put on death row for several months at Parchman Penitentiary.
Yep, you read that correctly. Starting this fall on VH1 (official date TBA), M. Stew and the one and only D-O-double-G are squadding up to host a reality TV show called “Martha and Snoop’s Dinner Party.” The dynamic duo will be throwing a dinner party once a week with special celebrity guests, and according to VH1, each episode will be “a half-baked evening of cooking, conversation and fun where nothing is off limits.