After debuting her new Netflix special, Just Keep Livin'? last month, Jen Kirkman talked with BUST about the trials of being comfortable with oneself and navigating the world in one's body. We talked about her influences, the fuel behind her two successful specials, where wisdom comes from, and all the ways in which women are made to be afraid. In her new show, Jen reveals her Just Keep Livin' tattoo (a sage Mathew McConaghey quote), explains how we approach culture and spirituality, talks about women being able to travel...
It’s here! Lisa Frank makeup is here, and this is not a drill! From the moment we first laid eyes on those rainbow colored coloring books and kitten stickers, we were in love. While Lisa Frank’s whimsical designs and products colored our childhood, many of us left that behind with our other childhood toys (regretfully). Thankfully, there is good news — Lisa Frank is fulfilling our dreams and coming out with a line of makeup products. Complete with unicorn rainbow brushes, the line only gets better...
  If you’re a film scholar, movie buff, or Hollywood enthusiast, you’ve probably already heard of Karina Longworth and her podcast You Must Remember This. Since the podcast launched in 2014, Karina has been fervently informing the public about Hollywood’s untold and forgotten histories. Her subjects range from well-known stars like Joan Crawford, Warren Beatty, and Jean Harlow to lesser-known players like Kay Francis, Dorothy Parker, and the first girl to kick off the newest season — titled “Dead Blondes” — Peg Entwistle. The amount of...
The past few weeks have invited a lot questions about the future, one of the most important of these being, what will our future look like in four years? Some days we want to hide in our snuggie tails and pretend we live under the sea; most days we feel a need to put our best protest gear on and march. With these feelings of anxiety over the future swirling, I have heard many artist friends questioning whether it is a good idea to continue...
How do we hate Milo Yiannopoulos? Let us count the ways. The Breitbart editor has made his racist, sexist, transphobic views crystal clear throughout the years, aiming hate speech and threats at women writing about video games during Gamergate, targeting Leslie Jones for daring to star in Ghostbusters, and publicly mocking a trans student at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee — just to name a few of his many, many hateful actions. And now there’s a new bullet point to add to the list. A video...


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