When I found out that Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn are starring in a movie together, all I could think was “oh my god dream team!” I can’t wait to see the film coming out next May. In the meantime, I’m digging this LA Times interview with Amy Schumer in which she reveals a few deets about the film currently being shot in Hawaii. She talked in the interview about how she convinced the fabulous Goldie to come out of retirement after fifteen years. “I met her on an airplane a couple of years ago and told her there's a movie I really want to make with her. And she was very nice.
Rose McGowan has published an open letter addressed to Donald Trump and what she calls his “enablers,” including the Murdoch family and big media networks, stating that Trump is a “murderer in the making.” In the strongly worded letter, she urges media networks — specifically calling out CNN, Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC, and Viacom — to stop covering Trump for the sake of ratings.  “You all had a hand in this,” McGown wrote. “You must take ownership of this situation. You are causing a worldwide sickness.
I recently spent some time with a very successful professional woman. Over the course of a few hours she brought up her triathlon training, that she discusses what’s in the Wall Street Journal with her teenage kids, that she carefully comparison shops at the grocery store to make the most nutritious meals possible, and that she teaches her kids the basics of personal finance over dinner. That—that’s what I can’t do. I’m tired just listening to her. I’m a mom. And I’m a professional woman.
Even if you aren't familiar with her name, chances are you've encountered artist Signe Pierce's work. Characterized by its use of stunningly saturated neon and lavish, unabashedly feminine color palettes, it’s beautifully provocative and mesmerizing work that’s hard to look away from—whether it be in the form of photography, video art, or performance art, it's work that leaves you aching for a more colorful and aesthetically-pleasing world. After recently seeing (and adoring) the multimedia artist perform here in New York, I had so many questions I needed to ask her.
The American Bar Association has officially declared that it is professional misconduct to discriminate against or harass opposing counsel, or anyone else, in the course of practicing law. This means that comments based on sex, race, religion, disability, or any other factor is now forbidden. This was proposed after a series of frequent complaints from female lawyers who were tired of being called demeaning, sexist names, like “honey” and “darling.
A couple of years ago, a friend of mine convinced me to try drinking kombucha in order to get some probiotics in my system during a particularly pesky bout of digestive struggles (I’ll spare you the details). She warned me that kombucha is an acquired taste, but told me to just grin and bear it at first until I could get used to it. I’ll admit that the first sip I took was a little weird, but by the time I finished the whole bottle I was hooked. I felt thoroughly refreshed, and I didn’t really care if its purported healing properties were placebo or not.
If you weren't already excited for Ocean's Eight, the all-female remake of the hit Ocean's 11, you will be now. As of yesterday, it was confirmed that the film will begin production in October, and SEVEN out of the EIGHT members of Danny (Danielle?) Ocean's heist club have been cast. Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Helena Bonham Carter, Mindy Kaling, and Awkwafina have all joined the crew, and we couldn't be more excited for the results.
  You may think you know what burlesque is. If you have a specific definition in mind, you are wrong. Burlesque is anything an individual performer wants it to be: It cannot be defined. This is what I learned immediately after watching the documentary on a group of uniquely talented burlesque performers, whose home base is in Portland, Oregon.
Etheldreda Laing first began taking photos of her daughters when she was 38 years old, using Autochrome, an early color photography process. She processed the photos in a darkroom in her Oxford home and later became known for photos she took of her daughters, Janet and Iris, ages 12 and 7 respectively.  Check out these photos of her daughters Laing took in the garden of her Oxford home in 1908.
Either you've done it yourself or you've given it a highly-coveted "like," but either way, we've all seen engagement photos on Facebook. Usually they're on a beach (regardless of the season), on a windy day, and there are about 200 pictures of the same two people who can't stop making googly eyes at each other. Overall, the entire ordeal makes me want to barf a little at its cuteness.


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