In her new film Disorder, Diane Kruger plays Jessie, the young, blonde trophy wife of a wealthy businessman who faces danger when her husband leaves town without paying the people he owes. Matthias Schoenaerts co-stars as Vincent, the ex-soldier with PTSD who protects Jessie and her young son, and the film follows the trio as the situation grows increasingly tense. Disorder isn’t your typical thriller — it’s French, for one, and it’s directed by Alice Winocour, the Cesar-award winning director and screenwriter behind films like Mustang and Augustine.
Photo: David James Swanson   Pop Goes the World ROCK ’N’ ROLL REBELS IGGY POP AND JOSH HOMME PROVE THEY’RE KINDRED SPIRITS ON POST POP DEPRESSION IGGY POP IS a really nice guy. You get that when you talk to him—he’s warm and personable, with none of the pretensions that one would expect from a man who once rolled around in glass and smeared his body with peanut butter on stage (while on acid). After the breakup of his legendary punk band the Stooges in 1974, Pop kept making music, most notably in collaboration with David Bowie in the late ’70s.
Another day, another disheartening court decision for sexual assault victims everywhere. Austin Wilkerson, a student at the University of Colorado, has just been let off the hook after sexually assaulting a freshman at the university. The story eerily resembles that of the Stanford Brock Turner rape case. According to prosecutors, Wilkerson, 22, “isolated and raped the half-conscious victim,” after a St. Patrick’s Day party on 15 March 2014.
There is something about chaos ensuing in a proper English setting that goes so well. The BBC recently released from their archives a tweet reading, "#OnThisDay 1971: Nationwide sent Nicky Woodhead out to pinch men's bottoms, in the name of sexual equality" and trust us, the disorder caused by the disorderly conduct does not disappoint.
Chantal Akerman’s death, an alleged suicide, colors how many people will view her work. But she was much more than her struggle with depression and her form of death. Perhaps most important was her work, which varied from the commercial to artistic to avant-garde filmmaking. A Belgian film director, her influence on feminist filmmaking and avant-garde cinema was substantial. Akerman was born in Brussels to Holocaust survivors. Her mother, Natalia, survived Auschwitz, where her own parents (Akerman’s grandparents) died.
  Move it along Tag-alongs. Adios, Do-si-dos, there are new cookies to compete with. It’s no secret Girl Scouts have the corner market on cookies. So when celebrating national S’more day, the Girl Scouts of America did it well... like a girl. In conjunction with celebrating 100 years of Girl Scout Cookies, GSUSA revealed yesterday on National S’more Day that they will be adding two new s’more flavored cookies to their rosters and on my honor I will try to eat as many that will fit inside of my face.
After leaving the women's all-around event with a gold medal on Tuesday, Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas faced controversy for not placing her hand over her heart while the U.S. national anthem played at the medal ceremony. Social media users pointed out that Douglas was the only gymnast of the Final Five who did not place her hand over her heart. Some said Douglas was disrespecting the United States. There are no teams rules requiring athletes to salute the flag at the podium; they are only required to stand and look at the flag, both of which Douglas did.
When I think of Riot Grrrl, I think of Allison Wolfe. In fact, I owe a lot to her and her band, Bratmobile. With songs like “Girl Germs” and “Gimme Brains,” Wolfe soundtracked my youth, perfectly articulating the female experience while simultaneously throwing up a big fuck you to the patriarchy. Though I was a little too young to be a part of the Riot Grrrl movement, I spent my teenage years reading zines and listening to Bratmobile, feeling for the first time like I was at least a part of something—like somewhere outside of my shitty high school, there were more girls like me.
I confess that when I sat down to write about Twiggy, only images of the legendary fashion icon's doe eyes, boyish build, and lavish eyelashes came to mind. But, I soon learned that this British supermodel has celebrated over 50 years of success in fashion, film, and theater. Twiggy is the symbol of the "swinging sixties," the cultural revolution that exploded in London in the late '60s, and has celebrated over 5 decades of success. Her career is incredibly  inspiring and I can't help but shamelessly admire this confident, yet humble model and actress.
Photographed by Megan Senior   If I Was President PROBING QUESTIONS FOR FUTURE COMMANDERS-IN-CHIEF, COMPLIMENTS OF COSMO Collective memory holds that Cosmo quizes are usually devoted to sex. But Cosmopolitan’s Personality Quiz Book (1974) had some depth lurking beneath its glossy cover. Sure, there were gems like “Are You A Good Lover?” and “How Sensual Are You?” But then there was: “Could you be President?” “A female President?” began the introduction.