The new exhibit "Who's Afraid of Women Photographers? 1839-1945," presented in two parts at Musée de l’Orangerie and Musée d’Orsay in Paris, celebrates 150 years of photography by women in an era when they weren’t given their due. Artists include pioneering women like Dorothea Lange, who is acclaimed for her photojournalism during the Great Depression, and Julia Margaret Cameron, who took innovative portraits in the 19th century. The exhibit features portraits, candids, fantastical staged photography, and photojournalism.
Lucky is the story of a single Puerto Rican mother who is obsessed with Lil Wayne and covered in tattoos. Lucky Torres is a lesbian who grew up between foster care and homelessness, and her constant struggle to survive makes her heroism a vulnerable one. Throughout the film, Torres deals with a lot. Laura Checkoway, the film’s director, spent six years filming and working with Lucky—which was just enough time to give us a real view into the systemic issues, bigotry, and lack of support that made a warrior out of Torres.
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings released the funky original holiday track “8 Days (Of Hanukkah),” a much-needed addition to the Hanukkah song catalog. The soul group counts down the eight days and nights with catchy verses that celebrate what’s great about the holiday: traditions, presents, and yummy Jewish food (I’m craving Challah right now). The tune is off Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings’ recent holiday album It’s A Holiday Soul Party, full of original tracks and covers. The record is an awesome addition to indie holiday music.
The BUST editors share their top picks for prezzies that’ll leave ‘em smiling all season long.    CALLIE WATTS Associate Editor 1. Rock On Wall Hook, $32 This devilishly awesome wall hook is ideal for hanging up tough leather jackets.  2. Ticket Stripe Sip Sip Tumbler With Straw, $14 This twee tumbler is perfect for cat lovers, silly chicks, and thirsty girls.   3. Digit Hear the News? Glass Set, $19.99 All the soothsayers on your list will already see this gift coming.    4.
 The first time Brooklyn-based photographer Nona Faustine saw an 1850 daguerreotype of an enslaved woman from South Carolina named Delia, sitting semi-nude and alone, the picture changed her life. “It was the terror in her eyes,” Faustine says about the power of that image. “Her face was so familiar to me. She looked like she could be one of my family members.” Inspired by Delia, and by Sarah Baartman, a South African woman whose naked body was displayed like a zoo animal’s in early 19th-century Europe, Faustine began her stunning “White Shoes” series.
Anyone who knows me well is aware of my undying love of period films. As a kid I used to watch them with my mom all the time. Our favorite was the ridiculously historically inaccurate Ever After starring Drew Barrymore. I admit it; I’m a sucker for elaborate costumes, sets, and olde timey accents. Another important element of the period film that was always a focus for me was the tragic romantic subplots. However, as a young lesbian I could see very little of myself in these movies.
A Very Murray Christmas premiered on Netflix just in time for the holiday season and 7 out of the 16 cast members have been featured in BUST!   Director Sophia Coppola,  Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Maya Rudolph, Jenny Lewis, and Jason Schwartzman are all former BUST cover stars, and David Johansen is a former Boy Du Jour.  The Netflix special combines the nostalgia of a Christmas Special Variety Show with the lethargic antagonism of Bill Murray, playing himself as an lackadaisical,  contractually-bound, entertainer who has run out of holiday spirit.
Saturday Night Live aired a sexist and unfunny sketch last Saturday demeaning female tech reporters. In the sketch, which aired during Weekend Update in the Ryan Gosling/Leon Bridges episode, Cecily Strong played a tech reporter from Glamour named Jill Davenport who couldn’t stop giggling and flirting with Colin Jost long enough to say anything about tech. This enforces the totally bullshit stereotype that female journalists can’t focus on their jobs when there are men around to flirt with.
Delighting in JK Rowling’s Twitter presence is one of BUST’s favorite pastimes. Everything about this woman gives me warm fuzzies right down to my essence, and her latest online proclamation just affirmed that deep affection. JK is so shady, ya’ll. I live for it. Burnnnnnnnn. Bravo, JK. The tweet was published yesterday in reaction to some hot verbal garbage Noted Asshat Donald Trump was spewing on CNN’s Newsday, specifically"a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.
18-year-old Shea Glover grabbed a camera and recorded her fellow high school students for a project on filming the things she found beautiful. Before she pressed record she told her subjects it was for a project. But here’s the awesome part: she didn’t tell them that she thought they were beautiful until the camera was rolling. Glover captured people’s genuine reactions to being called beautiful on film.According to Glover, she was initially just on a mission to film beauty. It seems the reactions were so amazing that they became the focus of the project. Call it a happy accident.