Hayley Williams is known for two things: being the high-octane frontwoman of the band Paramore and giving everybody #hairgoals. If you’ve ever brought a photo of the former BUST cover girl’s insanely hued tresses to your hairdresser, get ready to squeal. Good DYE Young ( is a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free collaboration with her stylist/makeup artist Brian J. O’Connor that features five highlighter-bright hair colors: blue, pink, red, yellow, and orange.
The Dixie Chicks have always been feminist country queens, and they are continuing to prove their feminist credentials on their current world tour. By showing preshow ads for Planned Parenthood, the Human Rights Campaign and Proclaim Justice, showing their support for the LGBT community, and performing in front of a yuuuge defaced picture of Donald Trump, the Dixie Chicks are turning their comeback tour into a progressive political statement. But let’s not forget about their long history of defying the conservative submissive stereotype of southern women.
Before I’d had a chance to ask a single question of Lara, a 28-year-old Virginian I was interviewing about her attitudes toward beauty, she let me know what we wouldn’t be talking about. “I’m probably not like other women you’re talking to,” she said. “Beauty isn’t about rivalry for me.” I was conducting interviews for a book about how appearance shapes women’s lives—our romances, our language, the way we take in media—and this interview in particular was about how beauty affected female friendships.
  Evan Rachel Wood has a message to share with you this Pride Month: Stop perpetuating misconceptions about bisexuality. Have you ever felt limited in this life by the constructs of gender roles and rigid sexualities that exist in our society? Evan understands. In a video, the entertainer expresses her frustration with the LGBT acronym itself, explaining, “There are these letters that represent these groups, but there are a very small number letters to represent a very large spectrum of people and sexualities.
“Call me when your toes curl from the pain,” the doctor had told me. I was doubled over. Time to call. It was coming. I was 15 and about to have my first child. Although I could sense a change within me as she grew in my belly, it wasn’t until the moment I held her that my world ended and our world began; as if I too had been squeezed through a place of femininity into a bright, new, unfamiliar world. The fear of responsibility for another human was overwhelming. The self-pressure to be perfect was suffocating.
In the age of Seamless and countless other on-demand services, you can go online and get everything from kitty litter to breakfast tacos delivered right to your door. So, why not birth control?That’s where Nurx comes in. Nurx is an online service currently available in California and New York that lets users order birth control pills, patches, the NuvaRing, and Plan B online for home delivery—no doctor visit required. Once you set up an account on their website, all you have to do is choose your preferred method of birth control, then submit your insurance and shipping info.
Samantha Bee nails it again with her latest video on the gun control debate and the ridiculousness that is the GOP. A 15-hour filibuster was hosted by the Senate Democrats on Monday, which let to a vote on four gun control measures. None of these measures passed, by the way, and Bee had something to say about it.  On Full Frontal Monday night, Samantha Bee explained why these measures were voted down, despite the fact that the vast majority of responders in a CNN poll want expanded background checks, and a ban for those on the terrorist watch list and felons from purchasing guns.
  JCPenney’s new body positive “Here I Am” video launched this weekend with an inspiring message for plus size people everywhere. The video features five key women in the body positive and plus size communities who share messages of inspiration and hope for anyone who’s ever been told they don’t deserve to take up space. In less than four minutes, these women show us how they “counter a lifetime of learned hatred” and how they continue to prove people wrong who tell them they can’t succeed, can’t participate, and can’t follow their dreams.
Sunflower Bean has been labeled a band on the rise from multiple outlets, from Rolling Stone to Consequence of Sound, after the release of their first album Human Ceremony in February. Human Ceremony is like taking a walk back into the dreamy rock music world of the '70s. It's hard to believe that only two members of the band are barely legal, and one can't even buy a beer yet. We sat down with Sunflower Bean's Nick Kivlen, Jacob Faber, and Julia Cumming  before their show at House of Vans in Brooklyn with The Paranoyds and DIIV.
Access, equity, and inclusion: That is what the PowerPoint slide read in our all-staff meeting of the same title. As a Latina, I was really excited about this talk, and in fact, left the talk inspired. Here, the institution I worked for, an internationally renowned museum, is working to make an effort in order to close the diversity gap in major cultural institutions. Now, if only my immediate directors believed in the same thing. In the vein of Dear White People, please allow me to explain some of the problems and ways that cultural institutions really can close the diversity gap.