We have your daily dose of “hate bait” right here. It’s called “Babes for Trump,” and it is both vomit-inducing and emotionally disturbing. The “Babes for Trump” Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram accounts display numerous photos of half-naked, bikini-clad, cleavage-baring women with different captions about supporting Donald Trump. Their mission: “Making America Great Again One Babe At A Time.” You may ask yourself how these women showing off their boobs and butts will contribute to making America great again. I certainly did.
In springtime, the insidious sunshine slithers under the skin of even us most devoted cynics. After the clocks turn forward, we are seized by an inexplicable urge to timidly brush aside our blackout curtains, pause listening to Fiona Apple’s Tidal on repeat, and (insert scream) GO OUTSIDE.So you’d go out tonight, but you haven’t got a stitch to wear? No problem! Here are a dozen spring florals that even the moodiest pessimist can pull off:   The longest relationship in your life has been with the color black.
If I had been as religious (or paranoid) as I was as a kid, I would have thought god sent me to a personalized hell. If I had had a basic grasp on gynecology, I would have known I had an easy-to-treat infection that the majority of people with vaginas get for one reason or another.All I had ever heard about yeast infections was that you get “cottage-cheese-like discharge,” which unfortunately didn’t happen in my case. I say unfortunately, not because I like the idea of cheese coming out of my vagina, but because it would have saved me so much blind terror.
My great, great grandmother — that is to say, my grandmother’s grandmother — did not like the bra. It was invented during her lifetime, and she used to say, “I don’t know why anyone would want to make those things stick out.” My grandma tells me that great-great-grandmomma refused to wear bras. And for a long time, I assumed this meant great-great-grandmomma spent her life free-boobing it, but now, I assume she favored the corset, which, instead of making those things stick out, sucked them down as tightly as possible.
Mother's Day is just ahead, and it can be a time loaded with emotion for those struggling with infertility.   Holly Camp, designer and creator of Virginia-based greeting card company Holly Camp Cards, has unveiled a new line of greeting cards for women struggling to conceive:  "Storks don't actually deliver babies the moment you decide you want one. Hopefully everything cooperates, but sometimes trying to build a family can be all-consuming with fear, grief, and confusion. When dealing with infertility, Mother's Day can be especially difficult.
  Happy 55th Birthday, Amy Sedaris!The comedian, actress, and author was born in Endicott, NY on March 29, 1961. Why, it feels like only yesterday she was in high school!  Starring in Strangers with Candy as everyone’s favorite user, boozer and loser Jerri Blank, that is.
Ever found yourself frightened, biting your nails as a child wondering, “what would have happened to grandma if Little Red Riding Hood had been packing?” Fear no more, the NRA has found fairy tale classics to not really be spot on in teaching children about morals and values. I mean really, Hansel and Gretel shouldn’t be gluttons talking to strangers and literally eating a house, but what’s missing from this story is that these children should be carrying a guns.
Think you’re NOT a mansplainer? Fear not! You, too, can be painfully condescending to women without even knowing it! Just follow this easy how-to and you’ll be smirking with smug satisfaction in no time as dozens of hysterical female commenters follow you around the internet.Scenario: You’ve just read a blog post written by a woman you’ve never heard of and you find her viewpoint to be different from yours. (I know, I know, bitches be crazy.)First: Call her by her first name.
It's going to be an embarrassment of feminist riches this Friday, when Amber Tamblyn, Roxane Gay, Amy Poehler,  Eileen Myles, and more, take the stage at LA's Regent Theater for Fierce Verse: Feminist as F@/#^! The event, presented by BUST and Write Now Poetry Society, is sold out (booo), but we'll be live streaming it for your feminist enjoyment (yayyy)! The event will start at 7pm PST/10pm EST on April 1. To join in the fun, just come on over to our YouTube channel  and click on our live stream.
What happens when words are taken too literally? Photoshop genius James Fridman graciously takes his Twitter followers’ requests and transforms their pictures into exactly what they’ve asked for—and he handles his job very precisely. With more than 190,000 followers, Fridman’s posts are wildly popular on Twitter (@fjamie013). The images poke fun at people’s outlandish requests of thinner bodies, bigger lips, and lavish backgrounds. You can send James pictures to hilariously improve, or simply enjoy his wonderful array of creations.