We were all wondering when Jon Stewart would come out of hiding and unleash his brand of rage onto the new order we find ourselves in, and what better podium for him to deliver his slapstick satire than next to his former correspondent Colbert? Last night on The Late Show, Colbert pulled out a USA Today which read: “10 DAYS, 20 EXECUTIVE ORDERS” Jon marches in wearing what he describes his new style — inspired by the president — as “super long tie, dead animal on head.” A...
Queen Bey broke the internet yesterday when she announced she was pregnant with twins via Instagram. Her announcement photo showed her kneeling and cradling her belly serenely, dressed in Agent Provocateur lingerie and a green tulle veil. Well, that wasn’t enough for Beyoncé. She uploaded a series of other images to her website last night, and they are INCREDIBLE. Beyoncé as a beautiful pregnant mermaid swimming upside-down. Beyoncé as a nude Renaissance Venus. Beyoncé posing on top of a car in front of a blue sky...
  It’s amazing how people still seem to think they can brazenly plagiarize others' work and get away with it. But what’s even more amazing is that they actually do keep getting away with it. Over the last six months, there have been a number of instances of poorly-concealed copying by this unqualified, unprofessional, unethical team. But much like most Trump controversies, these shameless crimes are quickly pushed off the front page by other controversies, before we can properly admonish them. It’s a horrible example to be setting...
Special Delivery A new wave of luxury tampon brands brings period products right to your door   The menstrual renaissance is upon us! Tampon delivery services like Kali, Cora, and Lola make dealing with your cycle convenient and customizable, without the harsh chemicals and synthetic fibers of drug store brands. Here, we put these new tamps to the test. – Meghan Sara Cora sports a no-frills design in the best possible way—no side of pink flowers and butterflies here. The tamps are organic cotton with plastic applicators (BPA-free, but...
February 14th is Valentine’s Day. To celebrate the holiday 19th-century style, I’ve collected a few Valentine’s Day news items from Regency England, Victorian England, and even 1890s Texas. Some remind me a bit of modern day “lost connections” or “lonely hearts” adverts, while others are simply humorous historical Valentine’s Day messages or, predictably, not so humorous Victorian Valentine’s Day news. The first item is from an 1819 edition of Saunder’s News-Letter and was posted by an anonymous gentleman — a self-described “man of the strictest honour”...


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