Weary of the whitewashing in Hollywood,  blogger Michelle "Mimi" Villemaire attempts to put the red light on yellowface by transforming herself into a long list of Hollywood's portrayals of Asian characters played by non-Asian actresses. And the result? "It felt sooooo good." In Get the Picture: My Adventure in Correcting Yellowface, Villemaire not only pays attention to race but takes into consideration what the characters have gone through and what they would look like.
  After the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, many Americans think it isn’t so far-fetched that Trump could win. But “Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee explained why the outcome of Brexit—a campaign many believe was driven largely by racism and xenophobia—doesn’t mean Trump will win November’s presidential election.   Bee said that the parallels between the UK and the U.S. aren’t as strong as they might seem. She noted that since the UK hasn’t dealt with large-scale immigration for most of its existence, it’s less diverse than the U.S.
I wasn’t born when the Supreme Court handed down their ruling on Roe v.
Photo by Alexandra Valenti Nobody’s voice splits us wide open and goes straight to the heart like Corrine Bailey Rae’s. We’ve been waiting six long years for the singer-songwriter’s new album, and The Heart Speaks in Whispers is finally here (see our review in the music section). To celebrate the collection of beautiful, aching neo-soul tracks, and the woman behind it, we asked Rae to open up her beauty bag, and share all her secrets about staying sane on the road and finding luxury in the little things. 1. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, $25.50, lizearle.
Chelsea Handler revealed in an essay for Playboy last week that she had two abortions at Planned Parenthood when she was 16. The comedian—whose essay, titled “My Choice,” was published just days before the Supreme Court declared Texas’ abortion restrictions unconstitutional—opened up about how she’s grateful she could get a safe and legal abortion and how she thinks the U.S. is going in the right direction in the post-Roe v. Wade era.
Pat Summitt was an incredible person. Known for her strength and her intensity, she had an amazing and influencial career in basketball. Today, she died surrounded by loved ones in a nursing care facility in Knoxville, Tennessee. Though BUST doesn't usually cover sports, we decided to give a shoutout to this special lady. Summitt became head coach of the Lady Volunteers at University of Tennessee-Knoxville when she was just 22. When she wasn't coaching, she was competing on the U.S. team in the Olympics (1976) or getting her master's degree.
When’s the last time you heard about a woman in relation to virtual reality? I’m guessing you answered in one of three ways: a.) Characters in a VR/AR world, b.) VR gamers, or c.) VR programmers/content designers. This last point is of most interest to me, since the potential for immersive journalism, education, and arts-related applications is enormous. There are exciting developments taking place that combine technology and the humanities in fascinating, powerful ways.
Light reflects off Dad’s glasses onto my Skype screen. He looks worried. “You’re almost 50,” he reminds me. “You need to think about where you want to be living in the next 20 years.” Twenty years! It strikes me that at 83, he probably won’t be alive in twenty years. Will I? Recently, the New York Times published an article examining life expectancy and income levels in the United States. According to their report, the top one percent of American men and women live fifteen (men) and ten (women) years longer than the poorest one percent.
Lucie Blush’s history starts like a bad coming-of-age movie. Girl grows up in a conservative, uncompromising household. Girl endures a slew of unremarkable relationships, sullied by unremarkable sex. Girl becomes a porn star. Blush is no cliche, though. When I spoke to her on Skype recently, the 28-year-old feminist porn director, actor and writer said she was drawn to the industry for pragmatic reasons. After years of self doubt, amplified by the vapid misogyny of her ex-boyfriends’ porn folders, Blush resolved to make pornography she actually wanted to watch.
I just finished my first year on the podium side of the classroom. Between undergrad, grad school, and now teaching, I’ve shared campuses with bright young women for almost a decade. They’re smart, discerning, and self-aware. They know how to avoid dangerous situations. They don’t walk alone at night, they carry pepper spray, and they take an Uber instead of driving home drunk. So why do so many — me included — end up an alcohol-related sexual assault statistic? Because being drunk drops women’s ability to resist like Skrillex drops bass, and guys seem to know this.