If you like smoking weed and you like having sex, there’s a good chance you also like having sex while stoned. After all, it heightens sensation, makes you focus, and gives you that underwater-y, I’m-in-a-D’Angelo-video feeling. That’s why Foria—the new lube containing active cannabis oil—seemed like the knocking-boots equivalent of winning The Price Is Right’s showcase showdown.
Ready to roll up and rock out? A special 420 playlist for BUSTies who burn has been born. Curating classics like "I Love You Mary Jane" by Sonic Youth and Cypress Hill and catchy riffs from rookie Courtney Barnett's "Lance Jr.," this is designed to puff and pass to. Themes include marijuana, blazing, and being a bad bitch. Luxuriate, relax, and vibe to these hazy toking tunes.
Do you ever think about nuns smoking weed? Well, me neither. That is, until I stumbled upon the "Sisters of the Valley" photo series.  Sister Kate and Sister Darcy are self-ordained nuns who grow cannabis and make CBD products for medicinal use. They are not affiliated with any church but consider themselves very spiritual women. They wear habits, create cannabis products by the cycles of the moon, and perform spiritual ceremonies in conjunction with their work. The sisters were photographed by Shaughn and John, a photography duo based in Los Angeles.
Happy 4/20 BUSTies! Even if you don’t celebrate the holidaze, comedy is universal. The Time Traveling Bong, a three-part mini-series premiering tonight on Comedy Central, stars Broad City’s Ilana Glazer and Paul Downs as Sharee and Jeff. As you can imagine, the story is built around a bong that has super metaphysical properties that make time travel possible after blazing. So basically they both get really stoned and are transported through the space-time continuum. Conflict arises as the bong shatters, warping the ability to travel effectively back to the present.
Touted as a healthier way to smoke weed, vaporizing doesn’t release lung-irritating carcinogens, but it still gets you stoned to the bone. Vaporizers can be used with dry marijuana, weed wax (called dabs), and/or cannabis oil. Plus, vaping saves money because it burns pot slower than smoking. We hit some of the top models on the market to give you the low on getting high. Claw Money Original MicroG ($69.95 from Type: Wax Pros: Beautiful design, including a keychain with gold dabber; decorative carrying case with secret pocket; easy to load; clear instructions.
    Celebrate 4/20 with these sticky-icky-inspired goods!   MAGIC MUSHROOM Remove the caps from this ceramic water pipe to reveal a bong just waiting to be ripped (Magic Mushroom Stealth Pipe, $54.75,     FELINE FINE Toke, toke, toke—everyone loves a cat joke. Give ’em the giggles in this high-larious tee. (Smoke Meowt T-Shirt, $15,       MARY JANE GIRLS Rock the ’dro down to your toes with these all-over ganja-print socks. (Sweet Reef Ankle Socks, $6, nastygal.
  Where my leatherheads at? I'm not talking football. A good leather bag never goes out of style and can fit your brand no matter what look you're going for.  For fine leather goods you can find in our neck of the woods, come to Craftacular where you can cure your leather longing.  Bass Bag by Under Hill Leather   Leather & Mola - Small Crossbody Pouch - Red/Bird Pattern by El Dorado Gift Shop   Santa Fe Shoulder Bag by Jordyn Jacobs   Moroccan Passport Case by  Jordyn Jacobs   Saddle Pack & Blanket Roll by thelocalbranch.
In country where anti-sex legislation is being passed in the South, presidential hopefuls are wanting to punish women who have abortions and workplace sexual assault is being ignored, defining feminism has never seemed so crucial. In a creative photo series, Wildfang — a tomboy-styled clothing brand — reached out to a group of people of different ages, races, genders, occupations, political affiliations (even Republicans) and religious convictions, all of whom self-identify as feminists, to ask them what feminism is and what being a feminist means to them.
Illustration by Lisk Feng For decades, doctors have been advising new parents that “breast is best” when it comes to feeding newborns. But for a variety of reasons, not everyone is able to supply their child with nutrition from their own body. In the past, these families would have resorted to formula. But now a pioneering program in Philadelphia is offering an innovative new option geared toward helping sick infants who would most benefit from breast milk. Last year, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) opened the Mothers’ Milk Bank.
Girls Rock Camp Foundation currently serves as the umbrella organization overseeing over 45 rock camps that teach girls music, collaboration, and leadership across the United States. GRCF will host the annual Girls To The Front benefit on April 29th at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. Tickets are available for purchase on GRCF’s website. The benefit, hosted by Rachel Bloom, will feature a special performance by Haim.