Saturday Night Live hasn’t been shy about their criticism of Trump, with Alec Baldwin doing a tremendous Trump impression, but this week the SNL cast brought in Melissa McCarthy to spice things up. This week’s skit focused on press secretary Sean Spicer, and McCarthy did not hold back. Just the image of Melissa McCarthy in a neatly swept wig and suit, waving fingers and plowing gum into her mouth (in true Spicer fashion), was enough to leave you laughing. McCarthy was sure to add in some...
As if we weren’t already counting the days until April 26th, the new trailer for The Handmaid’s Tale has us more excited than ever for its release on Hulu. The trailer for the new TV series aired during the Super Bowl last night and it was way too real. In the new trailer we meet Offred, played by Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss, and The Commander, played by Joseph Fiennes. “We only wanted to make the world better," he tells her, but “better never means better for...
    In the early ’80s, a tough-as-nails, all-female skateboard gang calling themselves “the Hags” became legendary on the streets of West L.A.By Emily Savage // Photo by Molly Cranna By the time she was in her late teens, Sevie Bates had already been living away from her mother’s Santa Monica home for years. Her life revolved around three things: partying, punk music, and skateboarding. She’d roll up on her board to rock clubs in L.A. sporting bleached-white hair, ripped shirts, a red petticoat over men’s boxers, hand-airbrushed...
  Practice the art of snail mail with your very own pen pal Remember the good ol’ days when letters were handwritten, friendships were forged through the postal service, and opening the mailbox was a total thrill? Well, the art of letter writing is making a comeback, thanks, ironically, to help from the Internet, where mail enthusiasts across the globe are connecting to share their love of postcards, care packages, and everything in between. Joining the snail mail community is super easy and fun—here’s how to be a...
If you can’t find the appeal in watching men in tight pants chase each other for five hours straight while playing a game with rules you don’t understand, fret not! Those in charge of television programming know that not everyone loves football, so they’re hooking you up with a Sunday of binge watching: we’re talking marathons of mind-numbing reality shows, movie after movie on Comedy Central and nearly 24 hours of The Walking Dead. TV Guide is brimming with possibilities of how to spend your...


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