Kerry Washington is ADWEEK’s most recent cover girl. And she has a lot to say about it. The Scandal star appeared on the magazine cover in a black and white striped gown with matching zig zaggy heels, elegantly posed, her thick black hair pulled back to reveal a beautiful face—a face that didn't remotely resemble her own. The face on the cover, although pristine and lovely, does not look like Washington. Something is different, something we can’t quite pinpoint.
Photo by Katie Auda “Are you sure?” That was Ashley Nell Tipton’s first reaction to hearing Heidi Klum announce her as the winner of the 14th season of Project Runway last November. “I was standing up there on stage and my whole body is locked and I can just feel my heart pounding,” she says over the phone from her home base in San Diego. “I feel like you could almost see it pounding out of my chest.” Like most high-achievers, the 24-year-old graduate of SD’s Fashion Careers College didn’t quite grasp her big break.
On April 4, ELLE published a rare interview with Beyoncé. That’s right, Bey herself— who rarely speaks to the press and famously didn't give an interview when she appeared on the cover of Vogue — has spoken. Listen up, because she gives crystal-clear answers on her views on feminism, power, and the intentions behind her song “Formation," the song that completely slayed the Super Bowl halftime show (Coldplay who?). Beyoncé performing "Formation" at the Super Bowl In the interview, Bey explains feminism so simply and directly that it really should silence all the doubters.
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On Saturday afternoon, Hilde Kate Lysiak reported a murder in her hometown of Selingsrove, Pennsylvania, long before her competitors arrived at the scene. Hilde is 9. Pretty amazing, right? After receiving a tip from a credited source, she headed to 9th st where there was heavy police traffic with her pen and camera, and later posted the story along with a video to Orange Street News, the site she publishes and edits.
According to believers, our birth signs can help us better understand our personalities, relationship tendencies, and even our career choices. But they can also be the reason why we prefer certain clothing in our closets. We consulted with astrology experts Tali and Ophira Edut, aka the AstroTwins, to learn how to make our wardrobes more in sync with the zodiac. The next time you can’t decide what to wear, take some tips from the heavenly bodies to make your body look more heavenly. ON KATE: RACHEL ANTONOFF TURTLENECK COTTON SHIRT AND MUSTARD WOOL JUMPBER, RACHELANTONFF.
Psychoanalyst Jeanne Safer has learned a thing or two about love through forty years of private practice and over three decades happily married to her self-proclaimed soul mate. She shares many of the insights she’s accumulated in her newest book, The Golden Condom and Other Essays on Love Lost and Found. The title comes from an incident almost fifty years ago when a hot and cold lover sent Safer a letter asking for advice on how to woo another woman. Instead, she spray-painted a condom gold and sent it to him—her wry way of telling him to use his obvious charm and to get lost.
A new YouTube series, "Getting Wet With Sara B" showcases celebrity interviews amidst a warm bubble bath. The series, hosted by Sara Benincasa, channels shameless humor, out-of-this-world cat sweaters, and riveting small-talk—all while the host and her celebrity guest literally sit in a soapy water-filled bathtub. The series premiere features Golden Globe Award-winning star of “Crazy Ex- Girlfriend” Rachel Bloom.
A Northern Ireland woman has been given a three-month prison sentence for inducing an abortion.  Had the woman lived anywhere else in the UK other than Northern Ireland, she would not have been prosecuted for inducing her own abortion. As a UK citizen, the woman could legally have travelled to England for a termination. CNN reported that the young woman, whose name cannot be released for legal reasons, was 19 years old at the time of her pregnancy and lacked the money to travel to England in order to safely abort the pregnancy.
Neeti Palta at the Dubai Comedy Festival Here’s an experiment: enter into Google “best female comedians in Africa.” Or Asia. Or South America. You’ll get lists that include some women that might be African-American or Asian-American. You will see Margaret Cho’s name again and again, as if one Asian-American comedienne should be enough to keep us going for the next half-century or so. You’ll even click on links to round-ups that look like they’re going to include comedians of all genders just to find a list of ten dudes.