Today, powerhouse R&B singer Aretha Franklin announced her plans to retire after the release of her next album. The Queen of Soul said that she isn't retiring entirely, thoug — she'll still be on (a short) tour promoting the new album, but with select dates. After 56 years of soulful songwriting and singing, Franklin plans to take this well-deserved break to spend time with her grandchildren before they head off to college.  Franklin is best known for those soulful songs you and your mom used to...
  Keep it cozy this season, come rain or shine With forecasts still looking dark and dreary, you're probably avoiding the weather report along with the news these days. Never fear, these cute accessories will keep you warm and fuzzy until the sun comes out!   You can stand under an umbrella-ella-ella in this sunshine hue.FOX GENTS TUBE YELLOW UMBRELLA, $185, RAINORSHINE.COM   There’ll be no clouds in your coffee with a mug made in Norway.PICKLES PORCELAIN MUG—RAINDROPS, $20, DARLINGCLEMENTINE.NO   Dream of sunnier days with a limited-edition poster by 
Swedish artist Karin...
  Trump's best friend and Russian President Vladamir Putin has now approved the "slapping law"-- a bill to decriminalize family violence that does not cause extreme physical harm to the victim. The law, which passed through Russia's lower house of parliament 368 votes to 2 last month, officially downgrades an abuser's first charge of domestic violence from a criminal to an administrative offense, carrying (at most) a $507 fine, a 15-day arrest, or 120 community services hours. What's more, the first offense rolls over each year- so long as...
  Brooklyn artist and general badass Amy Small has created banners and placed them on Detroit's dilapidated houses for the public to see. The banners display quotes from both pop culture and the election alike. Detroit, the city known for hardship with the auto bust of the early 2000s, is a city of grime and grit. The city has been through what most of Americans are experiencing now—-disillusionment.The pairing of "I woke up like this" on a felled door frame or "we go high" flapping amongst the...
After Republicans silenced Senator Elizabeth Warren for attempting to read a letter impugning Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions on the senate floor, clueless Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell gave women (and Twitter) the perfect rallying cry. "She was warned," he said, defending their gag. "She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted." Hearing "she persisted," as a woman, makes what Senator Warren tried to do even more inspiring. Good one, Mitch. #ShePersisted soon began trending on Twitter alongside #LetLizSpeak. Senator Kamala Harris has tweeted a series of...


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