Mary Willumsen took scanty photos of women at the Danish bath Helgoland and sold them as postcards in the early 1900s before police began to show interest in the kiosks that sold them. Working since the age of seven (she was a papergirl), Willumsen grew up around Copenhagen. She began taking photos of women, who always had their identities concealed (even when their nipples were not), at the bath in 1914 and stopped when she was arrested in 1920. Though they were deemed pornography, most of them were not—women at the bathhouse were behaving naturally, not erotically.
As you probably know by now, we're very excited over here for the upcoming release of the film, Absolutely Fabulous. While the movie is still not due out for a few more weeks on July 22nd, we've brought you the movie's trailer and now we're bringing you a look at the fashionistas featured in the movie.  For a little refresher for the BUSTies who are less familiar with the hilarious duo of Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone, Absolutely Fabulous was initially a British TV series that ran from 1992-1995.
  In this morning's 6-2 Supreme Court decision, the crime of reckless domestic violence and abuse is now considered a misdemeanor that justifies firearms possession restriction. What does that mean? It means closing one of the many gaping loopholes in gun control legislation and cracking down on violent domestic crime. Most importantly, it means safer homes for those most at risk: women (especially women of color), LGBTQ+ folks, and children.   The Voisine v. United States decision extended the previous ruling in United States v.
Last night, the BET Awards were graced by the presence of our ethereal goddess, Beyoncé. I think it’s fair to say that any performance by Beyoncé is a golden-wrapped gift to the world, but this one, in particular, was an absolute blessing to humanity. For the first time ever, Queen Bey was joined on stage by Kendrick Lamar for a surprise performance of the song “Freedom,” which the two collaborated on for Beyoncé’s latest album, LEMONADE.
A mighty victory for abortion rights advocates has happened this morning! The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Whole Woman's Health — a case over a 2013 law that shut down all but nine abortion clinics that we broke down for you here on why it's such an inconvenience to rural women and women who live on the borders of Texas, or anyone who doesn't live in a big city. Just last year, 10 clinics would have immediately closed, leaving just nine centers doing the work of what used to be over 40, according to Vox.
  Sprouted grains and fantastic fixings make this veggie sushi totally superior   Forget the boring avocado roll at your local sushi spot. Making veggie rolls at home means you can up the fiber, protein, and flavor. Plus, there’s only one essential piece of equipment: a bamboo rolling mat (you’ll need two for this rice-on-the-outside roll), which is cheap as hell at virtually any Asian market. Show the world you’re a sushi crafting goddess! Good Stuff SushiMakes 4 rolls // Serves 2 to 3Sprouted Sushi Quinoa Rice¾ cup sprouted brown rice⅓ cup sprouted quinoa2 Tbsp.
As a woman, my day doesn’t feel quite complete unless at least one graphic, unwarranted sexual comment is made about my appearance by some skeevy dude on the street. If a shadowy figure lurking outside of the subway station doesn’t shout “nice ass!” or “damn!” at me as I pass…did my day actually take place? Or did I dream it? Debatable. What I’m getting at here is that it’s nearly an unreality when a woman or female-bodied individual leaves the house and is able to feel safe and comfortable – or even as if we’re allowed to exist in this world – within our own skin.
On Tuesday, June 14th, the Senate approved a military policy revision bill that included a provision requiring all able-bodied women 18 years or older to sign up for the draft, beginning as soon as January 1, 2018. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-California), who has spoken out against women’s service in the past, introduced the provision to National Defense Authorization Act 85-13 to test his more liberal colleagues, then voted against it. He intended it as a “gotcha amendment” to call the bluff of those who support women as active service members.
In her documentary, Yarn, Icelandic director Una Lorenzen explores the lives of five distinct artists who are revolutionizing perceptions of the craft of knitting and crocheting. Though the use of textiles and yarn has become increasingly accepted in the realm of fine arts, the concept of craftwork being too practical for the high-brow arena still exists. Lorenzen beautifully blends Barbara Kingsolver's prose with animation using yarn to frame the medium as it -- a complex and beautiful material for artistry.
  Facebook has removed a page in support of Brock Turner, a man convicted of sexual assault of an unconscious woman, who also happened to swim sometimes. The group called “Brock Turner Family Support,” wasn’t actually run by Turner or his family, according to Turner’s lawyer, but many of its posts made it sound like it was. "It has been months and the accuser has yet to publicly come forward to face our son," one post reads. The page has been removed as of Wednesday afternoon, but some websites have posted screenshots of some posts, which you can also see below.