On a daily basis, we turn to news to understand what is happening in the world. We rely on the news to give us factual, unbiased information, especially in an environment ripe with inaccuracies. The news sets the agenda for what issues people talk about and how we think about them. Journalists, anchors, editors, producers, and all media makers play an active role in shaping how politicians and the public understand issues like abortion.Since abortion’s legalization, we’ve seen lawmakers chip away at our self-determination state...
Things the First Lady (problematic gender norms aside) normally does:Champion causes, act as White House hostess, organize White House tours and state dinners. Things the First Lady does not normally do:Use her high-profile status to release a fragrance line for personal gain. But Melania Trump is no normal First Lady. The Washington Post reports that Melania's lawyers filed a lawsuit against Mail Media yesterday over an August Daily Mail article which falsely alleged she worked for an escort service. The defamation, they argue, has hurt her ability to...
Looking for a place to just sit back and shoot the breeze while scooping mounds of cheesecake into your mouth? Look no further! Michael J.La Rue has finally opened up his Golden Girls themed cafe Rue La Rue in Washington Heights. According to Gothamist, the restaurant will start off serving breakfast and lunch and once adjusted, will move onto to dinner service as well. LaRue has inherited memorabilia from the late Rue McClanahan and will be displaying it at the cafe for fans."I have a whole warehouse going...
I converted to Christianity my sophomore year of college after taking a class on Christian ethics. Having been raised without religion and being queer (although I’ve been varying degrees of “out” even to myself over the years), I’d assumed faith was not for me, unless it fell under some nebulous heading like “spiritual but not religious.” There were times I felt the spirit moving through me, but because of my background and secular humanist values, I would not have used that language to describe the...
A new exhibition in LA offers a look at the feminist memes you double tap on Instagram and scream “same” at, but this time they’re IRL. By Any Memes Necessary is a meme-centric art show about the realities of empathy and coping. The line up of meme makers for this show is truly droolworthy, including @tequilafunrise, @scariest_bug_ever, @versace_tamagotchi, @sensualmemes, @bunnymemes, @gothshakira, and @ka5sh. By Any Memes Necessary establishes the work of these meme makers as not only internet masters, but also artists. We spoke to...


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