Cranberry Glow lip and cheek tint, $25 In a world where cosmetics are chock full of chemicals (with almost zero FDA regulation), the beauty prods from 100% Pure ( are just that—pure. But they go beyond being organic and toxin-free; 100% Pure’s makeup is naturally tinted with fruits and botanicals, no artificial coloring. In fact, they are the only company to do so—they have a pending patent on the method they use to extract these colors, which are then used throughout their range of products.
Exactly fifteen years ago, Gloria Steinem appeared on the cover of BUST magazine. Dressed in a black T-shirt emblazoned with “F Word,” she stood with her hands on her hips in a Wonder Woman pose.We’ve covered Ms. Steinem in BUST magazine and on regularly ever since, and in 2013 we awarded her a BUST Golden Bra award at our 20th annivesary party. In our Dec/Jan 2016 issue, we review her latest book, My Life On The Road, which well-deservedly earned a place on our Top 10 Books of 2015.
The Bechdel test aside, The Big Short director Adam McKay had the difficult task of taking a movie about a financial crisis of 2008 and making it entertaining. Add in the fact that the subject in question was an extremely recent affliction that Americans are just barely starting to recover from, and the task is damn near impossible.
Vintage-inspired looks will never go out of style. But even though vintage clothing like leggings and sparkly flapper dresses are popular now, there are so many more styles from the past that we’ve forgotten about. Lockets were very popular in the Victorian era and are still ubiquitous today, but why have we forgotten about cameos, another popular style of Victorian jewelry? Here are five kinds of vintage jewelry we need to bring back. You can find these pieces at thrift/vintage stores, flea markets, yard sales, and on Etsy. Modern retailers also make some of them new.
On December 21st, Sarah Palin finally countered Tina Fey’s Saturday Night Live impression of her by doing an impression of Liz Lemon. Palin released a video parody of 30 Rock called 31 Rock, in which she plays “Lynn Melon.” The video premiered on the YouTube channel of the Independent Journal Review, the BuzzFeed of right-wing media. Palin’s Liz Lemon impression is pretty awful. Also, Tina Fey’s famous impression was from 2008, so Palin is very two thousand and late with her comeback.
Laugh in the face of winter with these cheery goodies! Be punny with a hand-stenciled sweatshirt. PINK FLOYD SWEATSHIRT, $59, TWOSTRINGJANE.ETSY.COM   Fair trade and fashionable, for those bad-hair months. SIMONE RIBBED BEANIE, $135, SHOP.BLUMAPROJECT.COM   Fun fur—the vegan kind—for your feet. BOOTS, $50, GOLDENPONIES.NET   Welcome the new year with a bold and bright wall calendar. CALENDAR, $22, RIFLEPAPERCO.COM Send your holiday thank-yous with a modern twist. CARD SET, $18, ALEXISMATTOXDESIGN.
We've compiled our 18 favorite album releases of 2015—in alphabetical order, because ranking them is impossible. Treat your ears to powerful female vocals and mesmerizing instrumentals as you drift from blues to rock and dream pop to hip hop.  Alabama Shakes Sound & Color (ATO Records) Sound & Color is Alabama Shakes’ follow-up to their tremendously successful debut, Boys & Girls, and it’s anything but a sophomore slump.
They don’t call ’em starving artists for nothing. So how can you actually make a living with an art degree? I’m doing it as a New York-based scenic artist. Here are my tips for making bank while still playing with paint.   MAKING “ART” It’s great if you can paint and draw, but the notion of graduating from art school and selling paintings to make a living isn’t realistic anymore. Even major artists sell more than art—whether they start street-wear companies or do design collaborations.
Do you find sickly sweet Christmas stories ho-ho-hum? We've rounded up five holiday stories that aren’t so warm and fuzzy.1. "The Little Match Girl” by Hans Christian AndersenThis is one of the most disturbing classic Christmas stories ever. Separate it from the kid-friendly adaptations, and this is what you get: an impoverished, abused child hallucinates as she freezes to death. Heartwarming!2. The Haunted Man And The Ghost’s Bargain by Charles DickensThis novella shares some similarities with A Christmas Carol, but it's not as cheery.
Gisèle Freund, a German-born French photographer who is known for her portraits of artists, met Frida Kahlo in Mexico in the early 1950s and shot a series of portraits showing the Kahlo during the last years of her life. You can see the whole treasure trove in the book Frida Kahlo: The Gisèle Freund Photographs. Freund originally intended to be in Mexico for two weeks, but ended up staying for two years. She befriended Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera and capured Kahlo at a time when her health was taking a turn for the worse. Kahlo died in 1954, a few years after these photos were taken.