I remember first holding a cassette of David Bowie’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars in my hands when I was around four years old. The cassette was purchased for me by my father and it was explained to me that Bowie’s music came from the same place my Dad did, England. In actual fact, Bowie did not just share the same homeland as my father, who is a few years older than Bowie, but they also went to school together.
We woke up this morning to devastating news: David Bowie passed away yesterday after privately battling cancer for 18 months. He died just two days after his 69th birthday and the release of his 25th studio album, Blackstar.
One of World War II's most-kept secrets was WASP, the organization of Women's Airforce Service Pilots. This team of badass ladies played an intricate role in WWII, taking over male pilot's jobs in order to free male pilots to fight oversea. Recently, their right to have their ashes buried at Arlington National Cemetary has been revoked.   This comes as a particularly harsh blow, as WASP has had a long history of fighting for military rights and recognition. 70 years after the war ended, the fight still rages on for proper recognition.
Proving that she really is a real-life Hermione, Emma Watson announced on Twitter thsi week that she’s starting a feminist book club. Called “Our Shared Shelf,” the book club will hold monthly discussions on Goodreads with one book chosen per month. For January, it’s Gloria Steinem’s new book My Life On The Road — an excellent choice and one that made our Top 10 Books of 2015 (BTW, don't miss our interview with Ms. Steinem about it!). We’ve rounded up 10 other books we’d love to see featured. 1.
The Womanizer Size: 90s cell phoneShape: chubby otoscopeSound: dentist drillStrength: exactly enoughSatisfaction: oh my godPairs with: an enormous margaritaThere are lots of things about this vibe that made me giggle, from its name to its cheetah print handle to its big rhinestone button. If it could talk, my Womanizer would sound like a Long Island trophy wife. It comes in a pink zip-up case and looks like that thing a doctor sticks in your ear so they can see how much wax build-up you have (which as it turns out is a DISGUSTING amount, haha, kill me!). It isn’t particularly quiet.
This post by Shaikina Nayfack originally appeared on Last year was a hectic one, recovering from gender confirmation surgery (while writing a show about it), running a theatre company, getting on the scene as a trans actress... So much of my energy was spent working on and talking about becoming a woman in the world that I spent very little time actually being one. Year one is over, and I’m ready to get out there and take my new self for a spin.Dating pre-op was its own adventure.
  “Why plus size women shouldn’t do yoga.”That’s how the Canadian plus size retailer Pennington’s new campaign video begins. But this isn’t some “aspirational” Lululemon bullshit. The brand’s #iwontcompromise campaign shows yoga teacher Dianne Bondy prove harmful stereotypes about plus size women wrong: “Plus size women have no balance.” “They sweat a lot and slip.” “They’re too heavy to lift themselves.”     Shot-by-shot, pose-by-pose, with a knowing wink thrown at the camera, Bondy proves every single one of those statements wrong.
  Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is not having a good couple of months. Chiefly responsible for organizing campaign activity in support of the Democratic platform and candidates,  Wasserman Schultz is essentially the head of the Democratic Party’s PR. She is charged with the raising of funds, commissioning of polls, coordinating of campaign strategy, and—if a Democrat gets elected—working closely with the President to help meet the ends of the party.
  Never in my life have I been this excited to start the New Year. 2016 will bring in the start of my dream job, countless concerts, and the first time that nearly all of my friends will be living in New York City. But most importantly, 2016 marks the start of a new, healthy me. It marks the end of 2015: the end of cancer patient me.It was two weeks into January 2015 when I began to feel weak, and by the start of February I could barely walk up the four flights of stairs to my room.
Happy birthday, Zora Neale Hurston! The brilliant author of Their Eyes Were Watching God, Dust Tracks On A Road and many other works would be 125 years old today. Born on January 7, 1891, Hurston died in 1960 at the age of 69.Hurston was one of the lead writers of the Harlem Renaissance, a cultural explosion of black creativity centered in Harlem, New York in the 1920s and 30s. A prolific writer, Hurston published four novels, over 50 short stories as well as plays, essays and journalism.