It’s easy to forget that Australian indie-rock star Courtney Barnett only released her flawless debut LP Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit last year. Since the album’s 2015 release, Barnett has experienced explosive success, and deservedly so. The album is an absolute staple for any fan of indie music, and it’s fair to assume that it will live a long, beloved life, despite its relative newness.
  Giving a new meaning to the classic '96 hit "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls, international nonprofit Project Everyone is inspiring girls and women everywhere to demand what they need from leaders—whether it's equal opportunity for education or a justice system where six months in prison isn't even an option for rapists—and they've inspired a movement.
Summer's here and the time has come for pool parties! We've rounded up 9 perfect products to complement your backyard oasis, whether you've got a deluxe in-ground pool or a plastic blue kiddy one.  Serve your scoops in fun dishes. This split is bananas!SET OF 2 BOWLS, $20, UNCOMMONGOODS.COM Protect your pout with a pop of pink.LIP BALM, $12, MINERALESSENCE.COM Get sweet feet with these cuties.TWO-PACK OF FLIP FLOPS, $21, ASOS.COM Floaters gonna float on this beautiful beast.INFLATABLE UNICORN, $99, GETFLOATY.
Seratones is a rock 'n' roll band, through and through. It's led by the amazingly talented AJ Haynes, a life-long musician and passionate feminist. We spoke with AJ and learned all about her time working at an abortion clinic and how it impacted her career as a musician. Tell me a bit about your background. AJ: I was born in Japan, raised in Columbia, LA, and spent my adolescent life in Shreveport, LA and my mother was also a singer; there’s a lot of musically inclined in my family. I met the guys who are in my band.
Sweat drips down your back and your sheets are twisted around your legs, chaining you to the passionate prison of your partner's bed. Your hands are tied above you, rendering you defenseless against the intense heat that emanates from your partner's body, and their warm lips make your skin tingle. You no longer feel like a single person—instead, you're intwined so deeply with your partner that it's as if you've always been one. Everything's great and going according to plan. That's what it's like every time you have sex, right? No? Me neither.
Summer is HERE! 'Tis the season to try new things, and that includes new foods, too! We've compiled our favorite vegan recipes for sweets and other treats that you can try poolside or at your next outdoor party. Enjoy these cruelty-free summer treat ideas: 1. Coconut Blueberry Smash Pops How could you not love something with both coconut AND blueberry? These treats from Wallflower Kitchen look amazing.   2. Banana Cream Pie This treat from Minimalist Baker is gluten-free, too! I think I could eat the whole thing in one sitting…   3.
  You can 100 percent still be a fangirl if none of these ex­tremes apply to you. Just because you don’t spend your time illegally downloading the Lifetime movies in which your favor­ite celebrities had three-word roles doesn’t mean you aren’t al­lowed to appreciate them. The fangirl way of life doesn’t belong in a box any more than my “I Met Li’l Sebastian at the Pawnee Harvest Festival” T-shirt belongs at the bottom of my closet. Wear it proudly, and don’t let anyone tell you what you are or aren’t.
Social media’s obsession with the “thigh gap” has become inescapable over the past few years, and it’s a harmful obsession: Psychologists have said that society’s fixation on thigh gaps is a cause of eating disorders. Now, swimwear brand Swimsuitsforall — which offers swimwear in sizes 8 through 34 — is confronting the “thigh gap” obsession head-on in a campaign called “Don’t Mind The Gap.
When you have a hankering for a sweet treat on a hot summer’s day, there is nothing quite as satisfying at the fruit pizza. Combining the sweet, softness of a cookie, the velvety love of cream-cheese frosting, the tart fruits, and the decorative potential of the pizza shape makes for an extremely luxurious (for my 21-year-old self) and delightful dessert. One of the greatest things about the fruit pizza is its versatility. You can make it super easy by buying the dough and frosting pre-made or go about things the laborious way and cook it all from scratch.
It’s an exciting time for women in money! A few years ago, a female face on paper currency was just the stuff of Internet petitions we signed without reading. Now, we could have lovely ladies on not one, but two bills! Nevertheless, this win for women’s wallets everywhere hasn’t come quietly.