For single women wanting children, adoption in the United States is becoming a popular option. Here, single mothers share their stories of love, frustration, and going it aloneEver since she was a little girl, Suzanne Lyons knew she wanted to be a mother. She had planned on getting married and having her own children, but her career as a media relations pro for a large New York City PR firm took her life in a different direction.
Let’s begin by saying that I was not raped. Some might say that I got off lucky. That I should be grateful that it did not go any further than it did. Which is precisely why I kept it to myself for so long.The words offered to women to describe the things that happen to us are limited. There is a vast world of possibility between “someone grabbed my butt on the subway” and “I was raped.”These are my words.
Feast your eyes on these playful, funny, and charming felines from Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats. The charm school began when "Headmistress Simons" moved into a 100-year-old craftsman home in Southern Los Angeles and discovered several stray feral cats living in her shed. Simons quickly found that cats can have a lot of babies and just adopting them out would not fix the problem.
I always knew I had depression and anxiety. So when the medical field got heat for overdiagnosing them, I insulated myself from any skepticism that my mental illness was just a cool way for big pharma and doctors to make money. I knew I wasn't a part of that trend.More than a decade since those diagnoses, I found myself going through the same process all over again as a woman diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. It's as real to me as my depression and anxiety, but I again faced skepticism.
It is Sunday morning and sunlight leaks through the windows of a Brooklyn café. The brunch rush hasn’t started and, other than the whispery din of dishes, there is only music. Barefaced, Ania Spiering sits across from me at a small table. Her hazel eyes are kind but confident. Thinking back on her modeling career, she pauses to sip her coffee from a black mug. “I may not be that young girl anymore,” she says. “But what’s the use in trying to preserve something that’s no longer you?”There is no doubt: Aging is not easy, particularly for women.
As any feminist knows, the male gaze has a strong hold on the world of media, advertising, even art. Twenty female artists are using their images to explore the male gaze's opposite and much less frequently considered angle, the female gaze. "In The Raw: The Female Gaze on the Nude," now showing at Untitled Space in New York City, "creates a cultural discourse of women on women, a female intervention, so to speak, on patriarchal culture.
I used to watch a lot of VH1 when I was a kid. If it was Pop Up Video, the music videos would play and have fun facts about the song and artist pop up on the screen. If it wasn't, there'd just be the artist, standing on a mountain and singing, or in front of a green screen in space, or on stage, writhing on the floor and electrifying the audience, like Prince so often did. I remember when I first saw Prince’s "When Doves Cry" video. It was the first song I heard that had a chorus that spoke directly on the affects of family on our personalities.
Brooklyn-based blues rocker Meghann Wright is back with a stunning music video for her song “River,” premiering exclusively on today. The haunting video cuts between Meghann singing in a graveyard and a spooky, bloody exorcism. “Don’t go down to the river, baby,” Meghann sings. “‘Cause ain’t nobody waiting for you there.”“River” is part of a series of music videos that Meghann curated to accompany her debut full-length album, Nothin’ Left To Lose, which was released June 2015 on BlackTop Records.
Everything old is new again! Models Colleen Heidemann (who you may recognize from Advanced Style) and Anastasia Willow Sanchez rock '60s and '70s-inspired looks in our April/May issue of BUST in A Fashionable Fantasy Visit To Grandma's House. With photography by Jeaneen Lund, styling by Kime Buzzelli, makeup by Dina Gregg and hair by Amber Duarte, it's one of our favorite fashion editorials yet. ON ANASTASIA: THE END CAT-EYE SUNGLASSES, VINTAGE LUGGAGE SET, AND HEART SOCKS, ETSY.
In the words of Peter Allen, "Everything old is new again!" Reclaim is the name, and upcycling is the game. As we all know, upcycling not only looks great, but helps create less garbage, thus minimizing environmental impact significantly more than recycling alone.  And let's be honest, it just looks cool. We've put together a list of  the coolest repurposed products that will help revamp — not cramp — your ethical ambiance.  You can find online or in person at BUST's upcoming Spring Craftacular in LA on Saturday, May 7th.