If you’ve seen an episode of Law & Order: SVU or sat through an on-campus sexual assault awareness course (as many college freshmen are doing now at their college orientation), you’re probably familiar with the procedure for what to do after a sexual assault. One of the first things you are told to do is go to the hospital and get a rape kit. The rape kit backlog is an issue we have been aware of for quite some time.
It’s a common problem in Hollywood. The lack of women behind the camera (or in the editing room or writing scripts) is one hurdle faced by women in film, but another is the lack of roles for women, especially for women over the age of 40. Director Ruba Nadda and actress Patricia Clarkson have teamed up to create projects precisely for those women. Their collaboration has benefited Clarkson, who at age 55 has had lead roles in two of Nadda’s films and will be the lead in a new miniseries Nadda created for HBO, Elisabeth.
Imagine you have everything you could have ever wanted, or that you’ve checked most of the boxes on your "to get in life" list. Then what? If you’re a young, ambitious woman like me, then it’s not surprising if after achieving one goal, you already have your sights set on your next big accomplishment, leaving little to no time for self-reflection on what’s in front of you in the moment. In fact, the idea of taking time to enjoy life as-is or live in the gray area is somewhat looked down upon in our society. We’re conditioned to be on autopilot and pushed to "go, be and do.
I officially met Winter Mendelson at the release party for the first print edition of Posture magazine in the fall of 2015. But before that, I read an interview in Curve magazine where Mendelson offer a piece of advice to LGBTQ creatives on their journeys: “Do not work with people who are not willing to understand you or your identity. And on a human and universal level, do not do something that does not inspire you or make you happy. Not every day will be perfect, but choose the harder route and don't be afraid to start over.
23-year-old poetess Rupi Kaur hosted her very first TEDx Talk last week in Kansas City. Kaur, who first inspired us in 2014 with her best-selling book Milk and Honey and filled our social media feeds with words of inspiration and vulnerability, began her talk with a spoken-word performance about her body as a home that feels robbed after sexual assault. Her voice is smooth and soft around the edges, each gesture of her hands graceful, but her words are a punch to the gut: “All the different parts in me turned the lights off, shut the blinds, locked the doors.
“When you read a book as a child, it becomes a part of your identity in a way that no other reading in your whole life does.” —You’ve Got Mail Nora Ephron wrote it, Meg Ryan said it, and we’re saying it again, because it couldn’t be more true. A (Little) BUST Book Club is a new monthly feature for the kids' books we love because they encourage in their slightly shorter readers the same things we encourage in our sometimes taller ones: Be fearless, be rebellious and above all be yourself, whoever that is.
  Oh, Mark Ruffalo. So talented, so handsome, such great hair, but sometimes....he just doesn’t get it. Like right now. Because Mark Ruffalo produced a movie about trans people — but he didn’t cast or consult any trans people. The film, Anything, stars Matt Bomer, who is a cis man, as a trans woman sex worker. The film is an adaptation of a play by the same name by Tim McNeill. Earlier this week, several trans women actresses called out Ruffalo and Bomer on Twitter.
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Body positivity is slowly gaining momentum as we all grow tired of seeing the same body types in the media. Amy Herrmann, an Australian photographer, has decided to contribute to the movement by creating an amazing book, Underneath I am Women, that will showcase 100 women of all different shapes. The book will also detail their personal backgrounds and intimate relationships with their bodies.
I'm sure you have heard the sad news that the amazing, admirable, legendary Gene Wilder passed away at 83 years old. His nephew said he died from complications of Alzheimer's disease.  The comedic genius was famous for roles in films such as Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, Stir Crazy, The Producers, and of course, one of my favorite movies of all time, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  Wilder's Willy Wonka character had a few notable songs that have been covered by some amazing artists through the past few decades.