Are you excited for the Rio Olympics this year? Personally, I’m not much of a sports watcher, but when it comes to Olympics, I am cheering on the international hopefuls from the edge of my couch. I’m not always cheering for US athletes; I’m cheering for any and all young teenagers and twenty-somethings that are just trying their best. Something about that young, bright enthusiasm for personal achievements just gets me all pumped for the Summer Games.
The Governess by Richard Redgrave, 1844. During the 19th century, a gently bred young lady with no fortune, no family, and no prospects had few options for making her way in the world. She might hire herself out as a companion, of course. Or if she was particularly adept with a needle, she might take in a bit of sewing. Both were respectable, genteel occupations for a lady down on her luck and, as such, both are well-represented in historical novels.
Meet Lucia Pittalis. Lucia is a makeup artist and painter who completely transforms herself in your favorite celebrities using just makeup. There are no prosethics or secrets here, just pure artistry. I don't know about you, but I often struggle just accomplishing my daily cat eye with liquid liner. All haill Lucia, Queen of the Makeup Brush.
I don’t want children. I cannot think of a time in my 26 years when I’ve ever longed to be a mother. I have zero maternal desires and I’m absolutely OK with that. However, some people aren’t. Despite the fact that more women than ever are choosing to remain child-free, we are still sold the standard progression of marriage, kids, happy ending. Should a woman stray from that, she is often met with disapproval and suspicion.
  Yesterday was National Bikini Day according to the interwebs, and of course, to celebrate, many women donned bikinis everywhere (including to work!) to celebrate the suit's 68th birthday. Oh wait, no, they didn't. Instead, a ranking of the best bikini bodies of all time was published by Swimwear365, a U.K.-based swimwear company that encourages women with apple-shaped bodies (aka a large portion of women who've given birth) to wear tankinis.
Éva Szombat is a photographer from Budapest, Hungary. She released a “practical guide to happiness” in 2014 and has since decided to document actual people and the ways they find happiness in their own lives. Her new book, Practitioners, highlights people and the ways they welcome happiness into their lives. The book focuses on five categories: togetherness, hobbies, pets, self-realization, and home.   Check out some photos from the project below and learn more on her website.
Gretchen Carlson, ex co-host of "Fox and Friends" and news reporter on Fox News, was let go this past June after 11 years with the network. Carlson is now suing the Fox News CEO, stating Roger Ailes decidedly didn't renew her contract after she confronted him about the blatant sexism that takes place at Fox News and rejected his sexual advances. This isn't the first time Carlson has publicly opposed the norms at Fox News; in 2013 she revealed the mandatory "no-pants rule" she was subjected to on "Fox and Friends" and has vocalized her support for assault rifle bans.
Recently, I went to the beach for the first time this summer and something miraculous happened: For the first time ever, I left the beach with no neck pain, back pain or shoulder pain because my swimsuit had actual support for my boobs! My fellow DD+ people know that it can be hard to find a swimsuit that will fit your boobs, and even when you do find one that actually holds them in them, lack of support means that while your boobs are contained, you might not escape back or neck pain.
It’s easy to forget that Australian indie-rock star Courtney Barnett only released her flawless debut LP Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit last year. Since the album’s 2015 release, Barnett has experienced explosive success, and deservedly so. The album is an absolute staple for any fan of indie music, and it’s fair to assume that it will live a long, beloved life, despite its relative newness.
  Giving a new meaning to the classic '96 hit "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls, international nonprofit Project Everyone is inspiring girls and women everywhere to demand what they need from leaders—whether it's equal opportunity for education or a justice system where six months in prison isn't even an option for rapists—and they've inspired a movement.