In the political hellscape that is 2017, we could all use some Netflix and chill time. And I’m not talking about sex — I’m talking about turning off Twitter for 28 minutes and trying not to draw those inevitable political parallels from an episode of Parks & Recreation. Well, Netflix announced A LOT of news this past week, giving us some binge-watching to look forward to along with the apocalypse: 1. Orange Is The New BlackOITNB dropped a brief trailer for its fifth season, Netflix announced...
  The College Republicans of Central Michigan University are “sorry” about the anti-Semitic Valentine’s Day card featuring Hitler the group sent out by “mistake.” The image of the card, which made its rounds on the internet, is below. According to The Washington Post, the College Republicans were having a Valentine’s Day party where the members made Valentine’s cards for each other. “Unfortunately, a very inappropriate card was placed into a bag without other members’ knowledge,” the group stated. This bag was then given to a student not affiliated with...
Far too often we find ourselves falling back on the same music habits, listening to old favorites instead of discovering new music. So we're bringing you BUST's album reviews from our December/January 2016 issue, featuring new music from Kate Bush, Miranda Lambert, Martha Wainwright and more — plus a playlist you can listen along to as you read!     Staff Pick:JOAN AS POLICE WOMANLet It Be You(Reveal Records/BFD/Red Distribution) Joan As Police Woman (aka Joan Wasser) has always taken risks, expanding her creative output through collaborations that bring...
I would consider myself a very withdrawn person. I have a lifetime of suppressing emotion in order to get through situations. I will tell you how I feel, but only after the largest wave of emotion has already passed. In other words, I am more likely to tell you how I felt than how I feel.When I was in the theater, watching Hidden Figures, I felt so vulnerable. Even though the room was dark, I still had this urge to hide my emotions. I was...
"Grey Gardens is oozing with romance, ghosts, and other things." According to Forbes Magazine, 3 West End Road — perhaps the most storied home in East Hampton — just hit the market for $19.995m. Adjacent to Georgia Beach, the mansion property famously belonged to "Big" and "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale, the aunt and first cousin, respectively, of Jackie Kennedy Onassis. The 1975 documentary Grey Gardens, by Albert and David Maysles, produced an image of 3 West End Road as at once dilapidated and opulent, and of the Bouvier...


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