“As a young girl, in my journal, I never write that I’m going to have a baby. I write that maybe if my friend were a boy, we could get married and maybe someday have a baby. I was terrified of becoming pregnant. I was terrified of becoming another statistic like my mother. Lesbians can’t get pregnant and I don’t have to be afraid of my Auntie getting mad at me.” In Jamaica with her aunt and cousins, Staceyann Chin was raised in a state of lovelessness.
If you are single, dating, or at all textually active with a man, chances are at some point you will receive the dreaded dick pic. If you are like me, these can be a bit alarming and off-putting. Luckily for all of the receivers of shlong selfies, New York-based photographer Soraya Doolbaz is here to help.Dooblaz started the Dicture Gallery, a project in which she creates penis personas and captures them. “I could create a personality with penises,” Dooblaz told the New York Post. These cock shots are not the blurry messes you're used to seeing on Snapchat.
Here at BUST, we've spent the last few days remembering David Bowie after his death this Sunday, January 10th.We brought you essays from BUST readers and contributors, including "David Bowie, Jim Henson and the Sexual Awakening Of Millennial Women" by Ali Drucker; "My Life With David Bowie" by Molly Simms; "People Called Me Mrs. David Bowie" by Lillian Ann Slugockwi; and, from the BUST archives, our 2000 interview with Bowie himself — conducted by none other than Iman.
With the premiere of Idiotsitter, two more funny females are joining the likes of Amy, Ilana and Abbi on Comedy Central.   Jillian Bell plays Gene, a wild trustfund baby who is under house arrest in her dad's mansion. Charlotte Newhouse plays Billie, a Harvard grad desperate for cash to pay off her student loans, so she's forced to take a job "sitting" for Gene. Things get hilarious when the two are essentially trapped in each other’s company. Bell and Newhouse created and star in the show. BUST sat down with the comedy duo to talk about their new show.
David Bowie was the first music I had ever heard.And I don't mean that in a "my-eyes-were-opened-by-his-style-and-music" type of way, although that is true when I could actually comprehend it. I mean literally.One of my favorite home movies is the day I was brought home from the hospital. I was two days old. My uncle was filming, and "Changes" by David Bowie was playing in the background. My dad, who was holding a swaddled, tiny me in his arms, looked down and said, "this song is for you, Hilary." I grew up always thinking that song was for me. I still think that song is for me.
This morning, the nominations for the 88th annual Academy Awards were announced and, once again, the Academy has managed to omit people of color. Despite that fact that 2015 was the year that brought us Creed, Beasts of No Nation, Tangerine and many other films featuring great work by people of color, not a single one of them will be recognized on Sunday (with the possible exception of Alejadro Gonzalez Innaritu, the director of Revenant).  At this point, the whitewashing of the Oscars fails to be shocking but remains completely unacceptable.
As we raise our wands and mourn Alan Rickman, the man with the best menacing looks and "double-bass" voice around, we can rest assured that our favorite movie bad guy was actually a great guy and a huge advocate for women. In one of his last films, A Little Chaos,  which he also directed, Rickman created a world set in the French Revolution where a woman was the lead character in a time where women were often decorations. The lead character Sabine, played by Kate Winslet, is employed to design the garden at the Palace of Versailles.
Within the first five minutes of talking to Natalie Wall, the creator and host of "Awkward Sex… and the City," she casually mentions queefing and fisting. And so goes the show. It is a storytelling ode to the universal experience of sex as awkward, weird, silly, hot, and awesome (sometimes all at once, sometimes distinctly not). It takes place in the small (one might even call it intimate) lower level of The Pleasure Chest, the perfect venue for a bunch of hot and fabulous women (and one delightful man) to share all the hilariously real elements of their sexual adventures.
We can't wait for Amanda de Cadenet's big interview with Hillary Clinton tonight on her talk show The Conversation. De Cadenet, who is also a photographer, created and continues to produce the Lifetime show, in which she interviews some of the most influential women today. In this sneak peek, Hillary Clinton talks about the importance of processing emotion in a world in which female politicians are unfairly labeled as "emotional." We certainly want Hillary Clinton's advice on that! Make sure to catch the full interview tonight 10 p.m ET/PT on Lifetime.
If you're like me, you have no idea what to make for dinner every single day. I will go into the kitchen and stare blankly into the refrigerator. Uhhh, I guess I could make pasta? Or grilled cheese? I have definitely already eaten at least one of these this week. Or maybe I could just microwave some MorningStar chick'n nuggets and call it a day? I feel like there are a lot of foods in the world, but my brain can only think of a handful of them when I actually need to cook a meal.