We're excited to bring you an excerpt from My Son Wears Heels: One Mom’s Journey from Clueless to Kickass by Julie Tarney (University of Wisconsin Press; September 2016) "Where’re you headed?” our cabbie asked Harry, who then glanced at me. Annoyed, I shook my head. Even though Harry was two months shy of his eighteenth birthday, cab drivers in Las Vegas continued to direct their questions to him, not me. It was the same in restaurants, where waiters set the check down in front of Harry.
For those of us who write, a thesaurus is something of both a playmate as well as a guide: enjoying the tension of feeling one's head connect various ideas to other verbal forms of the same, the sensation of linking various root words and locating regionally distinct pairings of vowels that English has inherited, sometimes passively, sometimes aggressively and imperialistically, sometimes unwittingly.
We were so glad to see the #mermaidthighs trend take off a few weeks ago, and now, we’re loving yet another body positive hashtag celebrating women’s thighs: #thighsforjeaux. According to the Huffington Post, the hashtag got started in South Africa back in March 2015 when a 21-year-old Twitter user named Mixo, who goes by @Mijeaux, told her followers that they shouldn’t be afraid to bare their thighs when it’s hot out, sharing a photo of her own thighs.
Full Frontal host and former Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee has been using her time on hiatus to answer fans’ questions in a segment on her YouTube channel called "Letters to Sam." The fourth installment in this series had Samantha answering the most important question you could ask a satirical political news host: “If you had to be stuck on an island with any of the past or present Republican candidates who would you choose?” Her answer? Ted Cruz. Why? “Our zesty sparring would keep us alive for longer.
The Big Fix REMEDY MAKEUP MISHAPS WITH THESE DIY TIPSBeauty products ain't cheap. So when you’ve treated yourself to a lipstick that breaks on the first application, splurged on the perfect glitter polish only to never use it again ’cause it’s impossible to take off, or dropped that brand-new blush, there’s an added sting. But all is not lost. Try these fix-it tips and save the day.   Peel Off Polish Taking off glitter nail polish usually requires a gallon of remover per digit.
What’s the Buzz?THE NEW RECHARGEABLE MAGIC WAND IS A MODERN IMPROVEMENT ON AN OLD STANDBY In the world of vibrators, the Magic Wand is legendary—a veritable Excalibur wielded by many a thrill-seeking Lady of the Lake for top-notch clit stimulation. Hitachi, the original manufacturer, removed its name from the gadget in 2013, but even 48 years after it was first introduced to the retail market as a device to “soothe sore muscles,” the Wand still delivers the same bone-rattling good time. Plus, the durable design means a Wand will last you ages and ages. That is, until it doesn’t.
Sister Lucille, my high school math teacher and principal of St. Mary’s Academy in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, recently shared early morning coffee and scones with me on my sister’s deck on the Mississippi River. This nun had gently nudged me out into the world and away from the convent after graduation when, I figured, I would enter the convent, go to medical school, and become a medical missionary. Always subtle and Socratic in her counsel, Sister Lucille encouraged me to go off to college, saying, “We’ll be here when you finish if you still want us.
Great news for all you nostalgic feminist comic book lovers out there! Dynamite Comics first announced in July via The New York Times that they will be publishing a new comic book crossover starring Wonder Woman and The Bionic Woman. These heroines dominated television screens in the '70s, with Lynda Carter starring as the Amazonian warrior and Lindsay Wagner as Jamie Sommers, whose body is rebuilt bionically after a skydiving accident.
If you haven’t heard of White Girl yet, you’re about to. The indie drama with the incendiary name has slowly been gathering buzz since before it premiered at Sundance in January, and with its wide release today, it’s about to make its mark. The film, directed by Elizabeth Wood, follows a college-aged, middle-class white girl, Leah (Morgan Saylor), who moves to Ridgewood, Queens, and falls for her neighbor, a young, sweet, handsome Puerto Rican drug dealer named Blue (Brian "Sene" Marc).
Whew! What a weekend!  We had such a great time, we’re STILL recovering! (dancing is hard work). BUST Magazine was live and in full effect at AfroPunk Brooklyn - we were blown away by the nonstop talent and fashion a-game. Special props to Laura Mvula, who sang like she was the patron goddess of song in that fire gown. To Skin from Skunk Anansie for putting the 'Punk' in AfroPunk for sure. To the Suffers and their live sound that set the mood.  Thank you Angel Haze for sayin' what we were all thinking...