I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day careens between blistering rock and whittled-down folk.

Alela Diane's sophomore effort is full of acoustic-driven, contemplative songs.

A must-have for superfans of Rasputina.

Aussie Gabriella Cilmi is the latest imported pop/soul stylist.

Will Oldham has crafted Bonnie into a country-music cult legend.

The band takes a step back into the murkier waters from whence it came.

The Black Keys' singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach's solo debut.

Brooklyn-based Akron/Family defies categorization.

I felt like a superhero after I mastered increasing and decreasing, but teen twins Alex and Ana Miller are the real thing. Not only can they bust out a mean stockinette stitch, but these kids, the fictional son and daughter of a yarn shop owner, are saving the world in their free time in the new comic book Handknit Heroes. Creator Stephanie Bryant and her crew are dubbing Handknit Heroes 'the first graphic novel for knitters.' Each copy not only chronicles the badass antics of Alex and Ana, but also includes an awesome, easy knitting pattern.

It's already Passover! Can you believe it? This year I'm home in NYC instead of doing the whole seder thing with the fam in VA, so I thought I'd start my own little tradition by having my girl band over for a night of home style Jewish cooking and a spirited screening of The Ten Commandments . I already started my vegan matzoh ball soup last night with the help of Isa Chandra Moskowitz's genius recipe , which you can follow along with here: And every time  Charlton Heston demands 'Let My People Go!' I'm gonna pelt my band mates with macaroons.