Spy novels should be exciting and surprising, but this one is flat and light.

Macy's compelling collection of stories explores the delicate imbalances between status and class.

A good idea gone awry.

Texas Republican state Rep. Betty Brown suggested in a hearing last week that Asian voters should 'adopt' new monikers that are 'easier for Americans to deal with.' Oh, no, Betty. Noooooooo. Brown not only angered many of the people around her, but she pissed off Margaret Cho, too, and Cho wrote a scathing response in her blog on April 10.

This Wednesday, TVLand is set to begin airing it's new reality series, 'The Cougar,' hosted by Vivica A. Fox and featuring someone in their 40s who's looking for a lover among people in their twenties. I have only one question: hasn't this been done before? ; Strangely enough, on the preview video for TV Land's show, you see the guys talking about why they like 'older women,' (like it's a fetish). I've never seen them ask that question of the contestants on the above shows, though.

A well-researched review of the last few decades of the reproductive and sexual-rights struggle for women.

A juicy Ginger Tempeh redeems an otherwise bland, vague (yet somehow voyeuristically appealing) cookbook.

The real reason you love your dog so much.

A Chinese adoptee gives a brutally honest account of uncovering her ancestry.

Heather Armstrong’s first memoir explores becoming a mom with a voice that's damn genuine and insightful.