Singer/songwriter Emiliana Torrini delivers heartbreaking lyrics over an exotic array of pop sounds.

Patti Smith has brought to life her 1996 book of poetry, The Coral Sea, on this eponymous, inspired two-disc set.

Morningwood's new EP is a party waiting to happen.

Offend Maggie blends willfully crude, occasionally pounding art-punk with sweet ’60s textures.

Fabulous, sexy fairy tales from the front lines of Eurodisco decadence.

Songs this sweet are meant to be shared.

Chill out in your dorm room with this throwback to late-’90s acid jazz.

Weird music for weirdos.

Pop Levi's mojo-packed sophomore release borrows from the best of pop, rock, and funk.

Kings of Leon's new album is heartfelt with a dark, southern, restless edge.