Norwegian super-cutie Sondre Lerche woos us with another set of sweet pop sounds and playful lyrics in Heartbeat Radio.
The Heavy return with the old-school soul of The House That Dirt Built.
Dance, clap, and stomp along to Teeth Lost, Hearts Won, the first stateside album from Aussie pop darlings, The Grates.
The Gossip embrace their proud pop-hood in Music for Men.
The Flaming Lips show off their own brand of trancey, experimental, eerie goth tunes in Embryonic.
Orenda Fink takes a break from her many bandmates with Ask the Night, a folk-filled consideration of the artist’s down-home roots.
The Ettes’ girl garage rock with some serious vintage flair reverbs through Do You Want Power.
Prog rock gets a kick in the pants from The Entrance Band and their self-titled debut.
The Dodos get a dose of electro, but don’t lose their folky intensity, in Time to Die.
Rock along with the ballsy beauties of BETTY in their sassy, pop-rock record, Bright & Dark.