The "Him" of She & Him returns to his solo roots with a stunning album.
Dance Mother is an avant-garde/hip-hop hybrid.
Distorted and groovy, Mirror Eye brings psychedelic up to date.
Internationally acclaimed Women Make Movies filmmaker Kim Longinotto, is being honored with a 2 week exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art. Here's a lady getting some well-deserved recognition for her 'compelling human portraits... and compassionate treatment of difficult topics', through fearless cinema verite style from the perspective of society's unheard voices.
A wannabe- badass rock band with soul.
Brooklyn's favorite power-pop-punk duo does it again.
There are some great tracks on Eleni Mandell's latest, but with a whopping 15 songs on this CD, you might find yourself hitting the "next" button to find 'em.
Feist and a less-anxious Björk come to mind when listening to this solid album.
Do you remember getting your first period? Whether it is funny, embarrassing, celebratory, or anticlimactic, most women feel their lives change in some way at that moment. But it's not very often that we talk about it, or share our first period stories with younger girls who might be anticipating menstruation with a sense of uncertainty. Eighteen-year-old editor Rachel Kauder-Nalebuff is trying to change that with My Little Red Book, an anthology of stories about first periods, collected from women of all ages around the world.