Missy Elliott—the one and only, Queen of hip hop, magnificent artist, and female trailblazer—received VH1's Hip-Hop Honors last night during a two-hour special titled "All Hail the Queens." To celebrate Missy Elliott, performers such as Eve, Nelly Furtado, Trina, Remy Ma and Lil’ Mo sang a medley of her greatest hits, like "Work It," "Get Ur Freak On," and latest song, "WTF." Missy's speech expressed thanks to her supporters and inspirations, Queen Latifah, Lil' Kim, and Salt-n-Pepa, and she ended by dedicating the award to the late Aaliyah.
  In this week's tale of the unsung hero, we have fresh-faced, intelligent designer Christian Siriano placed on a pedestal—and, like any other skeptic of the media, he's using it as a soapbox. In an exclusive interview with Refinery29 yesterday, he spoke about the custom dress he made for Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones, its controversy, and what led to international fame and glory for his particular brand.
PHOTO: Madelene Farin Karen Byrd is changing the way black girls play with dolls. On her website, Byrd sells mass-market fashion dolls whose straight hair has been replaced with hand-made afro-centric styles like puffs, locs, and twists. Through this small but passionate Oakland, CA-based enterprise, launched in 2011, Byrd aims to help children of color recognize their true beauty. “As a young girl, I wondered if I was beautiful,” says Byrd. “I had African American dolls. But their features looked Caucasian and they had long straight hair.
  If you've ever been attached to any TV show in your entire life, you've probably looked up the best TV kisses of all time to see if your favorite couple has made the list. Well, I spent a few hours (***highly recommend this research, BTW) watching the "best" TV kisses in history and, frankly, they're all the same. White man. White woman. Cisgender. Young. Yes, we all love the misadventurous romance between Friends' Ross and Rachel, as well as the spicy spontaneity of New Girl's Nick and Jess. But not every steamy TV kiss falls into the mayonnaise and saltines variety.
Imagine yourself on a gorgeous beach: The sun is shining, you have a steamy, hot copy of BUST and you've just reached the one-handed reads section, and tucked into your chair's convenient cupholder is one of these bad girls. Well, whether you're at a beach or at home, thinking about beaches, you can make one of these cocktails to go with your wicked, sandy fantasies. The drinks were created by Lynn Calvo, a Long Island bar owner and mixed drink aficionado, as part of her new book, Tiki With A Twist: 75 Cool, Fresh, and Wild Tropical Cocktails.
This Friday marks the opening of the much-hyped Ghostbusters reboot, which has already received a glowing New York Times review. To celebrate, we wanted to celebrate one of the film's breakout stars—Leslie Jones. Jones, a cast member of Saturday Night Live and all-around awesome lady, has given us so many reasons to love her. From her hilarious sketches to her unmatched flirtation skills, we can't get enough of her! Check out our top 10 reasons below: 1.
Photographer Giselle Noelle Morgan's "Written On The Body" collection explores hysteria and chronic illness in women. Giselle's artist statement is below: In the protracted course of hysteria — a disease akin to the waste basket of medicine —there lives a vexing intersection between this medical marvel and masculine artists from the expressionist, dadaist, and surrealist movements who created a commodification out of this sexualized illness which continuously suppresses women and still stigmatizes female emotions.
I don't know her name. I probably never will. I know there are thousands of women who've had a similar experience as her. And she's inspired all of them. For the Stanford rape survivor, her influence has just turned a corner.  A new photo series has given victim-blaming a new light. Partnering with Current Solutions, a platform dedicated to spreading sexual assault awareness, photographer Yana Mazurkevich has fostered a dialogue between the outsider and the survivor.
  The number of protester arrests continues to grow in the wake of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile’s unwarranted deaths, numbering over 120 this week. This includes DeRay McKesson, notable leader in the Black Lives Matter movement and contender in the recent election for Baltimore mayor.
Pop culture icon and revolutionary feminist Yoko Ono just released an eye-catching new music video for her song “Catman.” Originally appearing on her 1973 album, Approximately Infinite Universe, the track has been revamped and remixed by indie artist Miike Snow, and the result is arrestingly jarring, as is the visual accompaniment. Directed by one of our favorite women, Rose McGowan, the video combats issues like ageism and sizeism by featuring dancers of various ages (many of them are over 60) and body types.