This 4/20, we’re excited to bring you a recipe for “cannabutter” — cannabis-infused butter — courtesy Oregon-based edibles company Undead Edibles. The most important recipe for UnDead Edibles is our Cannabutter. Cannabutter is incredibly versatile; you would use Cannabutter in place of regular butter for any recipe. You could even use it as is, which is a plus for those of us who might not be culinary inclined. Simply slap it on your toast in the AM or slather it on your steak at night; the uses are endless.
The burgeoning legal cannabis industry, like so many others, can feel much like a man’s world. While most studies show consumption rates to be close to equal between the genders, “booth babe” stereotypes still persist when we think about women in cannabis. Additionally, in many cities, dispensaries are forced to locate themselves in less desirable, higher-crime neighborhoods that can be unfriendly or unsafe for female shoppers.
Happy 4/20 to all you hophead hotties! As a lady stoner, I am always seeking representation in TV and movies. There may not be a vast array of women who love weed, but there have been some high-quality female potheads popping up in media throughout the years. Here are 12 fictional stoner chicks we wish we could light up with: Ilana and Abbi — Broad CityThe most obvious and boisterous ganja girls of today are Ilana and Abbi from Broad City. Those babes toke up with abandon in an NYC where it always seems to be summer.
As cannabis becomes increasingly legal in the U.S., our options for consuming become more varied, and much more fun and interesting. Besides the multitude of high-quality, lab-tested strains available at dispensaries, enterprising small businesses are now producing creative cannabis-laced tinctures, topical creams, and edibles that go way beyond the traditional pot brownie. To support the new market, San Francisco-based entrepreneur Andrea Brooks created the new virtual marketplace, Sava, which launched in February of this year.
If you like smoking weed and you like having sex, there’s a good chance you also like having sex while stoned. After all, it heightens sensation, makes you focus, and gives you that underwater-y, I’m-in-a-D’Angelo-video feeling. That’s why Foria—the new lube containing active cannabis oil—seemed like the knocking-boots equivalent of winning The Price Is Right’s showcase showdown.
Ready to roll up and rock out? A special 420 playlist for BUSTies who burn has been born. Curating classics like "I Love You Mary Jane" by Sonic Youth and Cypress Hill and catchy riffs from rookie Courtney Barnett's "Lance Jr.," this is designed to puff and pass to. Themes include marijuana, blazing, and being a bad bitch. Luxuriate, relax, and vibe to these hazy toking tunes.
Do you ever think about nuns smoking weed? Well, me neither. That is, until I stumbled upon the "Sisters of the Valley" photo series.  Sister Kate and Sister Darcy are self-ordained nuns who grow cannabis and make CBD products for medicinal use. They are not affiliated with any church but consider themselves very spiritual women. They wear habits, create cannabis products by the cycles of the moon, and perform spiritual ceremonies in conjunction with their work. The sisters were photographed by Shaughn and John, a photography duo based in Los Angeles.
Happy 4/20 BUSTies! Even if you don’t celebrate the holidaze, comedy is universal. The Time Traveling Bong, a three-part mini-series premiering tonight on Comedy Central, stars Broad City’s Ilana Glazer and Paul Downs as Sharee and Jeff. As you can imagine, the story is built around a bong that has super metaphysical properties that make time travel possible after blazing. So basically they both get really stoned and are transported through the space-time continuum. Conflict arises as the bong shatters, warping the ability to travel effectively back to the present.
Touted as a healthier way to smoke weed, vaporizing doesn’t release lung-irritating carcinogens, but it still gets you stoned to the bone. Vaporizers can be used with dry marijuana, weed wax (called dabs), and/or cannabis oil. Plus, vaping saves money because it burns pot slower than smoking. We hit some of the top models on the market to give you the low on getting high. Claw Money Original MicroG ($69.95 from Type: Wax Pros: Beautiful design, including a keychain with gold dabber; decorative carrying case with secret pocket; easy to load; clear instructions.
    Celebrate 4/20 with these sticky-icky-inspired goods!   MAGIC MUSHROOM Remove the caps from this ceramic water pipe to reveal a bong just waiting to be ripped (Magic Mushroom Stealth Pipe, $54.75,     FELINE FINE Toke, toke, toke—everyone loves a cat joke. Give ’em the giggles in this high-larious tee. (Smoke Meowt T-Shirt, $15,       MARY JANE GIRLS Rock the ’dro down to your toes with these all-over ganja-print socks. (Sweet Reef Ankle Socks, $6, nastygal.