Kelly Fremon Craig has accomplished something that few first-time directors do. Her film, The Edge Of Seventeen, has been nominated for 11 major awards so far, including the Critics Choice Award for Best Comedy, the Golden Globe for Best Actress — Motion Picture Comedy Or Musical, and the New York Film Critics Circle for Best First Film, which Craig won. But the accolades were a long time coming for Craig, who started her career as a screenwriter — she wrote the screenplay for the Alexis Bledel...
From the magazine, we're bringing you Esther Pearl Watson's Tammy Pierce Is Unlovable — we run one of these comics in every other issue of BUST magazine. Visit Tammy at funchicken.com.         More from BUST Tammy Pierce Is Unlovable: The Narc Called Me 'Supergirl Being Super' Is The Feminist Comic We Need 14 Books By Women To Make Your February A Little Brighter   ...
Pro-life protesters gathered around the Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood Clinic in Lower Manhattan on Saturday, only to be met by pro-choice advocates, whose dramatically larger numbers adequately overpowered the anti-abortion group. Did Mitch McConnell not tell them how persistent we are? The Planned Parenthood protestors may have been inspired by the post-election action taken by their opponents, including the Women’s Marches in Washington D.C, Los Angeles, New York and others, which were reported to have 3-5 million people in attendance (humble brag). A pro-life hashtag #ProtestPP was...
  The Girl Scouts just celebrated 100 years and their report shows that Girl Scouting has made a difference in the lives of the girls themselves and the world around them. Growing up, if we are lucky, we are provided with a few solid role models; maybe a hardworking mother, maybe an excellent school teacher, but throughout the year’s women have not had specific places where they were encouraged to thrive. Girl Scouts provided exactly that, forming a community of women who are empowered enough to enact...
Ever since Trump signed his Executive Order on immigration — one of his first in office _ there has been noticeable fear in immigrant communities across the country. Last week’s widespread raids that seemed to sweep the country are only solidifying that fear for many who are in the country illegally. The Obama administration was no stranger to deportations — deporting approximately 2 million — but under the Obama administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents had a clear focus on who was to be deported.  Now,...


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