Björk opened the London part of her Björk Digital exhibition in a spectacular way. The Icelander came to the London press conference as a live avatar that used motion-capturing technology to mirror her movements. Human Björk was really 1,200 miles away in Reykjavík, Iceland. A computer graphics and media team in Iceland captured her voice and movements, which were then streamed into London. She accompanied Director of the Somerset House Trust Jonathan Reekie for a Q&A discussion.
ATTENTION all Stranger Things fans: This morning, Netflix announced that the show has officially been renewed for season 2 — not exactly surprising, but very exciting nonetheless!!! EVEN BETTER — there’s already a trailer:   We have no idea what most of these flashwords mean, but it sounds like there’s already a plot plotted out. We just need to be reassured that Eleven will be returning, Eggos in hand.   According to Variety, season two will be released sometime in 2017 and will consist of nine episodes — one more than season one.
Do you have plans for Thursday night? We’ve got some for you! FEA, an amazing feminist Chicana punk band you should listen to right now if you’re not already, is performing at St. Vitus in Brooklyn with Agent Orange on Thursday, September 1st at 8pm, and we are giving away a prize package that includes: Two tickets to the performance A vinyl LP (including download card and digital zine) and CD of FEA’s self-titled record A Blackheart Records tote bag   To enter, simply RT this link on Twitter or leave your name and email in a comment below.
Smooth Operator WE’VE GOT HEART-EYE EMOJIS FOR THIS HAIR MASK I have seriously  long-ass hair and if I’m not careful, it can basically turn into a gigantic, dreaded rat’s nest thanks to some natural frizz and my aversion to hairbrushes. That’s why I’ve fallen so hard for this “nourishing mask” from Amika ($28, I put it on in the shower for a couple of minutes once a week and it takes my mane from witch to mermaid. Apparently, I can thank its main active ingredient, sea buckthorn berries, for that—they’re chockfull of omegas and vitamins.
Get ready for the New York Burlesque Festival, that will celebrate its 14th return. The lustful event is spread out over four nights, from Thursday, Sept 29- Sunday to Oct 2, and is filled with salacious fun. Produced by Thirsty Girl Productions and Pontani Productions, it's the largest burlesque event in NYC, featuring performers from all over the world. Don't miss the opportunity to experience a weekend of glitter, lace, leather, and bare skin. Click here to order your tickets! Check out the photos below of the amazing performers taking the stage this year.
The Golden Girl's Bea Arthur has given back to the LGBTQ community in an incredible way, even though she died in 2009.  In her will, the actress donated $300,000 to New York's Ali Forney Center. AFC is an organization that provides housing and on-site counseling for LGBTQ youth. NewNowNext reports that Arthur's donation will go to open a new housing residence, which will be called the Bea Arthur Residence, in February 2017.
   There's a cute woman wearing headphones in front of you and you'd like to chat her up but you're a bit skeptical. Don't worry: there is a new guide on how to approach a woman listening to tunes. 1) Stand in front of her (with 1 to 1.5 meters between you). 2) Have a confident, easy-going smile.  3) If she hasn’t already looked up at you, simply get her attention with a wave of your hand. Wave your hand in her direct line of vision so she can see it. If she is still ignoring you, simply take off her headphones for her, and flash her your lovely smile.
With one tattoo, Alison Habbal has defeated both cancer and sexist social media. The 36-year-old mother was inspired by the survivor scars she found on Instagram, and covered the scar that she was left after her lumpectomy rather than opt for nipple reconstruction surgery. She's already received 1,400  well-deserved likes on Instagram after the 13-hour tattooing process. She was able to share the photo on Instagram because the photos  successfully bypasses the rules that include the banning of genitals, fully exposed buttocks, and female nipples.
  Social media has become the new mountain high from which people in relationships are supposed to yell their love for another. It’s a weird phenomenon, considering it means today’s form of P.D.A. is electronic and doesn’t actually include touching. P.D.A, is no longer shared with just your partner but with 700 of your closest online friends too, making it, arguably, not even monogamous.
This post was originally published on Medium on July 7, immediately after the murders of Alton Sterling on July 5 and Philando Castile on July 6. We're bringing it to you now, with writer Chaédria LaBouvier's permission: My birthday is July 5th. I used to think that nothing of any great significance — beyond the invention of the bikini — happened on my birthday. It, however, never failed to tickle me with a certain irony that America and I almost shared a birthday. I am highly critical of America, but that is because she is me.