Easy A How do you write an egalitarian, objectively enforceable dress code? How do you write such a dress code for 50,000 students between ages of 5 and 18 years, across nearly 80 separate institutions? This is how my local public school system, Portland Public Schools in Portland, Oregon (“PPS”), tackled the puzzle.
Hey ladies, tired of having to drive around in your man cars day in and day out? Well, car manufacturer SEAT has teamed up with Cosmopolitan to find the solution. During London Fashion Week, the companies unveiled the Seat Mii by Cosmopolitan, a brand new "car for women." The Seat Mii has everything female drivers have been missing; jewel-effect rims, a handbag hook, and "eyeliner headlights," which accentuate the lights in the same way makeup would a woman's eye. (Still unclear if car eyeliner will be sold separately for when your Seat Mii needs a retouch after a long day.
Woman at the Piano with Cockatoo by Gustave Léonard de Jonghe, (1870). When thinking of 18th and 19th century pets, we inevitably imagine dogs or cats or small, caged canaries. Large and colorful exotic birds are not generally the type of animal we envision inhabiting the pages of a Georgian or Regency novel, much less an actual Georgian or Regency home. It may surprise you to learn that parrots were, in fact, quite popular as pets during the 18th and 19th centuries. One of the most famous parrots belonged to Colonel O’Kelly.
  A few weeks ago, I wrote about Mark Ruffalo’s major misstep in creating a movie about trans people without casting or consulting any trans people. The same day I published the post, I got an email — would I like to talk to Silas Howard, Transparent’s first trans director, about the issue? A big fan of Transparent, I of course said yes — and snuck in a few questions about season 3 as well.
Photo via Rights4Girls Facebook When we talk about human trafficking, the phrase “child prostitute” will come up but these two words have created a terrible legal paradox, one that California has finally rectified. On the one hand, you have the word “child,” which implies someone under the age of 18, but it is coupled with “prostitute,” an illegal act that also implies some act of consent — something minors cannot do in the eyes of the law. Many victims of sex trafficking find themselves imprisoned rather than given the help they need.
Image via Facebook What comes to mind when you hear the word “nun?” If you’re like me, you think of The Sound of Music or Miss Clavel from the Madeline series — but you almost certainly don’t think of the Nepalese nuns from the Drupka Order.
Mary J. Blige's new show from Apple Music, The 411 with Mary J. Blige, will premiere with an "intimate conversation" with Hillary Clinton. Following Monday's first presidential debate, Apple Music released two promo videos previewing the interview, which promised both Blige and Clinton "like you've never seen them before." An intimate conversation.@MaryJBlige and @HillaryClinton.#The411 coming September 30 on Apple Music. pic.twitter.
Superstore I ask a lot of things while working in retail. “What are you guys doing tonight?” “Where did you get that handbag?” “How’s the weather?” But today, I should have asked one of my clients, "Would you like me served raw, medium, or well done?" When I clocked in to work today, I became a piece of meat. A body for everyone’s disposal.Tanner, as I’ll call him because he had the glisten of decades of white male privilege, swaggered into the store escaping the blistering street. His too-tight gingham shirt puckered over his belly.
Last night's first presidential debate between Clinton and Trump resembled more of a reality TV show than an intellectual debate. Trump's misogynistic attacks caused a collective eye-rolling and outraged sighs from every feminist watching. It's no surprise, really. Trump is a reality TV star and a sexist pig. He certainly knows how to intimidate women and tries to knock them into their place with his belligerent language. Clinton, however, is no rookie. She hasn't endured 40 years of sexism to shrivel at the hands of an unethical businessman.
Amber Rose — Model, Actor, Designer, and Activist From the outside looking in, people assume Hillary Clinton and I have absolutely nothing in common. But I’m here to set the record straight and let them know why they are dead wrong. Here is my Top 10 List of what I have in common with hopefully our next president: 1. The F Word. We both proudly rep the F word and I am not referring to the one most would assume. Rather, I mean the one that my entire platform is dedicated to: Feminism. 2. Our Boxing Gloves Are On.


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