Yesterday, millions of men and women freed their breasts all over the world. The parades took place from Missouri to Geneva to celebrate Go Topless Day- where people bare thier breast in public to poke at the inequality in the law and to destigmatize boobs. It is a day of equal celebration and protest to reduce some of the shame around women's bodies, as discussed in Global Citizen. The parades occur on the Sunday closest to Women’s Equality Day (Aug. 26 is the day women were given the right to vote in 1920 in the US).
The Bachelor is a reality staple show that seems to become more popular by the season. The show reaches a variety of demographics, and is incredibly addictive, like television nicotine.  Last week, mom and blogger Constance Hall posted a photo on Facebook of her 7-year-old daughter, Billie-Violet, who had asked if she could watch The Bachelor. Constance said no for a very interesting reason.  Constance explained how as a child, her daughter's life is full of competition.
Poet and actor Steve Connell delivers a powerful testament to men in this inspiring video that left me speechless, as part of the YWCA’s violence prevention initiative. He preaches with unwavering conviction how imperative it is for men to stand up against violence against women. “My friends have beautiful children, and if what I have to do to keep their beautiful daughters from getting raped, harassed, or abused is choose to accept domestic violence as a man's issue too. Then I'll do that.
  Leaving my verbally abusive husband took years of building up strength. When I finally made up my mind, it took me six months to put my plan in place. With my lawyer hired, I took my ex to a public park near our house and told him I was leaving him. I asked him not to come home that night — to go to a hotel, or to find a friend to stay with. He refused, snatched the car keys from my hand, and insisted on driving home with me.   Of all the things I’d considered in my plan, I hadn’t planned on him refusing to move out.
Earlier this year, Iceland passed a stripping ban, shutting down every lap dance club and tittie bar in the country. It was heralded as feminist victory throughout the world. Steinunn Valdis Oskarsdottir, a lawmaker in Iceland, told CBC, "Women who work at strip clubs are in many cases the victims of human trafficking and other kinds of abuse. I have been working in this field for almost 15 years and not yet have I met one woman who dances at strip clubs because she wants to.
To no surprise, Beyonce's surprise VMA performance was quite literally the most amazing thing we have ever seen, hands down. No exaggeration. With a night complete with a rambling Kanye West, Jimmy Fallon dressed as Ryan Lochte, and let's face it, a whole lot of weirdness, Bey was our saving grace.  She started off by dropping jaws and tugging at our heartstrings when she hit the red carpet with her daughter Blue Ivy, both looking stunning and glam with complementing gowns.
Baddie Winkle stole the show last night with her unforgettable outfit. This badass 88-year-old rocked the VMAs with an outfit I might only be brave enough to wear on Halloween. Yet, she pulled it with confidence and swagger, showing us all that age is just a number. The glittery star was easily the best dressed there. This fearless internet sensation became famous in her 80s for her unique style and her Instagram bio,"stealing your man since 1928." With millions of fans, Baddie has climbed her way up the social ladder. She has stolen our hearts with her contagious smile and wild outfits.
Photographed by Vanessa Rees Everybody Must Get Stoned THE SEASON’S JUICIEST FRUIT CAN GO SWEET OR SAVORY I love me some stone fruit: peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums—all the juicy biteables with a hard pit inside. Use them to whip up a sweet salsa, or bake them into late summer’s superstar dessert, a delicious cobbler with a buttery crumb topping.Stone Fruit SalsaHalve, de-seed, and dice 1 jalepeño pepper (wear gloves so you don’t feel the burn); throw into a mixing bowl. Add a heaping plop of finely diced red onion. Dice up one peach and throw in.
       AfroPunk Fest is back in NYC with full force, and you don’t want to miss this year’s amazing lineup!  If you have never been, AfroPunk is an annual high style, weekend long music festival and market that celebrates beautiful black voices, art and culture in Brooklyn. Last year BUST was blown all the way away by the indomitable Grace Jones, whose set included a bloody lipped crowd surf while rockin' a giant porcelin plume and topless hula hooping throughout the entire performance of 'Slave to the Rhythm'.
With election season heating up and the first ever female nominee of a major political party in the ring, we realized we needed a way to rep the future Madam President in style. So we found a few sweet Hillary 2016 T-shirts to add to our wardrobe. Our favorite is this collection of super stylish election couture T-shirts, by House of Hillary (modeled below by yours truly): Here is this adorable T-shirt with Hill looking like her badass self, by HARKandCO:   We’re loving this Notorious H.R.C.