Angelenos, story-makers, film buffs, and women who put women first, be sure to catch the last dates of the completely free UCLA Film Fatales series on May 24, 26, and 31. Also worth your time is one of the seventeen Film Fatales’ entries into the LA Film Festival coming up June 1-9. Do not miss your chance to see what these wise ladies are up to.Consider the stark statistics. According to a recent study conducted by USC Annenberg, 77.4% of show creators are men. Only 17.1% of television directors are women. 28.7% of speaking roles in film are filled by female characters.
Emma Greenwell has something in common with Colin Firth, Jonny Lee Miller and Carey Mulligan: They’ve all starred in multiple adaptations of Jane Austen novels. But Greenwell has a familiarity with Austen mania that none of these other actors can claim: She appeared in two Jane Austen movies in the same year.Currently in theaters, you can see Greenwell play Catherine Vernon, the sweet sister-in-law of the conniving Lady Susan (Kate Beckinsale) in Love and Friendship, which also stars Chloë Sevigny.
My father left me and I don’t know why. I’ll never know why and I’m okay with that. I’m not a people pleaser. I don’t need him to love me or be there for me or even care if I’m dead or alive. I’d actually prefer that he not.On the day he left, which happened to be two days before Christmas, I got a series of two phone calls.“Your father just left,” was all my mother had said in the first call.20 minutes later my mom called again.“The doorbell just rang and I was served with divorce papers.”The first words that came out of my mouth were that I was changing my last name.
Donald Trump’s remarks on “the woman card” swept the media and became a hot topic in election coverage, but when it came to providing commentary on this issue, which shows included women experts in on-air segments about “the woman card” in the first 48 hours following Trump’s remarks?Morning Joe, The Kelly File, and Fox & Friends all featured segments about the woman card... with 100% male analysts.We wish something as absurd as all-male experts covering “the woman card” was out of the ordinary, but unfortunately it’s part of an established pattern for these three shows.
Shredded bark of tabernanthe iboga containing ibogaine Can a pill derived from a little-known plant get an addict off heroin in just a single dose? One woman thinks so, and she’s risking her life trying to make it available to those who need it most“My experience was just so profound and it had such an impact on me that I never could shake it. I was fascinated by ibogaine.”It’s December 9, 2013, and 27-year-old Shea Prueger is speaking to me over Skype from a friend’s house on the Thai island of Koh Samui, a place of beautiful beaches, tropical fruits, and sea breezes.
Emma Watson is the Belle of the ball (hehe, get it?) in Disney's new trailer for Beauty and the Beast. The film, which is slated for release on March 17 of next year, is the third of Disney's recent live-action retellings of the classic princess tales, following Cinderella's success in 2015 and Maleficent's in 2014. Save for a few shots of the castle, we don't get much from the trailer, and the notorious Beast doesn't make a single appearance—all we get is a scratch across an old family portrait.
Disney’s smash hit Frozen is en route for a sequel and Queen Elsa is looking for love. But fans of the film have a big request for the second film, #GiveElsaAGirlfriend.After hearing that the sequel was officially in the works and rumors that this time Elsa might find her one true love, Alexis Isabel Moncada, a teen activist, began thinking of her ideal match for the Snow Queen. Moncada, like many teens, identified immediately with the major theme of the first film: learning to love and accept yourself and the differences that make you unique.
Summertime is so close you can almost taste it! Juicy and sweet, just like the fresh fruit that will soon tempt us from farmer's market stalls, our CSA hauls, and berry picking day trips with our gal pals! Is there anything better than sinking your teeth into a nice, healthy piece of fruit in the very field it was grown in?? Uh, YES THERE IS: You could drown that fruit in a pitcher of wine and pour some sugar over it.
"I can only ask you, do you have a child? You think he’s perfect? Sure. There’s not a mother in the world who doesn’t hold that little child and thank God — it’s the most wonderful present in the whole world. But that child grows up and that child does something bad. He makes a mistake. Just one. Never to be forgiven." — Nancy Morais Nancy Morais founded Florida Justice Transitions trailer park 20 years ago after her son, a convicted sex offender, had a hard time finding a place to live.
Greta Gerwig and Ethan Hawke, Photo Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics Maggie’s PlanWritten and directed by Rebecca MillerOut May 20 Rating  Maggie’s Plan keeps audiences guessing from the opening scene. The film begins when Maggie (Greta Gerwig) runs into her ex (Bill Hader) and tells him that she wants to have a baby and is considering artificial insemination. But this isn’t going where you think it is—they don’t fall in love. Maggie decides to procreate with a “pickle entrepreneur” (Travis Fimmel) and Hader’s character stays firmly in the friend role.