Pretty much everything that the Broad City ladies do is so on point and silly it’s absurd. In order to celebrate the first female presidential nominee of a major political party, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer joined Stephan Colbert on the Late Show last night dressed as colonial women from 1776. They play the roles of two (fictional) female delegates from the continental congress named Josephine Henley and Abitha Whitmore. Upon hearing the news of this historical event, Ilana Glazer yells “You hear that Ben Franklin? Women are on top! And Not just your French Whores!”.
The Wolf of Wall Street. The Big Short. Wall Street. These are some of the most well-known, successful Wall Street movies that have been created. But there's one major thing missing in all of these films: leading women. Enter Equity. Not only does Equity, the latest Wall Street thriller, star three women (Anna Gunn from Breaking Bad, Alysia Reiner from Orange is the New Black, and Sarah Megan Thomas), it was also produced by women (Alysia Reiner and Sarah Megan Thomas), directed by a woman (Meena Moran), and written by a woman (Amy Fox). Let that sink in.
The idea of "sustainable fashion" can be a bit of an oxymoron. The fashion industry is hugely based on trends that change season to season, leading to massive amounts of cheap and poorly made clothing, which can have major impacts on the workers who produce them and the environment. When it comes to shopping, it can be hard to find clothing companies that both honor human rights and have a low environmental impact. But our purchasing decisions have the power to challenge the norm. Check out our tips for creating a sustainable, conscious closet below.
Men in Iran have taken to wearing the Hijab- or traditional veil in Iran to show alliance with their wives and protest Sharia, or religious law in Iran, according to the Independent. This is part of a growing un-veilment movement in Iran where women are challenging government law by posting photos of their beautiful and yes, dangerous hair. Men have now bravely joined the movement to show empathy and solidarity with the women in their lives. In Iran, women are required to wear a head covering or a veil beginning at age nine.
Attention, BUSTies! A couple of our favorite feminists, Amber Tamblyn and Rose McGowan (former BUST covergirl), will be speaking at an event this coming Monday, August 1st, right here in Brooklyn. The event, "Fuck Rape Culture," will feature a poetry reading from Am Tam, a conversation between her and McGowan, as well as an array of other rad performances. It will be held at Baby’s All Right, and all of the proceeds fund the campaign to unseat judge Aaron Persky, the judge in the Brock Turner rape case.
In the new dramedy Tallulah — out today on Netflix — the incredibly talented Allison Janney departs from her Mom character Bonnie to explore motherhood in a new way. Janney plays Margo, a woman who is struggling with her divorce from her husband, who left her for a man, and her estrangement with her young son, when her son’s girlfriend Tallulah (Ellen Page), shows up with a baby she claims is hers — but that she actually kidnapped from a wealthy, drunk, irresponsible mother (Tammy Blanchard).
Four women walk into a room: two physicists, an engineer, and a well-read historian. This is not a joke, it’s the new Ghostbusters movie. Whether you loved the film or refused to watch it because you didn’t think a remake was necessary, this film is not only changing how women are seen in Hollywood, but strongly representing  a sorely underrepresented group, women scientists. The number of young girls and female college students who are encouraged to go into STEM fields is still incredibly low.
We can’t wait for this new reboot of Gilmore Girls to happen! And apparently, neither can one of our fav British comedians, John Oliver. He joined Stephan Colbert Wednesday night for an interview on the Late Show to talk about whatever comedians talk about. After a few minutes of silly banter about the DNC, Tim Kaine’s dad jokes, and finding a Russian warlord’s cat, John Oliver answered the question we have all been pondering since we saw the Gilmore Girls trailer. Does John Oliver, the man himself, think that Lorelai Gilmore is hot? Watch the video below to see his answer.
Photographed By Danielle St. Laurent   Just Putting It Out There RISING COMEDY STAR APARNA NANCHERLA GETS THE LAST LAUGHAparna Nancherla used to open her sets by saying, “It’s OK, I’m surprised I’m a comedian, too.” It was a joke meant to dispel the audience’s discomfort with seeing an Indian-American woman holding a microphone. But for those of us who have been waiting our whole lives to see someone who looked like us do standup, the joke sounded like something else: a great big glass ceiling shattering to the ground.
Have you ever had the desire to contour your vag? Douse it in shimmering bronzer? No? TBH, me neither. Something tells me that putting makeup anywhere near my treasure trove is far from healthy. But, if you have had that desire, hear ye, hear ye, it's your lucky day! Popular lingerie and sex toy brand, Ann Summers, announced on social media that they'll be live-streaming a “vontouring” tutorial video on Facebook.  The initial tweet was not well-received.