Ladies in the Baroque period were not messing around when it came to wigs. The higher the hair, the closer to God. And sometimes, they added in a toy boat for good measure. Russian paper artist Asya Kozina crafted beautiful paper reproductions of these elaborate wigs. In this photo series by photographer Anastasia Andreeva, models sport her wigs as well as 18th century-inspired costumes. Gaze at these stunning photos and channel your inner Marie Antoinette. Check out paper wizard Asya Kozina's other work here and here.
  When I was younger, someone told me I was supposed to grow up, get a good job, and make lots of money. That didn’t sound very interesting to me, so everything I’ve done in my adult life has been trial and error. (Many, many errors.) I have worked in jobs ranging from Segway Tour Guide to Pig Farmer to PR Hack to Sculptor to Social Media Executive. Now, I’m a Full­ Time Professional Haikuist. Perhaps the only one on earth. When I started composing typewriter haiku with my business partners Daniel and Erick, it was completely effortless.
Beyoncé is one of the most prolific pop stars of our time. She continues to push boundaries and change the way we think about women in music and black women in particular. Her image of perfection is well noted and often used as a way to criticize her for not being as authentic as starlets such as Rihanna. Although this particular gripe rings hollow, it is understandable that Beyoncé being so good at what she does, as well as her sheer dominance as a force in music and pop culture, can be alienating for those who want less-than-perfect performers that they can identify with.
As part of BAMcinématek, BAM (the Brooklyn Academy of Music) has put together a film series called Witches Brew, which will run February 16th through the 29th. This series will mark the release of Robert Eggers’s The Witch. Since witches are symbols for “empowered, unconstrained womanhood,” BUST was excited to team up with BAM for this witchy watch-a-ton. We’re giving away tickets to the showing of Hocus Pocus, Häxan, and The Craft. It's a great opportunity to revisit your old favorite witchy women or discover these fun and freaky films for the first time.
From the BUST archives, we're bringing you this 2006 interview with Samantha Bee.   The Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee talks about what it's like to work at the male-dominated show, her plans for her daughter, and hot penguin-on-penguin action.     SAMANTHA BEE JUST moved into her new apartment two days ago, so you'll have to forgive her for the mess. Practically the only thing organized is the pantry, with its bevy of herbal teas. Bee is caffeine free for another three months, until she gives birth to her daughter, the yet-to-be-named "Baby Bee.
Photo by Megan Senior A WOVEN WALL hanging makes for awesome décor, and it’s way easier to create than you think. You can even make your own loom with just a frame and some nails! It’s the perfect meditative craft for when leaving your warm and toasty home is the last thing you want to do. It’s also the best way to use up all that random yarn you’ve accumulated. This weaving is small, but you can scale it to any size you want.
The very prolific Lucinda Williams’ 12th studio album is another successful blend of folk, blues, and Americana. She displays her masterful songwriting skills with pondering ballads like “House Of Earth,” bluesy tracks like “I Know All About It” and “Death Came,” and the acoustic songs “Place In My Heart” and “Louisiana Story.” Williams and her band go electric on “Bitter Memory,” and on the climactic “Faith & Grace,” where she repeats, in her road-weathered rasp, that she needs a little more faith and grace.
The Coen Brothers are back with Hail, Caesar!, an homage to Old Hollywood. Set around a major Hollywood studio in the 1950s, the film has more plotlines than I can count on both hands, all centered around a busy, stressed-out studio “fixer” Eddie Mannix (Josh Brolin) who’s just trying to make it the day without sneaking a cigarette. Here are just a few problems that the fixer has to fix: The studio’s biggest star (George Clooney) goes missing right in the middle of filming a majorly expensive film, Hail, Caesar: A Story Of The Christ (basically a Coen-ified Ben-Hur).
The public screams for joy over new Barbie are kind of nauseating when you think about it. I mean, I completely understand having Barbies representing every color of the rainbow — hell, there are a lot more they could do, but it's a start. But these tears of joy over a plastic doll, more than likely put together in shady situations, is such nonsense. It's a fraud, and we’re lying to ourselves if we think it's going to make a difference. Back in the '90s (Were you even alive back then? Ugh youth), they released dolls that had realistic shapes and guess what? Nobody bought them.