“You know, I think I figured out your problem. You don’t hear it when men talk to you around campus. It looks like you’re ignoring them. They must assume you’re a huge bitch.” I don’t remember which classmate said this between sips of coffee, but I will never forget how it sent me reeling. Though my college days are now behind me, this reminder of how my hearing loss intersects with my role as a woman is never far from my mind. Every one of us has multiple parts of our identity. Two components of mine are my hearing loss and my identity as a woman.
On May 7th, Rock+Pillar Trading Co. will debut their Spring 2016 collection of hand-crafted bags and shoes to the BUST Craftacular Spring! in Los Angeles!  Get your tickets for the BUST Craftacular in L.A. and come meet them in person and see their 2016 collection of handbags, shoes, backpacks and accessories! Rock+Pillar is an ethically sourced line of handmade goods from Peru.  The style and originality of the company is the result of the close personal relationships forged between the talented local artisans and the company's founders, Alma Hartman and Parvez Pothiawala.
The year was 2008 and I was making a living running casting sessions for TV commercials. A typical day involved actors, models, or other pretty people walking into the room and doing whatever I told them to do. If  I was casting a beer commercial, it might be “You’re mingling at a cool rooftop party and you’ve just spotted a hottie.” If it was a spot for a department store’s fashions, I might say “You’ve got a secret” or “Dance!” The job was like playing Simon Says all day and I was always Simon. I was great at it.
India has a serious problem with rape.The most harrowing example of rape/homicide in recent memory has to be the case of Jyoti Singh, a physiotherapy student who was brutally raped and murdered on a bus in 2012. The horrific nature of her attack — and the fact that she lived in agony for days after being gang raped, partially eviscerated with a metal rod, then thrown by the side of the road and left for dead — drew international attention to the growing problem of violence against women in India.
In front, from left to right: Hulex the Fox, Haruki CatFox, and Kilcodo the Jackal “Furries”—a community of folks famous for their full-body animal costumes—are overwhelmingly white and male. We talked to ladies in the scene to find out what life’s really like behind the mask.Her eyes are huge, and their bright green color pops against her scarlet hair. But the most striking things about her are her ears, mainly because they’re pointy and the size of pizza slices. As we talk, she gesticulates with giant fuzzy paws.
The New York Times reports that Kesha and Zedd have released their new collaboration "True Colors," with the permission of Kesha's producer, Dr. Luke. The song comes amidst the continued legal battle between Kesha and Dr. Luke—Kesha sued her producer back in October 2014, accusing him of sexual and emotional abuse. It's Kesha's first new song since 2013. Zedd clarified on Twitter that the song was issued with the permission of Dr. Luke's label—Kemosabe and RCA—another Sony subsidary. "We didn't use any loopholes," he tweeted. Chillingly, Dr.
Thirty years after her death, iconic painter Georgia O'Keeffe is still making headlines for her apparently inadvertently controversial art. This week, a Michigan teacher was fired for using the word “vagina” during a classroom discussion of the artist's work. O'Keeffe’s stunning close-up painting of flowers have for years been interpreted as depictions of female genitalia. The artist consistently denied the validity of these interpretations.
I slept on a severely busted IKEA mattress with springs popping up everywhere and a caved-in middle for years because that’s how much I HATE mattress shopping. It’s so awkward lying on all the beds while a salesperson creepily hovers. And in most mattress stores, sticker shock frequently had me heading for the door before I even test-drove a single pillow-top. So when a rep from Sealy asked me if I’d like to try out their new Cocoon mattress, a memory foam “Bed-in-a-Box” that ships right to your door, it was like a Christmas miracle in April.Choosing my Cocoon was easy.
Marjane Satrapi is a graphic novelist and filmmaker and uses both of these mediums to tell the story of her homeland, Iran.Satrapi was born in Rasht, Iran, a city on the Caspian Sea, in 1969. According to Wikipedia, her parents were highly educated members of “an urbanized stratum of Iranian society.” They were politically active and supported Marxist causes against the monarchy of the last Shah. She’s related to the Qajar Dynasty through her maternal grandmother.The Qajar Dynasty was the Persian royal family from 1785 to 1925.
When I meet people for the first time and they ask me what I do, my first reaction is to smile. It always lands halfway between a snort and a laugh, and with my face bright I say, “I own my own business.” Inevitably, the questioning proceeds:“Oh, what kind of business?”“I sell products online.”“Oh, what kind of products?”At this point the smile comes back again. “It’s a little out there,” I say.“What?”“I have my own brand of personal lubricants.” And then I can’t help but laugh for real.