Another Mother’s Day, another six hours spent choosing the perfect Edible Arrangements. This year, however, I want to recognize my mom, Pat, in a different way, one that honors her fantastic approach to raising a hellraiser like me. Bad words, bad attitudes, and all.1. It’s okay to shit on someone’s plate.There’s a feeling out there, especially among women, that to critique is to complain, that the negative should always let the positive ride in the front seat, whether it called shotgun or not.
Nora Ephron is probably one of the few directors who needs no introduction. She penned one of the most classic romantic comedies, When Harry Met Sally and directed Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, and Julie & Julia.But before becoming a box office hit, Ephron struggled to gain entry into the studio scene. When trying to mount This Is My Life, which would become her directorial debut, she was told by a (male) executive at a studio that they wouldn’t be able to finance her project after all, but not to take it “personally.
Check out these awesome ladies for yourself! They will each be playing a set at the BUST Craftacular on Saturday, May 7th; located at the Superchief Gallery. At every party, there is one key factor that determines whether it is good or bad: the music. And this all falls on the shoulders of the DJ; a person who has to the read the room, create the mood and keep the party-goers entertained while still focusing on their equipment whether it is queuing up the perfect set of songs from their laptop or grabbing the next vinyl record that will really turn the night into one you’ll remember.
  Mother's Day is right around the corner — which means it's officially LAST MINUTE gift-gettin' time!  Okay, so maybe you almost forgot... again...  So save yourself with a totally bomb-ass gift.  Y'know, a gift that shows how thoughtful you are, how much you appreciate mom, and what a good job she did raising you into an undeniably functional adult who would never forget Mother's Day (for the 31st year in a row)! Oh by the way, if you're lucky enough to be in L.A.
The Paper Artist Collective was founded in 2015 with a mission — to bring together like-minded artists from all over the world who work in the medium of paper.   What does that mean? I'm talking origami, paper sculpture, kirigami, paper illustration, 3D sculpture, quilling, ya dig? Starting tonight, sixteen artists will be presenting their diverse works in a pop-up exhibit at A-side B-side Gallery in Hackney Downs Studios in London.   All the artists work with paper, but their interpretation of the medium is guaranteed to be as diverse as their inspiration.
When I was a little girl, my mother told me I was ugly.Before you get the wrong idea, let me say for the record that my mom is amazing; she is compassionate, creative, silly, and I think she did a phenomenal job raising me and my sister. She was in no way abusive.She saw a little girl who was about to be handed her worth in the form of compliments. She knew the world would tell this little girl they loved her dress, her hair, and her shoes.
As many women do, I spent my teenage and adult life feeling self-conscious about my body, and I hated every inch of it. Shopping for clothes depressed me, and looking in the mirror was something I avoided.But in 2013, I discovered bullet bras, girdles, corsets and seamed stockings. I entered the world of pinup and vintage fashion where the female form is embraced, no matter what size or shape you are.In January 2014, I had learned enough about retro underwear that I decided to create a blog.
For single women wanting children, adoption in the United States is becoming a popular option. Here, single mothers share their stories of love, frustration, and going it aloneEver since she was a little girl, Suzanne Lyons knew she wanted to be a mother. She had planned on getting married and having her own children, but her career as a media relations pro for a large New York City PR firm took her life in a different direction.
Let’s begin by saying that I was not raped. Some might say that I got off lucky. That I should be grateful that it did not go any further than it did. Which is precisely why I kept it to myself for so long.The words offered to women to describe the things that happen to us are limited. There is a vast world of possibility between “someone grabbed my butt on the subway” and “I was raped.”These are my words.
Feast your eyes on these playful, funny, and charming felines from Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats. The charm school began when "Headmistress Simons" moved into a 100-year-old craftsman home in Southern Los Angeles and discovered several stray feral cats living in her shed. Simons quickly found that cats can have a lot of babies and just adopting them out would not fix the problem.